200 Compelling Female Bloggers Of 2020

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As 2020 nears its end, many of us are finding ourselves feeling a little uninspired . . .

But hope isn’t lost! Here we’ve generated an extensive list introducing 200 compelling female bloggers of 2020 to remind you what you enjoy, big and small, and help motivate you to see your goals clearly again. We’ve categorized the following bloggers by these categories: 

  • Health/fitness
  • Self-improvement
  • Dating/relationships
  • Parenting
  • Pets
  • Beauty/fashion
  • Photography
  • Travel
  • Environment/sustainability
  • Business/finance
  • DIY
  • Feminism/culture
  • Spirituality

Here are a few blogging resources for you before we get started:


1. Alisa Vitti

Alisa is an integrative nutritionist, hormone expert, best-selling author, and founder of FLO Living. She teaches women how to care for their bodies and restore hormonal and menstrual health and shares experiences with her own hormonal issues as well. One of her greatest discoveries was that “food was the missing link” to solving her hormone issues.

2. Karina Dawn and Katrina Scott

Fitness trainers Karina and Katrina met at the gym and soon made plans to start up their blog, Tone It Up. Their goal is to inspire people to live happily and healthily through fitness workouts, nutrition plans, and community.

3. Jessica Sepel

Jessica is the founder of JSHealth, where she shares her take on health and fitness. She’s a clinical nutritionist, and her blog challenges dieting culture and advocates for nourishing our bodies naturally. She’s passionate about empowering women to restore their relationship with food and their bodies.

4. Gina Harney

Gina is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and weight loss specialist. She uses her healthy lifestyle blog, Fitnessista, to share quick workout routines, quick recipes, health and wellness tips, and her own daily happenings.

5. Sarah Dussault

Sarah is a Boston-based, full-time health and fitness blogger. She runs SarahFit in addition to her popular YouTube channel, which has currently amassed 236K subscribers. 

The goal of her blog is to “help young women learn how to eat clean and get fit so they can feel confident about the way they look without depriving themselves of a social life.” You’ll locate the latest findings, best recipes, most effective workouts, motivational advice and more on SarahFit.

6. Erica Ziel

Erica is an expert in prenatal and postpartum fitness and uses her blog to help women feel their best through every stage of womanhood. Her unique movement and wellness practices facilitate healthy and long-lasting habits to foster happiness and healing.

7. Belinda “B” Norton-Smith

Belinda, or “B,” leads a busy life as a health and fitness educational professional, author, food and recipe creator, motivational speaker, business-owner, and mom of two. She shares the optimal health and fitness style she leads on her blog, B.livewear.

Belinda breaks down the meaning of “B.livewear” to explain what her blog focuses on. “B” is about Belinda and her family, “live” pertains to food, fitness, and family, and “wear” concerns her love of fitness fashion.

8. Karen Ficarelli

Karen is a women’s fitness expert and founder of Fitness4Her. She had trouble finding a fitness program that would accentuate the female physique as she began her fitness journey but couldn’t seem to find workouts and diets tailored for women.

It’s no surprise that men and women have different body types and therefore different needs. Karen created her blog to provide women with a fitness program customized to women’s needs.

9. Athena Concannon

Athena is a personal trainer and nutrition coach who runs the blog, Achieve with Athena. She loves helping the perfectionist woman break free from fitness extremes and instead connect on a more deeper level to her mind and body. Athena encourages women to gain both inner and outer strength.

10. Steph Mansour

Steph has been helping millions of people every day with weight loss tips, lifestyle hacks, and fitness secrets on her blog, Step It Up, for the last decade. She fully understands the struggles of insecurities having overcome being overweight, stressed, and anxious in the past.

Steph persevered, lost the weight, and gained the tools to keep it off. She now helps people beat cravings and regain control while teaching how the body and brain hold all the clues to reaching our fitness and health goals.

11. Jill Brown

As a highly respected, in-person and online fitness trainer, functional strength, nutrition and health coach, group fitness instructor, product consultant, content creator, and spokesperson, Jill Brown is dedicated to educating, motivating, and mentoring students and clients to help them achieve happy and healthy lives through exercise.

Jill’s mission is to inspire people to live their healthiest lives, connect more deeply to their bodies, and make fitness and nutrition permanent habits. Her areas of specialization include reducing back and neck pain, fitness after 40, and educating and implementing intermittent fasting and time restricted eating protocols. Throughout her career, Jill has taught her unique and popular workouts programs.

12. Kayla Kleinman

Kayla created Kayla in the City to document her own fitness and wellness journey as a college student. She realized over time that “you can eat all the kale and do all the burpees, but if you’re not happy, you’ll still feel like crap.”

Thus, Kayla in the City has evolved into more than just a documentation of Kayla’s fitness life; she also includes pieces of fitness wisdom she’s learned along the way.

13. Darla Leal

Darla’s love for fitness started when she was a high schooler and received mentorship from her P.E. teachers. Later in life she suffered from injuries and health issues, which ultimately made her unable to perform many of her pre-accident exercises. She has since created exercises that work best for her and passes that onto her personal training clients.

Darla has also found joy through her blog, Stay Healthy Fitness, where she educates people on realistic, sustainable, healthy methods to achieve lifetime fitness goals. She especially loves motivating with her fit-over-55 lifestyle.

14. Flavia Del Monte

Flavia was in her mid-20s when she realized she needed to transform her health. She started working with a personal trainer, took interest in nutrition, and eventually became a certified trainer herself.

Flavilicious is where Flavia shares her extensive knowledge on nutrition, fitness, and adopting healthier habits.

15. Julia Buckley

Julia is a British fitness trainer, author, and founder of Julia Buckley Fitness. She took action to become a personal trainer after experiencing a life-changing transformation first-hand by approaching fitness and self-care in the right ways. She shares videos and tips regarding fitness on her blog.

