Why Comments Are Important On TikTok And How To Get More

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On TikTok, the comment section is a fun space, full of user’s thoughts. These comments also contribute to the platform’s algorithm. Comments show that your audience is engaged with your content and enjoys what they are watching. Here’s why comments are so important on your TikTok videos and how to get more!

Why comments are important

Comments on your TikToks show how your audience feels about the content you are uploading. Users will share their reactions, positive or negative, so making sure to upload your favorite content is important.

There also can be various reasons you are not receiving comments including:

  • Using the wrong or no hashtags
  • Boring content
  • Reusing old content
  • Being late to trends

While no feedback may seem better than negative feedback, comments are extremely important for the TikTok algorithm. By getting a large number of comments on your post, TikTok recognizes that you are receiving engagement on your post putting it on more people’s for you page. This increases the likelihood that you’ll get even more likes and comments, making it a helpful cycle.

Here are some tips to help you gain more comments.

1. Be original

Being original on TikTok can be greatly rewarding. Sometimes video ideas get overused and tiring, so by putting out fresh content you peak users’ interests.

By giving them something to react to, they will be more likely to jump into your comment section. While coming up with original content can be hard, setting aside time to brainstorm can really help.

Keep your content authentic, and true to your brand or image. Users appreciate sincere content and will be more likely to engage with it online.

2. Comment on other’s posts

There’s nothing that encourages others to comment on your post, by commenting on theirs. Through interacting with other users and creators you are making them familiar with your profile. This makes the comment section feel more like a conversation between two friends and can help you get more attention in the long run.

These users will likely reciprocate and return the favor by commenting on your posts, and maybe making it a regular habit.

3. Follow trends

Trends on TikTok tend to grab the attention of users. People love seeing the song, dance, or audio they know and love on their feed.

To grab the attention of users be sure to put your own spin on it and make it unique. Have fun with it and include new jokes, sounds, or captions!

4. Ask questions

Another great way to engage your audience is by asking questions. This creates an open forum on your page for discussion.

Ask a question on top of the video or in the caption of your video. This willl prompt users to jump to your comment section to give you their imput and ideas. Users will also be likely to comment on others’ thoughts in the section driving up your comments on the page.

TikTok is a powerful platform that can allow you to reach a large audience. As an influencer or business, TikTok can be a great place to spread your name. Maximimzing the comments on your posts can help you grow a following as you use the algorithm to your advantage.

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