How To Use Clubhouse To Grow Your Business

clubhouse grow business

Clubhouse is a social media app that came out in May of 2020. Currently, it’s available to those with iOS and is invite-only. The app lets you join or create chat rooms that focus on a wide range of topics. Conversations are audio-only, and, similar to Snapchat, chats disappear forever as soon as they finish.

Clubhouse has attracted attention as a widely talked about social media network over the past year. The app is a hot topic and, like all platforms, can offer opportunities for exposure, connection, and beyond. It’s always important to be on various social media to maximize brand visibility, so let’s talk about how to use Clubhouse to grow your business!

1. Optimize your bio to build a network

Your Clubhouse bio is where you can tell everyone what you want to be known for. Remember that what you put in your bio will determine how users find you in searches within the member or club directories and what kind of followers you bring in.

Instead of coming up with something brief and simple, take time to create an elaborate bio. Here are some basic informational details you may want to include:

  • Your professional title
  • Where you work/your employer
  • Any other social media accounts you run
  • Your call-to-action, mission, goals, etc.
  • Any clubs you’ve started before

2. Grow & connect with your following

Clubhouse users can listen in to conversations, discussions, and interviews between people they find interesting from a range of topics – it’s like a live podcast with an added element of exclusivity and value. So, hosting clubs is a fantastic way to build your audience and connect directly, individually, and authentically.

3. Partner & collaborate with others

Clubhouse is social listening tool. You can follow important and well-known people in your industry, keep your eye on competition, and track the categories related to your niche. Pairing up with others can help expand your reach since their audiences will also be listening in.

Collaborating with users who have bigger followings and more influence is a good way to get your brand’s name out there and boost your legitimacy as a business.

4. Get customer & business feedback

Create a room and ask for feedback on your a recent business idea. Other entrepreneurs might provide commentary on what they like and how you can improve. If you feel unsure about a business decision, start a club and spark conversation to see what solutions your peers come up with.

Not only that, Clubhouse also helps you grow your business by giving you the opportunity to share your product ideas, business decisions, questions, and more before actually releasing them. Starting a club gives you a space to get constructive criticism so your business can succeed on the first try!

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clubhouse grow business

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