Earn More Money: 15 Etsy Shops to Grow Your Business

When starting a business it is hard to grow without resources. That being said, taking advantage of online resources is now more important than ever. Here are 15 Etsy shops where you can get materials to help grow your business.

1. The Swag Elephant

On Etsy, the shop TheSwagElephant offers specific templates that are catered to running a thriving small business. This shop has a Simple Blogging Workbook (if you are interested in starting your own blog and don’t know where to start), Client Welcome Packets, and many more templates that cater to the needs of specific types of small businesses.

2. CoResume 

The Etsy shop, CoResume, provides templates for you to create a professional-looking resume. Having your resume in a professional format is important because it shows potential colleagues, investors, and brand sponsors your experience and achievements.

3. Franky Template Design

The next business on our list is FrankyTemplateDesign. This is also great for getting guides that will help organize your business. Some designs that are sold are downloadable Business plans, Marketing plans, Project plans, Company info, and Resume templates that will help to keep your company professional.

4. Dazzling Custom Design

If you are having trouble creating a quality logo for your company look no further! DazzlingCustomDesign will create custom logos for you. They are unique because they will draw an aesthetically pleasing logo for your brand that will be sure to catch your eye.  

5. Autumn Lane Paperie

AutumnLanePaperie distinguishes itself by creating personalized logos for organizations. They also offer Premade Branding Kits that you can buy to help make a consistent brand. 

6. Creations By Kats 

CreationsByKats is a new shop that offers downloadable Life Coaching tools and workbooks. It is rooted in spirituality and also has products like 20 Instagram positive affirmations posts that are well-suited for a blogger or enterprise that focuses on wellness, positivity, and mental health. 

7. Vanessa Michele Design

VanessaMicheleDesign equally creates tools to help organize your business and its finances. One amazing offering is their virtual Business Budget Planner Printable. This is a great tool to organize and plan out a budget and take control of your own money.  

8. CreativeJamCo

For businesses that are interested in growing a following on social media, CreativeJamCo is an awesome shop to go to. They have Instagram and podcast templates that you can download and use to plan out your posts to ensure that they will be successful and open your business up to growth. 

9. Stickearte

If you want custom stickers you should check out Stickearte. They have amazing stickers that will help your company look professional. One of their popular products is their Small Business Thank You Sticker. These are great for creating a good relationship with your customers and also for upholding your brand. 

10. Sticker Product

The Etsy shop StickerProduct also creates custom logo stickers for businesses. This is a great resource for anyone who sells a tangible product and wants to have aesthetically appealing packaging for their products. These types of stickers also are a fantastic way to advertise your company. 

11. Karly Hocking

KarlyHocking is the perfect shop for people who are interested in growing their business or brand on Instagram. It offers products like a 90 Day Instagram Playbook that provides its customers with pre-written captions, a content calendar, hashtag guide, 55 call-to-action words and phrases, and so much more. If you are looking to get your products on Instagram this is the shop for you. 

12. VivianaxStudio

Next, VivianaxStudio‘s shop offers pre-made Instagram templates on Etsy. The popular 123 Instagram Templates is a package of 60 Instagram post templates and 63 Instagram story templates. Furthermore, these products will give your business continuity within its posts while appearing put together and professional. 

13. Social Assumptions

SocialAssumptions makes Instagram, Pinterest, and Caption Templates that your business can download to help create an online presence. Having well-thought-out and visually engaging social media accounts is one of the most important devices that your business needs in order to grow. 

14. Kristin Dain

KristinDain also creates helpful Social Media Content Calendars that will help you organize a business that exists on social media. Additionally, This seller also creates Content Calendars created for specific kinds of businesses such as Real Estate Agents, Photographers, and Apparel Shop Owners. Therefore, this shop caters to a business’s specific needs.


15. Social Template Tribe

Lastly, SocialTemplateTribe is great for a business that is looking to grow on social media. They have downloadable captions, hashtags, content ideas & prompts, social media plans, and social media marketing templates. These resources will help you gain the knowledge you need to have a thriving online business. 

Katie Ault is a blogging intern at LadyBossBlogger. She has graduated from Bridgewater State University with a BFA in English Literature and a minor in Sociology.

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