16. Amanda Perry

Amanda is a personal trainer and founder of her blog, Sistas of Strength. She covers topics ranging from fitness, to nutrition, to being a gym owner, and more. 

17. Tina Haupert

Tina is a certified nutrition coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. Her blog, Carrots ‘N’ Cake, publishes articles related to weight loss, recipes, nutrition, and fitness to help women find balance within their diets.

18. Robin Long

Robin is the founder and CEO of The Balanced Life. She provides Pilates workouts and resources for busy women on her blog and helps transform their relationship with exercise and healthy living by choosing “grace over guilt.”


19. Bre Mitchell

Bre is the founder of Brown Girl Self-Care. This blog is directed toward Black and Brown women and aims to help them live life “with an overflow of abundance, longevity, health, and happiness.”

Bre created Brown Girl Self-Care after she started applying small habits in her daily life to prioritize her wellness and improve her personal struggle with trauma and depression.

20. Priyanka Nair

Priyanka remembers waking up feeling empty and having to face immense life challenges. Today, she lives with passion and purpose. Sanity Daily is a blog where Priyanka writes about and draws awareness to mental health, stress management, and relationships.

21. Andrea Kelly

Andrea is a certified hypnotherapist and certified life coach. She started Your Best Being to share tips, tools, and insights to assist people in moving forward from whatever may be holding them back. She also shares her own mental health hardships and recovery process.

22. Dipika Singh

Dipika’s goal at She Means Business is to help people “bring their best self to work by learning new things, collaborating better and using productivity tools.” Some of these tools include storytelling skills, better communication, personal branding and business strategy. She offers inspirational stories, helpful and practical tips, relatable anecdotes, and personal growth tips.

23. Courtney Carver

Courtney knows what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and uninspired. Be More with Less is an opportunity for her to tell her story and how she overcame these feelings. Courtney believes in decluttering and living with less. She says simplifying her life gave her a chance to create more time, space, and love to be herself.

24. Zeenat Syal

Zeenat’s aspiration in life is “to ease human suffering through love and positivity.” She offers online counseling and support as well as healing articles on her blog, Positive Provocations.

25. Seline Shenoy

Seline is a blogger, podcast host, and journalist on topics related to psychology, personal growth, wellness, social, and global issues. She is the founder of The Dream Catcher, a blog and podcast community that connects and encourages people to live their dream lives and make a difference in the world. Seline is the author of Beauty Redefined: How to Feel Authentically Beautiful in Today’s World.

26. Paige Oldham

Simple Mindfulness was made by Paige for people to receive support in new, mindful ways. She shares her knowledge on mindfulness and how it allows for a happier, more fulfilled life.

27. Barrie Davenport

Barrie is a certified life coach, self-improvement course creator, and bestselling author of multiple books on relationship skills, emotional abuse, self-confidence, mindfulness, and more. Live Bold and Bloom is where Barrie shares her knowledge on these topics with those who are looking for “scientifically-supported, proven techniques for real, quantifiable change” in their lives.

28. Nancy Haines

The Center of Confidence is run by Nancy, a confidence coach and corporate trainer. She motivates career professionals “to step up and stop being afraid so they can become the person they so badly desire to be” through private coaching, high-support group coaching programs, and corporate workshops.

29. Brenda Terry

Brenda lost everything when the real estate market crashed. Her successful real estate business was no more, but she persevered, dusted herself off, and found her way to success once again.

Soulful NLP is where Brenda blogs about her experiences and works with business owners and professionals who know they have potential yet have a mindset that blocks them from succeeding. She uses neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to teach them how to change limiting beliefs, patterns, and behaviors.

30. Whitney Sause

Whitney is a spiritual practitioner, veteran, and certified life coach. She uses her blog to encourage women to create wholesome practices for motivation and to better manage emotions.

31. Jasmine Rice

Good Things Are Gonna Come is run by Jasmine, a certified personal growth life coach. Her blog posts cover her personal experiences and self-growth tips to help people learn to practice self-care, love themselves, and live life wholly.

32. Glennon Doyle

Glennon created her blog to inspire women to stop abandoning our inner selves and abandon the world’s expectations of us instead. She encourages women to be brave and care about things outside ourselves.


33. Cara Dee

Cara is a dating and body image blogger for Rainy Bay Blog. She views the world of dating with a goal to live her life regardless of waist size or relationship status. Cara fills her blog with stories of her dating mishaps, heartbreak advice, and her dating pet peeve, “ghosting.”

34. Eve Greenow

Never Settle was founded in 2015 by Eve after she realized how many people wind up settling for less in relationships, dating, and careers. She shares her advice and opinions on relationships, dating, sex, women’s health, and breaking up.

35. Lucy

Lucy, who wasn’t so lucky with romance, decided to start online dating back in 2005 and wound up meeting quite a lot of men. Her blog, Lucy Goes Dating, is where she blogs about her date adventures and her hunt for a husband.

36. Stephanie Daily

Self Care Every Damn Day is Stephanie’s blog covering all things self-worth, self-care, dating, and relationships. She uses her personal experiences to bring the most relevant life hacks, personal growth breakthroughs, and unfiltered dating and relationship advice. 

37. Jennifer Lehr

Jennifer’s mission for her blog, WeConcile, is to teach couples how to resolve conflicts, bringing harmony and peace to their relationships. She’s a marriage and family therapist specializing in educating couples on the relationship skills they need “to build a solid, connected, and loving partnership.”

38. Renee Wade

Renee decided to learn as much as she could about men, dating, and relationships after going through her own heartbreaks and romantic trial and errors. The Feminine Woman is where she includes what she’s learned from a range of topics like relationship Issues, confidence, finding love, attraction, and commitment.

