Why TikTok Is The New Best Influencer App

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We have seen many social media apps come and go (RIP Vine) but perhaps none have exploded with popularity quite the way TikTok has. A colorful app with the opportunity to post up to 3 minute long videos may not seem as great an idea as say Instagram, but TikTok has managed to find a way to worm itself into the hearts of many. Here’s a list of reasons why Tiktok is the new best influencer app:

1. Short attention spans

As I mentioned above, Vine was another app beloved by many that met a terribly sad end. While the idea of a 6-second video managing to make you laugh seemed almost impossible, many still did the job flawlessly. However, as our humor shifted, 6 seconds did in fact seem too short.

Now we are presented with TikTok, previously a lip-syncing app called Musically. Some even see it as a sort of Vine 2.0, quick videos to make you laugh.

TikTok allows us to shut off our brains and enjoy some easily graspable content. Many sites like Facebook and Instagram have too much of a long-form comedy that almost exhausts the viewer. In our current environment of high tech and plenty of content to consume, we as a society have an incredibly short attention span. I want my hit of humor quick and to the point. TikTok manages this sort of drive-by comedy flawlessly.

2. Wide variety of content

When you think of TikTok, there’s probably a couple of household names that immediately come to mind- the D’Amelio sisters, Addison Rae, Noah Beck, and so on. And while that dancing videos may be of interest to pre-teens, it admittedly offers some limited content.

Luckily, there are many different sides of TikTok that are just waiting to be explored. From art to music, and even acting challenges, there is a place for everyone on the app. The algorithm is designed so that you only receive the things you like on your For You Page.

Some of the different communities on TikTok include:

  • Cottage Core
  • DracoTok
  • PlantTok
  • Alternative
  • WitchTok
  • AnimeTok
  • Theatre Kids
  • BookTok

3. Easy upward mobility

Perhaps one of the most attractive things about TikTok is how easy it is the gain followers and become popular. Because it is such a fast-paced app, users have the ability to follow and pay attention to multiple groups of TikTok-ers at once. While a fourteen-year-old may really love Charli’s dancing videos, she can just as easily give a lot of love to @geezahgobble. They play a Scottish drag queen in charge of the ‘Lost Souls’ department.

There have been multiple instances of random, ‘normal’ people who manage to blow up on TikTok, even just from one viral video. One, in particular, features a pretty white dog named Coconut. She is convinced she’s as sneaky as can be, even if the proof of the opposite is displayed across multiple videos.

It is somewhat easy to become famous on TikTok is because a majority of the users are just looking for someone relateable who is willing to share similar experiences with them. As cliche as it might sound, the only thing you really need to blow up on TikTok is to be yourself.


Overall, TikTok is a somewhat unique experience as it’s a mix of our favorite things from every social media app. The connectivity found on Instagram, bias-free news you used to see on Facebook, the capturing of life moments on Snapchat, and even the accessibility to music we see on Spotify. In a new age of high-tech interactions, TikTok manages to blend the easiness of technology while managing to hang onto the authenticity of real human interaction. That is exactly why TikTok is the new best influencer app!

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