5 Health Hacks For Professional Success

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If you’re a busy professional who feels like they’re burning the candle at both ends, keep reading to get my 5 health hacks that will increase your vitality (especially in our COVID-19 era), which will lead to your increased professional success.

Health = wealth! If we create a solid health foundation for ourselves, we can use the energy and confidence that grants us as leverage to be better in other areas of our lives. With a solid health foundation we will start to see the needle move in our lives professionally and personally, meaning you’ll probably make more money, but you’ll also have a life RICH with fulfillment!

I receive messages from clients on a weekly basis telling me they’ve gotten a raise or aced a graduate school exam by putting these health hacks to use! Let’s dive in!

1. Exercise before you start work

Sng et al. conducted a study in 2018 to see when the best time to exercise is to maximize learning and improve memory!

They had three different experimental groups:⁣

  • one group walked on the treadmill before learning something new⁣
  • one group walked on the treadmill after learning something new⁣
  • one group learned something new while walking on the treadmill 

Turns out, the greatest amount of learning and retention of information was done by the group that exercised PRIOR to learning something new!⁣

The data shows that if we want to retain information and learn more, it’s better to exercise prior to when we want to retain more information because exercise primes the brain. Start exercising before your work or school day and you’ll start reaping these benefits!

2. Cycle sync your life

Cycle syncing is a term coined by Alisa Viiti, Functional Nutritionist, HHC, AADP, founder of Floliving. By following her menstrual cycle-phase specific protocol you can both balance your hormones and increase your vitality! It has been a GAME-changer for me and my productivity.

I used to get bogged down and be so low-vibe during PMS and while on my period, but with cycle syncing I change up how I exercise, eat, and structure my to-do list based on what phase of my cycle I’m in. I’ve not only improved my period symptoms and gotten rid of cravings and severe cramps, but it’s also allowed me to still stay productive during that time of the month!

As women, we change neurochemically by 25% throughout the course of the month! We have to change up what we do in regard to nutrition, exercise, and our lifestyle to still thrive as our hormones fluctuate.

3. Focus on staying “consistent” rather than “perfect”

We’re never going to be perfect, but we can find consistency with healthy living if we continue SOME health behaviors daily, even when we can’t do everything!⁣

If you’re really busy, you might feel like you don’t have time for an hour-long workout, so you skip it all together. This is a perfectionist approach.

Instead, I recommend to get some movement in like a walk during your lunch break or a 10-20 minute version of your normal workout. This is a consistency approach and an act of self-compassion.

And studies show that self-compassion is a large determining factor in finding consistency with health behavior change. Thus, by focusing on consistency rather than perfection, we give ourselves this self-compassion and grace to not have to check all the boxes when balancing a healthy lifestyle amidst all the things, which is EXACTLY what we need to do in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle over the long term.

4. Practice gratitude daily

Studies show that grateful people are more motivated, engaged, and successful (King & Datu, 2018). It can be as simple as sending an old friend a random text that you appreciate them, making eye contact with the barista who just made your latte to say thank you, or writing down three things you’re grateful for in a note on your phone.

This will stimulate the dopaminergic reward center in your brain giving you a boost, or a “high,” if you will, lifting you up for the day. Energy is infectious! You’ll be able to make a wider impact for the day if you are showing up in a high-vibe state.

5. Prioritize sleep

Listen to the TedTalk by Dr. Matthew Walker, “Sleep Is Your Superpower” – it will change your perspective on rest! We know that sleep is important, but when we have a never-ending to-do list or are in a busy season, it’s the first thing to go. I’m here to remind you that rest = success.

Rest is essential for our vitality and proper bodily functioning. We have to slow down before we can speed up. And if you allow yourself regular time to relax, unplug, and unwind, you’ll start to show up after those times with greater energy and creativity, which will enable you to make a wider impact and be more successful. Which is the goal right?!

If you found these tips helpful, let me know on Instagram. I’d love to hear from you!

Keep being about being better, we got this y’all!

health hacks professional success ladybossblogger.com

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