39. Lochana Mainali

Lochana blogs on Jabberspoint about a multitude of topics including relationship advice and trouble in relationships.

40. Jess McCann

Dating coach Jess has helped tons of single men and women find love and relationship happiness through her proven coaching techniques and experience. Visit her blog to read about her stories and advice.

41. Dr. Rhoberta Shaler

Rhoberta offers help for people in toxic relationships on her blog, For Relationship Help. She posts about insights, strategies, and pattern-breaking skills that lead to creating “blame-free, game-free, non-manipulative relationships.”

42. Jacqueline Hellyer

Jacqueline is a sex and relationship expert and runs LoveLife. She believes that we can truly love life if we learn to embrace love, intimacy, sensuality, and excitement. Her blog posts consist of sex and relationship advice and tips.

43. Amy Chan

Amy’s blog, Heart Hackers Club, is the perfect resource for all things relationship. The site addresses the psychology of love, dating, and wellness. Amy strives to help people foster healthy relationships both with themselves and with others.

44. Natalie Lue

Natalie is an author, podcaster, speaker, and blogger of Baggage Reclaim. Her articles are intended to help people acknowledge and declutter their emotional baggage to discover their genuine selves and deepen loving relationships in return.

45. Lisa Copeland

Find a Quality Man is Lisa’s dating blog that makes dating over 50 fun and easy. Her posts encourage, empower, and teach women over 50 how to confidently and enjoyably date.

46. Saskia Nelson

Saskia is a photographer, but don’t let that fool you. She specializes in creating gorgeous, stunning dating profile photos that help single people stand out online and attract more dates. Hey Saturday, Saskia’s blog, is where you can find tips and guidance on how to create a successful dating profile.

47. Emyli Lovz

Emyli’s theory is that “if we put in the work to find the right partner in the beginning, then we can avoid divorce and unhappiness in the long run.”

EmLovz is where she helps men match with women they actually want to date using a method called “MegaDating.” She blogs about the mechanics of dating and building relationships.

48. Jo Barnett

Jo is a professional relationship and couples coach. She’s an expert on dating advice and shares what she knows on her blog.


49. Alyson Schafer

Alyson has been posting parenting advice on her blog for over 15 years. She promotes a firm but friendly “democratic parenting” style and offers practical solutions backed by extensive evidence-based research.

50. Scarlet Paolicchi

Scarlet shares tips on her blog, Family Focus Blog, for better family life, parenting, family fun activities, eco-friendly lifestyle, family food ideas, family travel, and home decor.

51. Sally Kuzemchak

Sally is a registered dietitian who runs Real Mom Nutrition. Her blog focuses on sharing her knowledge as a dietitian to help moms with stress-free strategies for feeding the kids that will make mealtime enjoyable again.

52. Lisa Bedford

The mid-2000s Great Recession hit Lisa’s family hard, and she realized how much was at stake for her family. The Survival Mom is where Lisa helps moms learn how to prepare and equip their families for those critical moments when life hits you hard and there’s no time to figure out what to do.

53. Farwah Shah

Farwah adored babies even before she became a mom. She created Raising Boys with Love to retell her experiences as a first-time mom and then with her second child in the hopes that even if it doesn’t directly help you, she just might be able to put a smile on your face.

54. Stacey Garska

Stacey started The Soccer Mom Blog with a focus on positive lifestyle, recipes, parenting encouragement, kids activities, DIY and home, fitness and more.

55. Brandi Riley

Brandi is a mom of two and founder of Mama Knows It All. She started her blog back when she was a single mother to share her personal journey and encourage women as they figure out what being a mom means for them. She writes about helpful tips, information, and intimate stories about her life and family to let other women know they aren’t alone.

56. Sandi Schwartz

Sandi is a science writer, positive psychology and environmental expert, and mom blogger. She believes that happy, calm children turn into happy, healthy, kind, passionate adults that will lead to a kinder, safer world for all. Happy Science Mom is where Sandi shares tips, resources, and activities that will help bring balance to your family.

57. Adanna Hill

Adanna is a millennial mom of three living in New York City. She writes about her motherhood journey, family travels, and parenting on her blog, Rattles and Heels.

58. Michelle Hon

The Chill Mom was created by Michelle shortly after the birth of her baby. This is a motherhood lifestyle blog providing resources on pregnancy, self-care, and children development.

These days, she spends most of her time at MomBoss Academy, where she teaches moms how to start and grow their dream business from home. There you will find many free “mompreneurship” resources.

59. Mia Wenjen

Mia blogs about diverse children’s books on her site, Pragmatic Mom. Her blog covers topics on education, parenting, and children’s literature. 

60. Alicia Trautwein

Alicia is an autism advocate and motivational speaker. She created The Mom Kind, an autism parenting website, to help support autistic individuals and their families.

61. Meredith

Meredith strives to create a community for moms to embrace the chaos that rules the major parts of motherhood on her blog, Motherhood by Meredith. There you can find articles about motherhood, marriage, and parenting topics

62. Kristen Skiles

Kristen is a believer that just because a marriage ends doesn’t mean a child’s happiness has to. Step Momming was developed to assist overwhelmed stepmoms through comfort and guidance by giving them the tools and inspiration they need to overcome insecurities and discontentment.

63. Leticia Barr

Leticia is the founder of Tech Savvy Mama, where she shares her knowledge on technology and educational resources for families. Her goal is to teach parents about technology and the “age of devices” to empower them to foster a love of STEM in their children.

64. Miranda Lamb

Miranda is a mom of three and the writer behind The Reluctant Cowgirl. She blogs about personal growth and parenting tips for moms of tweens and teens.


65. Patricia McConnell

Patricia is a zoologist, certified applied animal behaviorist, and blogger of The Other End of the Leash. She shares her knowledge of dog behavior and training on her website.

