How TikTok Has Managed To Stay Away From Toxicity

How TikTok Has Managed To Stay Away From Toxicity  LadyBossBlogger

Although social media ushered in new ways of connecting people, it also fosters some toxic behavior. Applications like Instagram, Snapchat, and even VSCO portray perfect lifestyles and put undue pressure on today’s youth. Although the apps are meant for everyone often times there are a few accounts that dominate. Read on to learn how TikTok has steered away from toxicity!

What Is TikTok?

TikTok is one of the most popular applications available to people today. Reminiscent of Vine, its quick form of comedy is highly attractive to its users.

Why is it so popular?

Here is an excerpt from an article I had previously written on Tiktok:

“Now we are presented with TikTok, previously a lip-syncing app called Musically. Some even see it as a sort of Vine 2.0, quick videos to make you laugh.

TikTok allows us to shut off our brains and enjoy some easily graspable content. Many sites like Facebook and Instagram have too much of a long-form comedy that almost exhausts the viewer. In our current environment of high tech and plenty of content to consume, we as a society have an incredibly short attention span. I want my hit of humor quick and to the point. TikTok manages this sort of drive-by comedy flawlessly.”

How is it different from other apps?

Unline Instagram or Snapchat, Tiktok offers a much more stress-free environment. Although there are a few creators who are wildly popular (like the D’amelio sisters) many other types of content creators have ‘blown up.’

Something as simple as a funny family interaction or a girl stressing about her makeup can become popular. Unlike Instagram or Snapchat, TikTok is not a platform to present to the world what they want to see. It’s a stress-relieving way to make some funny videos or even try out some dance moves.

How has it stayed away from toxicity?

As I mentioned previously, it lacks a lot of the showboating that occurs on other apps. On top of this, TikTok is has a much more interactive format between creators and followers.

Instagram accounts like that of Kylie Jenner can feel more like a shrine than an actual person. Tiktok is extremely humanizing and allows the viewers to hold people accountable. The app has allowed influencers and followers to form more of a long-distance friendship than a fan-celebrity relationship.

Basically, if you screw up, you get called out and deal with the consequences. It doesn’t matter how popular you are. TikTok’s format makes it much less intimidating to interact with the people we admire.

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How TikTok Has Managed To Stay Away From Toxicity  LadyBossBlogger

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