10 Unique Food Blogs To Follow in 2021

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During this time of quarantine, we have sought comforts close to home. While some have taken up new hobbies, new fitness regimens, and even new jobs, I have found comfort in exploring new kinds of recipes and styles of food. If you’re looking for some fun new twists on food, read the list of unique food blogs to follow below.

1. The Primal Desire

unique food blogs ladybossblogger

Holley has spent most of her life trying to create a better relationship with food. She loves teaching, coaching, and learning self-care and love along the way.

Raj was a pharmacist until a car accident that left him with chronic pain. This set him onto a very different life path that ultimately resulted in many lessons learned about life and happiness.

They help you navigate the fascinating world of Paleo eating! Paleo dieting is described as an all-natural, stone age way of eating using completely organic ingredients consisting of lots of meat, fish, and veggies. The website focuses on making real food fun and delicious, as well as making recipes accessible to novice chefs.

With their unique, quirky voices and easy to follow styles of cooking, you’ll be eating like a caveman in no time!

2. Sweet Potato Soul

unique food blogs ladybossblogger

You read that right! The author, Jenné Claiborne grew up in Atlanta eating all kinds of sweet potato dishes and formed a fun blog around all her fav recipes.

Jenné came into the world loving food, guided by the gentle hand of her grandma. Although her house certainly loved food, there wasn’t much focus on healthy eating, which caused an inherent dislike of veggies and fruits.

After learning about healthy eating in college, she never looked back! She now works to help teach others about the wonders of clean eating. You can find examples of others creating her dishes with the #sweetpotatosoul, as well as check out her Youtube channel.

No worries if sweet potatoes aren’t your thing- she also offers a bunch of vegan recipes, all good for your soul!

3. The Full Helping

unique food blogs ladybossblogger

Next up, we have another awesome vegan blog run by Gena, who also offers helpful insights to a variety of other issues, such as ethics, eating disorders, and learning to love yourself in the skin you’re in.

Having suffered through eating disorders in her teens and twenties, Gena made the resolute decision to commit to recovery. Now a dietician and official blogger, she uses her website to promote healthy eating habits in fun ways.

Although she is vegan and believes in the benefit of organic nutrients, she also uses her unique food blog to spread awareness that not every ingredient needs to serve a specific nutritional purpose.

It’s a real pick-me-up that comes with some fun treats!

4. The Brown Eyed Baker

unique food blogs ladybossblogger

While this blog boasts some simpler but no less delicious foods, it’s definitely helpful for new bakers.

The unique food blog’s creator, Michelle, grew up in a family invested in food. Later, she found herself watching hours of the Food Network in an attempt to nail down some recipes. While watching endless youtube videos and facing plenty of trials and errors, she found comfort with baking along the way.

Now, she has made it her goal to create a kind, novice baker community open to reaching out a hand to those struggling with daunting dishes, as well as help share some of her own unique twists!

Wanna treat your family to some awesome desserts, but not quite sure how to jump the hurdle from newbie to pastry chef? This blogging community offers tons of helpful tricks and support along with their delicious recipes.

5. Korean Bapsang

unique food blogs ladybossblogger

K-pop is all the rage nowadays! But what about food? We’ve all had glimpses of it through things like Korean barbecue, but this blog offers some awesome recipes for authentic, home-cooking Korean food!

Run by a Korean-American mom named Hyosun, this blog offers a mix of new, exciting foods to try while also making you comfortable with the familiar feel of a home-cooked meal.

She originally created the blog as a way to teach her children, as watching her own mother cook growing up had been extremely helpful. Now, she also uses it as a way to share her culture and yummy recipes with people of all walks of life, hoping to depict more accurate representation of Korean recipes.

With beautiful visuals and recipes even new cooks can hack, this unique food blog is perfect for anyone looking to expand their palate when it comes to ethnic foods

6. The Celiac Chicks

Looking to get rid of the gluten in your diet? This is the spot for you!

This unique food blog run by Kelly Courson not only offers helpful recipes for home cooking but also restaurant and product reviews for those who don’t always feel like eating in.

A gluten-free diet is an eating plan that excludes foods containing gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and triticale (a cross between wheat and rye). Having been on her own gluten-free journey for 14 years, she carefully cultivated a safe space for those looking to make changes in their food intake.

Dietary restrictions are never easy, but this peppy, upbeat blog will help to minimize stress about gluten-free eating!

7. Sweet Life

unique food blogs ladybossblogger

Based out of Texas, Vianney’s unique food blog offers insight into the culture of tex-mex. This cuisine, although American-based, stems from the culinary creation of the Tejano people in Texas. It is typically characterized by its heavy use of shredded cheese, beans, and meat (chicken, beef, pork) peppers, spices, and flour tortillas.

Dubbed the “Tex-Mex Queen,” Vianney prefers to focus on three things- “comida, cultura, and familia.” Through her blogs and multiple cookbooks, she hopes to educate her followers of the richness of tejana culture

The fun fusion is made easy with her simple recipes, quirky anecdotes, as well as the multiple cookbooks she has published.

Head on down to the unique food blog Sweet life for a closer insight on food down in Southern Texas.

8. Eleni’s Kitchen

unique food blogs ladybossblogger

Eleni Woldeyes first began this unique food blog to help share the funky and exotic flavors of Ethiopian cuisine. Her careful recipes make the sometimes daunting dishes seem doable, as well as offering helpful insights on all-natural ingredients and the best tools for cooking Ethiopian food.

Ethiopian cuisine usually consists of vegetables and very spicy meat, typically in the form of wat, a thick stew, served on top of injera, a large sourdough flatbread.

Now the owner of her own food stand, her followers can not only enjoy her recipes, but food she makes herself!

9. The Pasta Project

unique food blogs ladybossblogger

Pasta and Italian food have always been a comfort cuisine for me. The Pasta Project, created and written by London based Jacqui, is determined to help its viewers try every type of pasta and pasta dish known to man.

Although born in London, she now happily spends her time in Italy with her husband Salvatore. Although she always thought of herself as a cook, Jacqui never truly looked into the creation of pasta dishes until she realizsed just how many different types of pasta there are!

Now on a journey to try and take down all 360 types of pasta (although some argue that it is closer to 400), Jacqui decided to create this unique food blog as a way to share with friends, family, and others!

With easy-to-follow recipes and helpful hints on various restaurants and pasta providers, this blog is an incredibly fun way to explore my (and maybe your) favorite type of food!

10. The Comfort of Cooking

unique food blogs ladybossblogger

Last, but certainly not least, we have a blog completely dedicated to yummy, easy food! As described by its creator, Georgia Johnson, her “recipes are always fresh, frugal and family-friendly!”

She decided to create this unique food blog in 2010, after taking cooking lessons. Realizing she’d rather dive right in, Georgia soon created a blog detailing her progress, which has now transformed into a fun blog about cooking made easy!

From dessert to surprisingly easy family meals, The Comfort of Cooking offers a wide variety of options to feed and satisfy the family without producing any grey hairs.

So there you have it! 10 of the many and amazing unique food blogs one can find on today’s internet. From vegan to Ethiopian and even Tex-Mex, the one thing these blogs have in common? A great love for food and its power to bring people from all walks of life together. Do you have any unique food blogs you love? Let us know!

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