66. Cathy Bennett

Cathy has been the blogger behind Groovy Goldendoodles since 2012. She focuses solely on Goldendoodles and publishes articles on Doodle-related activities, health, wellness, and updates.

67. Alicia

Alicia is the creator of Holistic Pet Wellness. She helps people feed and take care of their dogs holistically with a science-based approach. She’s a canine nutritionist and massage therapist.

68. Kimberly Gauthier

Kimberly is a dog mom of five and is the founder of the blog, Keep the Tail Wagging. She shares personal articles, books on raw feeding, videos, local and online events, dog food recipes, and more.

69. Dr. Amy Wade

Amy is a dog-loving scientist who shares the latest discoveries in canine science on her blog, Dog Science Says. She also shares pictures of her own rescue dog, Maki.

70. Natasha Thompson

Om Shanti Pups is a blog by Natasha about natural, holistic support for dogs and lifestyle tips for dog owners. She posts about a wide range of topics such as dog treat recipes, calming anxiety in dogs, and dog dental care.

71. Jessica Rhae

Jessica says she breathes “everything Dachshund, hiking and camping with dogs, and blogging.” Her blog, cleverly named You Did What with Your Weiner, features articles on hiking and camping tips, pet travel tips, Dachshund facts, and more.

72. Cathy Bendzunas

Cathy is an avid Chihuahua lover who runs I Love My Chi. Her blog is everything Chihuahua, from specific training and health information to Chihuahua products and facts.

73. Amanda Yantos

Amanda rescued all five of her pets and created her blog in 2013. Dog Mom Days is where Amanda blogs about travelling with her dogs and dog-friendly places in the US.

74. Eileen Anderson

Eileen’s three dogs inspired her to start Eileen and Dogs. Her blog is full of valuable information on dog training, dog body language, positive reinforcement, and more.

75. Emma Engel

Emma owns three dogs and runs her blog, Hello Cute Pup. She realizes the struggles that arise while raising a dog. Her blog posts detail grooming and training tips, explanations of dog behaviors, and information on various dog breeds.

76. Kristi Benson

Kristi is a dog trainer, sled dog expert, and academy tutor. She enjoys reaching dog owners through writing and manages a funny and entertaining dog training blog.

77. Lindsay Stordahl

Lindsay is an owner of two dogs, Remy and Ace, and started That Mutt in 2008. She and her two contributors, Julia and Barbara, blog about raw dog food and down-to-earth training methods.

78. Beatriz Peixoto

Beatriz adopted her dog, Phoebe, at eight months. She’s passionate about dogs, but she realized that raising a dog isn’t as easy as it seems. That’s why she started This Blog Barks. She provides easy training methods, tips, and product reviews.

79. Pam Johnson-Bennett

Pam is one of the most popular cat behavior experts in the world. She’s considered a pioneer in the field of cat behavior. Cat Behavior Associates is where she publishes articles on feline behavior, health, and litter box tips.

80. Audra High

Audra’s blog, Deziz World, centers around her service cats. She also blogs about feline training tips and information on service animals.


81. Carissa Passerella

Carissa founded Hooked On Beauty in 2007. She didn’t initially plan to become a makeup artist or beauty editor, but her blog now consists of topics ranging from beauty tips and tricks, to professional skincare, to at home spa treatment, and more.

82. Karen

Karen’s Makeup and Beauty Blog features daily product reviews, makeup tips, and beauty news. Her blog (which has been online for more than ten years!) is highly respected and well-known.

83. Kristine Thompson

Kristine is a plus size fashion and style blogger who runs Trendy Curvy. Her blog follows her transformation of fashion trends to meet her style, size, and fashion sense.

84. Cyndi Spivey

Cyndi’s blog is for women over 40 who are searching for everyday style and beauty advice. She shares tips on fashion, makeup, and beauty as well as reminders that true beauty begins on the inside.

85. Kate Waterhouse

Kate is a fashion writer and the founder and writer of her own blog. Her website is a go-to fashion destination for Australia. Topics of discussion include fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and snippets of Kate’s own fashionable attire.

86. Danielle Gray

The Style and Beauty Doctor is managed by Danielle, a New York-based fashion and beauty consultant. She believes women of all skin tones, sizes, and ages are beautiful and addresses all types of concerns. Danielle’s got you covered, from answering a wardrobe inquiry, finding the right lipstick, or getting the scoop on the latest fashion or beauty collection.

87. Megha Saraf

Megha is a makeup and beauty obsessive from Hyderabad, India. She’s passionate about makeup, beauty products, nail paints, nail arts, gadgets, books, clothes, jewelry, and all things pretty and sparkly. Her blog, Makeup and Beauty Treasure, is where you can find her articles and thoughts.

88. Lexi Noel

Lexi is a well-known celebrity. Her blog, Lexi Noel Beauty, features articles on beauty tips and advice, hair care, makeup products, skin care, trends, and more.

89. Mateja

Mateja’s Beauty Blog highlights some of Mateja’s favorite beauty blogs, her favorite beauty products, and a collection of lipsticks, lip glosses, and other lip products.

90. Lisa Eldridge

Lisa is a prestigious pro-makeup artist. Her beauty skills have earned her quite the following. Lisa’s blog features articles on makeup, skin care, inspiration, and beauty history. You can also access her signature brand, Lisa Eldridge Makeup and Jewels.

91. Fleur De Force

Fleur’s beauty and style blog is where she shares some of her top makeup tips, product recommendations, and style inspirations. She also runs a YouTube channel with a whopping 1.38M subscribers!

92. Ann-Marie (Ree) Lodge

Ree started her blog as a hobby initially. Now a decade old, Really Ree is a thriving beauty blog that covers all things beauty. Ree loves discovering new products and focuses on makeup, skin, hair, and fragrance.

93. Sheryl Luke

Sheryl started her blog, Walk in Wonderland, in 2010. She’s an LA fashion-lifestyle blogger who posts articles on beauty products, diverse clothing styles, and collaborations.

94. Barbie Ritzman

Barbie knows not everyone has the time or knowledge on how to perfect the beauty looks they want. She created Barbie’s Beauty Bits to fill that gap for people. Her blog’s categories include beauty hacks, beauty news, beauty deals, and more.

95. Carla Snuggs

Posh Beauty Blog is Carla’s beauty blog where she gives makeup, skin care, hair care, and nail care tips along with the latest fashion trends. You’ll also get information on healthy hair diets with hair care advice, tools, and products.

96. Minaz

Minaz’s hair care mantra is “eat natural and feed your hair natural.” She’s covered every hair care topic under the sun and shares easy at-home hair care remedies on her blog, Hair Buddha. Minaz has you covered no matter what type of hair you have, whether it be too thin, too thick, curly, damaged, or frizzy.

97. Annabelle Fleur

The Viva Luxury is a fashion blog by Annabelle. On her site, you can find posts about accessories, hair, makeup, nails, skin care, shoes, fashion styles, and more.


98. Jasmine Star

Jasmine made the bold decision to leave law school back in 2005 and pursue a career in photography. She doesn’t only help entrepreneurs build their own businesses; she maintains her blog to share her knowledge related to photography tips, photography gear, and more.

99. Matika Wilbur

Matika began developing Project 562 over ten years ago. As a Native American woman of the Swinomish and Tulalip tribes, she created Project 562 as a photography project dedicated to photographing over 562 Indigenous nations in the US.

100. Liselotte Fleur

The Fashion Camera is about fashion photography where Liselotte tells her stories and behind-the-scenes photos. She also shares photography tips and answers photography-related questions from her readers.

101. Lisa Michele Burns

Lisa is an Australian professional photographer and the founder of her blog, The Wandering Lens. She writes about travel photography guides, listings of photogenic locations around the world, outdoor adventures, photography tips, and travel experiences.

102. Maria Svarbova

Maria is a distinctive and experimental photographer who’s well-known for her stunning images. Her blog features many of her photoshoots and eye-catching works of art.

103. Laura Pannack

Laura is an award-winning photographer whose work has been exhibited and published worldwide. You’ll find her many photography projects posted on her blog.

104. Tina Picard

Tina is a fashion, portrait, and beauty photographer based in Toronto and Montréal. Check out her blog to view her vibrant and dynamic images. 

105. Giuli Gartner

Giuli is a travel and commercial photographer who’s passionate about the environment and conservation. You can check out her site to explore her commercial, travel, and personal portfolios.

106.Karen Woo

Karen is a creative director, photographer, and filmmaker and shares photography guidance, recommendations, and perspectives on her blog.

107. Kate Wesson

Kate is the editor of iPhone Photography School. She uses the term, “iPhonetography,” and debunks the myth that you can’t take quality photos on an iPhone. Her goal is to teach people how to master taking amazing photos with an iPhone.

108. Hope Taylor

Hope is an international wedding and senior portrait photographer. Her blog has tips and tricks for photographers, coverage of her senior portrait sessions, and other personal posts.

109. Courtney Slazinik

Courtney is a former teacher-turned-photographer. She’s the founder of Click It Up a Notch and teaches fellow photographers how to use manual mode, natural light, and composition to improve your images.

110. Whitney Hardie

Whitney is a photographer who captures powerful scenes and stories of births, newborns, families, and maternity. She shares these moments, images, and commentary on her blog.

111. Rita Wong

Rita is a self-taught photographer and shares artistic techniques she uses to create her artwork. Her blog features things to look for when out in the field, in-camera functions that are applied when capturing an image, and post-processing methods that turn ordinary photos into fine art photography.

112. Dawn Monrose

Dawn is a wildlife and nature photographer who specializes in the UK’s wildlife, specifically the wildlife of East Anglia. Visit her blog, Dawn Monrose Nature Photography, to see her latest images and the stories behind them.

113. Linnae Harris

Linnae is a family and baby photographer from Asheville, North Carolina and runs her blog, Linnae Designs. Her articles feature photo tips and tricks for taking the perfect picture.


114. Kate McCulley

Kate quit her job to travel the world alone at 26. She spent half a year in Southeast Asia and turned her travel blog, Adventurous Kate, into a full-time business. Her blog’s goal is to show how travelling the world on your own can be easier and safer than you’d think.

115. Brooke Saward

World of Wanderlust is one of the world’s leading travel blogs. Brooke includes articles discussing solo travels, her latest adventures, places she’s lodged, her road trips, and city guides.

116. Pankti Shah

Pankti, or Crazy Wanderer, is a specialist in travel and digital marketing. She and her team combine the best of both and find solutions for clients that deal in luxury travel, business travel, lifestyle, hotels and resorts, travel accessories and more.

117. Liz Carlson

Liz founded Young Adventuress in 2010 when she was planning to move to Spain. This is her witty blog full of travel stories, misadventures, photography, and fresh perspectives.

118. Sherry Ott

Ottsworld, according to Sherry, is a blog following her journey “from traditional cubicle, to digital nomad, to travel expert.” She quit her corporate job in 2006 and spent 13 years living out of a suitcase and travelling the world. Sherry gives her perspective on travel tips, adventures, and experiences.

119. Hayley Simpson

Hayley has been travelling solo since the age of 18. She believes that if she can travel the world solo and on a budget, anyone can. Hayley on Holiday compiles loads of information straight from Hayley regarding things such as budget travel, packing lists, resources, and even working abroad.

120. Tamara

Travelling Tam is where blogger Tamara shares travel tips, resources, and inspiration in order to help you be prepared and travel better. You may also find the occasional rant about travel-related troubles that fire her up. She’s travelled to over 35 countries and gives her readers a look into her incredible voyages.

121. Gloria Apara

Gloria created Nomadic Chica because she wants women to know it’s possible to travel the world being a woman, and you don’t need to be rich to do it. You just need to not be afraid of leaving your comfort zone! Gloria posts about her destinations and travel planning tips.

122. Asdghik Melkonian

Asdghik describes herself as a “travel addict, digital nomad, and adventure lover.” The Jetsetter Diaries is a female travel blog featuring luxurious getaways, adventure trips, and solo female travel tips.

123. Brenna Holeman

Brenna has travelled to over 100 countries. She created This Battered Suitcase, comprising a mix of advice, opinion pieces, and stories regarding travel. Brenna wants to build up other women and show them that they’re able to do anything, including travelling solo!

124. Hannah Kacary

Hannah started That Adventurer to document her and her husband’s travels. She also puts together honest reviews and guides to restaurants, experiences, and hotels they use along the way in addition to guides full of tips they’ve learnt to help you get the most out of your trip.

125. Trisha Velarmino

Trisha decided at age 22 that she wanted to travel the world. She was born and raised in the Philippines and now stays in one place for only three months at a time. Trisha loves experiencing life in different cultures and shares these experiences on P.S. I’m On My Way.

126. Hofet Kim Cohen

Hofet is a travel blogger who shares her travel stories on her site, Vanilla Sky Dreaming. She’s someone who has an insatiable hunger to explore the world and all it has to offer. Now, she’s sharing her epic journeys with readers around the world.

127. Renuka Walter

Renuka gives her readers a look into her solo travel experiences on her blog, Voyager For Life. Her goal is to inspire others to travel and help make their travelling dreams a reality.

128. Natalie Marie

Tily Travels is a collection of unforgettable memories as well as travel reviews, photography, and information to inspire your next journey abroad, whether it be solo or with friends. Natalie wants to inspire her readers to explore the wonders the world has to offer.

129. Liz Cleere and Jamie Furlong

Followtheboat is a blog run by writer Liz and photographer Jamie. This little corner of the Internet is where aspiring sailors can experience the realities of life on the sea. The blog is in the process of transitioning to their Patreon and YouTube pages.

130. Carolyn Ray

JourneyWoman, originally founded by Evelyn Hannon, is now run by Carolyn Ray. She covers everything from packing, to safely travelling, to connecting with other travelling women around the world.


131. Wendy Graham

Wendy started blogging on Moral Fibres in 2013 to show how easy, affordable, and stylish it can be to live a greener life. She knows living a green lifestyle can seem intimidating, so she covers lots of tips on how to be greener without infringing on your style.

132. Diane MacEachern

Diane shares ways you can switch to affordable, non-toxic, healthy living that’s good for you and the planet on Big Green Purse. She also keeps you in the know on important news and reviews green products.

133. Kris Bordessa

Attainable Sustainable, according to Kris, is about “eliminating excess and living lightly on the world.” She blogs about learning to generate food in a smart manner, “whether that’s raising your own, joining a local CSA, or frequenting your local farmer’s markets.”

134. Kimberly Button

Kimberly overcame childhood cancer and multiple other disorders by detoxing her home. Now she’s a wellness expert and shares tips to detox your home, green cleaning hacks and natural living ideas on Get Green Be Well.

135. Pratibha Pal

Pratibha is a green-living enthusiast whose eco-journey began in 2010. Her site, Pratsmusings, is where she blogs about information on products, stores, DIY tips, and many things that will help you minimize your carbon footprint on the planet.

136. Larissa Swayze

Of House and Trees is Larissa’s blog where she posts articles about eco-conscious design and decor inspiration, eco-friendly products, and sustainable living tips.

137. Lauren Singer

Trash Is For Tossers is a blog founded by Lauren that shows living a low or zero waste lifestyle can be easy, cost-effective, accessible, and fun! She shares knowledge and resources to help people on their zero waste journeys.

138. Diana Rogers

Diana helps people with weight, metabolic, and intestinal issues recover their health through diet and lifestyle. Her blog, Sustainable Dish, features nutrition, recipes, lifestyle, and viewpoints with a focus on sustainability.

139. Andrea

Frugally Sustainable is a blog resource by Andrea for all things healthy, frugal, and sustainable. Her blog reports on herbs and remedies, natural living and food, and DIY beauty.

140. Lindsay Miles

Lindsay is a dedicated zero waste and plastic-free living advocate. She founded Treading My Own Path to teach skills for sustainable living relating to zero waste, plastic-free, minimalism, real food, and simple living.

141. Zoë Morrison

Zoë is a money saving eco-blogger and authors her blog, Eco Thrifty Living. This blog is for the person who wants to save the environment and their wallet. Zoë shares product reviews, recipes, zero waste information, and more.

142. Megean Weldon

Megean has been on a journey for the past three years to become as zero-waste as possible. She started Zero Waste Nerd to broadcast her progress from day one and share her experiences and tricks.

143. Addie Fisher

Addie shares sustainable living tips on her blog, Old World New. She strives to empower people to lead eco-conscious lives through articles about minimalism, thrifting, sustainable DIY projects, and more.

144. Mia Hadrill

Aim Plastic Free is a blog by Mia for those who are looking to quit single-use plastic and unnecessary waste and are in search of some moral support and ideas.

145. Francesca Willow

Francesca is the creator of sustainable lifestyle blog Ethical Unicorn. Her site features a multitude of topics such as eco-friendliness, social justice, sustainable living, zero waste, and more. 

146. Róisín 

Róisín is a social care worker from Ireland who manages The Eco-Friendly Adventurer. There you’ll find Róisín blogging about environmental education, low waste and simple living, wellness, and more.


147. Emma Drew

Emma gives advice on how to maximize earnings and make extra money online. She also uses her blog, Make Money Without A Job, to offer assistance with advertising on her site through social media promotion, sponsored posts, reviews, and hosting competitions.

148. Beate Chelette

The focus of The Growth Architect is to support entrepreneurs and small businesses in growing, building, and scaling their business following what Beate calls the “5-Star Success Blueprint.”

149. Brynne Conroy

You’ll find articles on Femme Frugality by Brynne that recount the ways she personally handles her finances as they relate to each part of her life. Some of the topics she blogs about include women finance, money management, wedding budgets, family money, and college money.

150. Christine Udeani

Christine is a “serial business owner” with copious expertise on different business models. She enjoys helping moms on her blog, Momsie Dearest, to make a full-time income from home by sharing her business experience. 

151. Tonya Rapley

Tonya created My Fab Finance because she knows what it feels like to be depressed and ashamed about money. She aims to teach people how they can live financially free lives. Some of the topics featured on her blog consist of articles on debt, credit, and finances.

152. Jazzy

Jazzy understands that many aspiring entrepreneurs have a hard time figuring out where to start. First Hustle Then Brunch is where Jazzy blogs about budgeting and savings tips, debt repayment tactics, ways to start, managing and promoting a business, and budgeting for travel.

153. Catherine Alford

CEO of Alford Media Group, financial educator, and entrepreneur, Catherine, posts articles on her blog that teach other women how to reach success and wealth and become happy self-employed entrepreneurs and moms while staying true to themselves.

154. Penny

Penny designed She Picks Up Pennies in the hopes to encourage people to be more mindful of their spending, be more purposeful with their lives, and live a more minimalist lifestyle.

155. Doris Belland

Doris is the founder of Your Financial Launchpad. She understands that money isn’t everything, but it does change everything. That’s why she decided to share the exact steps, templates, and methodology she’s used to help thousands of people get past mindset blocks, grow their income, knock out debt, and build an investment portfolio.

156. Nicole Butler

Nicole is a wealth coach for professional women of color and runs Budget Like a Lady. This is a blog where you can find solutions to easily maximize your income opportunities in order to create financial independence and secure your future.

157. Bella Wanana

Bella’s blog is a finance blog that focuses on money tips and tricks. She discusses how to make, save, and manage money as well as how to live a fun, balanced, and fulfilling life in a budget-friendly way.

158. Kara Perez

Kara’s goal for her blog, Bravely Go, is to inform women on how to take control of their own finances by budgeting, paying off debt, learning to invest, and increasing their income. She offers practical and intersectional financial advice and cracks a few jokes along the way.

159. Erin Lowry

Erin describes herself as a “financial translator.” She is a successful investor, negotiator, and risk-taker who shares her knowledge on Broke Millennial to help people go from broke to financial badass! 

160. Paula Pant

Afford Anything is the blog for you if you’re looking to ditch your typical 9 to 5 workday. Paula started this blog to guide people on how to maximize their wealth, gain financial freedom, and start living life to the fullest.

161. Emily

Emily uses Mommy Investor to blog about her experience as a stock investor. She loves to help moms learn how to confidently make money in the stock market, all from a mom’s perspective.

162. Carrie Green

Carrie is the founder of the Female Entrepreneurship Association. She describes her blog as an international hub for female entrepreneurs to get inspired and empowered to turn their ideas into a reality and build successful businesses. She features inspiring stories about female entrepreneurs from all over the world.

163. Lauren Bowling

Lauren was a shopping addict with some serious debt before she transformed her finances and built herself into a six-figure online entrepreneur. She’s been blogging on Financial Best Life for years about personal finance, homeownership, and entrepreneurship.


164. Cassity Kmetzsch

Cassity’s motto on her DIY blog, Remodelaholic, is “reduce, reuse, recycle, re-purpose, remodel.” She loves almost every creative avenue and likes to have projects to keep her busy. She and her husband try to stay on a tight budget when it comes to remodeling.

165. Kristi Linauer

Addicted 2 Decorated was founded by Kristi over a decade ago. The blog follows her DIY journey in remodeling and decorating her 1948 fixer upper. Kristi aims to inspire people to push back on self-doubt, pick up those power tools, and DIY your own home.

166. Christine Cook

Christine is the blogger behind The DIY Dreamer. She talks about DIY projects, crafts, tutorials, and recipes that she’s created.

167. Shannon Fox

Shannon began Fox Hollow Cottage back in 2011. You’ll find free DIY tutorials, home tours, room makeovers, and lots of decorating ideas and inspiration on her blog.

168. Ana White

Ana has spent the last decade designing and building furniture plans and sharing them on her blog and YouTube channel. The goal of her blog is simple: to help people improve their homes with basic tools on limited budgets.

169. Beth Wood

Beth is the pattern designer and blogger at Sew DIY Patterns and has been sewing clothing for more than two decades! She posts about items she’s made and tips and techniques for fostering a gratifying sewing journey. 

170. Marty

Marty is the creator of a blog called A Stroll Thru Life. The point of her site is to share simple design ideas, thrifty finds, decor, and both her successes and failures.

171. Jennifer Sbranti

Jennifer is the founder of Hostess with the Mostess and has been since 2006. Her blog revolves around creative living and party planning and shares ways to bring fun to special occasions.

172. April Wilkerson

April is passionate about making the stuff she wants and needs rather than buying it. Her DIY blog called Wilker Do’s talks about her woodwork and metalwork experience and encourages people to start a project that’ll make them want to use a tool they’ve never used before.

173. Linda Braden

Linda lives with her husband and two children in Chicago and is the blogger behind It All Started With Paint. She blogs about her processes as she remodels her century-old home and offers a plethora of project ideas.

174. Jenna Lafevor

Rain on a Tin Roof is Jenna’s DIY lifestyle blog where she writes about home decor, free printables, projects, and travel.

175. Laura Kuhlmann

Pet Scribbles is where Laura blogs about her crafts, tutorials, and gardening, with the occasional story about her cats. Many of the projects she writes about are centered around her home and gardens.

176. Hannah Schlachter

Hannah believes there’s something amazing about creating beautiful things from scratch. Handmade Weekly is a site where she shares all of her creations along with tutorials.  

177. Beckie Farrant

Beckie is a wife and mom of two kids. Infarrantly Creative is her blog which inspires women to DIY their homes, health, and businesses. Beckie loves recycling and repurposing and started “Roadkill Rescue,” a project that displays how she transforms curbside throw-aways into decor.

178. Cheryl Moreo

Cheryl describes herself as a weaver, crafter, and food lover. Her blog is your online connection to knitting, crochet, weaving, DIY, organizing your home and crafts, and lifestyle hacks. She shares hand-picked crafting articles, tutorials, ideas, and recipes to help get your creative juices going or help you solve a problem.

179. Meg and Steph

Sisters Meg and Steph are moms and mega DIY-ers. On their blog, Do It Yourself Divas, you’ll find resources such as sewing tutorials, recipes, home decor ideas, fashion and lifestyle posts, refinishing projects, and even furniture building tutorials.

180. Alethea Robinson

See Girl Work combines work and lifestyle material for creative, entrepreneurial-minded women. Alethea shares content regarding freelance living, entrepreneurship, and career strategies. She also features profiles and interviews with women creating their own lifestyles on their own terms and provides blogging consultation services.


181. A.

“A.” runs POC Stories, a blog relating stories of people of color and also addressing social topics including LGBTQ+, society, arts and culture, and feminism. Her goal is to increase awareness of diverse identities and experiences.

182. Meghan Murphy

Meghan is the founder and editor of Feminist Current and has a Master’s degree in gender, sexuality, and women’s studies. She gives a unique perspective on male violence against women, pop culture, politics, current events, sexuality, gender, and many other social issues.

183. Charlie Brook

Charlie is a feminist writer and runs the blog, Her Me Out. There, you can find posts on topics such as “perpeturapetion, symbolic annihilation, rape myths, and badass women.”

184. Minna Salami

Minna is the founder of MsAfropolitan. Her blog “connects feminism with critical reflections on contemporary culture from an Africa-centered perspective.”

185. Eryn Carter

Eryn operates her blog, The Shrew That Shan’t Be Tamed, from an “intersectional feminist perspective.” Some of the categories on her site include feminist theory, sex trafficking, feminism and culture, and social commentary.

186. Khushali Jaiswal

Khushali runs a feminist blog called Feminist Womaniyan. She’s passionate about issues of gender, women empowerment, the LGBTQ+ community, and politics.

187. Aquala Bogan

Aquala’s site, The Realist Woman, serves as a news blog centered around under-reported worldly news on women and girls. Features and opinion on religion, politics, and culture also make up her blog.

188. Rebecca Schoenkopf

Rebecca is the owner of Wonkette. She and her contributors post critical and blunt articles about news, politics, culture, feminism, and various other social topics.


189. Antasha

Antasha grew up poor and battled mental illness before her perspective on life changed. The point of her blog, CAJ Spirituality, is to normalize spirituality and make it attainable for anyone, anywhere, anytime. She covers many matters related to spirituality such as meditation, manifesting, and forgiveness.

190. Sarah Lawrence

Mom On A Spiritual Journey is a blog by intuitive and spiritual guide Sarah Lawrence. She features posts guiding readers on how to follow their spiritual journey, connect with themselves, learn about energy work, meditation, and more.

192. Vasundhra Gupta

Vasundhra is a spiritual author, speaker, coach, and blogger of My Spiritual Shenanigans. She shares simple, practical, and meaningful anecdotes from her daily experiences to encourage her readers to find their own spiritual paths.

193. Tess Whitehurst

Tess has always been drawn to magic and spirituality. Her blog is for those interested in magic and ancient, sacred wisdom.

194. Jessica Dimas

Dwell In Magic is a blog that discusses the power of the mind, spiritual self-care, and metaphysical topics. Jessica wants others to learn how to turn inwards, tap into the power of their minds, and deeply connect with themselves through holistic self-care.

195. Teresa Blythe

Teresa is the founder of Spiritual Direction 101. You’ll find extensive information on various beliefs and practices belonging to a plethora of religions.

196. Elizabeth Peru

Elizabeth is an author and self-described cosmic guide and spiritual teacher. Her blog, which has been active since 2003, is one of the longest running and most trusted cosmic energy forecasts and life guides on the planet.

197. Amanda Linette Meder

Amanda is the founder of a spiritual lifestyle blog. She’s a writer, teacher, intuitive, casual scientist, and lover of all things supernatural. Her blog intertwines natural wellness, science, and spirituality together to show her love for spirituality and her past professional teaching experiences.

198. Claire Montanaro

Inlumino Global is where Claire offers practical spirituality for soul and personal growth through teaching, channeling, meditations, and writing. She strives to teach people how to be spiritual and about developing their spirituality for peace of mind, heart, and soul.

199. Melanie Beckler

Melanie is the blogger behind Ask-Angels and describes herself as an angelic channel and spiritual teacher. Her blog posts are meant to further connect people with spiritual guidance. Melanie wants to help others better understand about connecting with their angels and the spiritual realms.

200. Jennifer Quintana

Jen is an astrologist, “spiritual seeker,” and owner of her own blog. She takes to her site to post about what she knows and how to utilize that knowledge to navigate life.

Bridget Baltazar is a blogging intern at LadyBossBlogger. She currently attends the University of Iowa and is studying communication studies, human relations, and environmental sustainability.

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