How To Start An Etsy Shop Now

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Etsy is a great e-commerce brand that allows you to sell your products to a large audience. The platform is mobile-friendly, making searching for a unique product even easier for users. Popular product types on the site include jewelry, clothing, home decor, crafts, toys, bags, and more. It’s really never been easier to sell your products, so consider getting your inventory on Etsy. Here’s a guide on how to start an Etsy shop now.

1. Create an account

After downloading or clicking on the Etsy site, get started by pressing the “Sell on Etsy” link. Then enter your name, email, and password. Then click the “Register” button to continue

Etsy also allows you to start an account with your Facebook, Google, or Apple account if you wish. If you already have an Etsy account that’s not affiliated with a shop you can just log in with that. After logging in, click “Open Your Etsy Shop” to get started.

2. Set preferences

Secondly, you’ll be redirected to the “Shop Preferences” page. Here you can determine the settings you want for your page.

The preferences you can set in this set include:

  • Language preference
  • Listed currency
  • Full-time or part-time seller

These are just your initial settings. Later you can allow for your descriptions to be translated to other languages. Similarly, choosing between a full-time or part-time seller has no impact on your shop, and is just information for Etsy.

3. Choose a name

Next, you’ll be asked to choose a name for your Etsy shop. If you already have an established image then this set is easy. If not, don’t worry and get brainstorming.

Etsy has the following guidelines:

  • No trademark infringements
  • No spaces or special characters
  • 4 to 20 characters long
  • Not already in use
  • No profanities

Try to come up with a memorable name that will give users a preview of your shop. If your desired name is already taken, Etsy will suggest other similar names.

4. List your items

After giving your Etsy shop a name, it’s time to list your items.

First, you’ll want to add photos so customers can see your products. You want to make sure your image is at least 1,000 pixels square.

Etsy recommends having at least 5 pictures, to provide users with a variety of references to your products from different angles. The maximum amount you can upload is 10 photos per product. You’ll also want to adjust your thumbnail, as this is the photo preview users will see of your product.

Then make sure to give a thorough description of your product that’s a maximum of 140 characters. There are later opportunities to give a more in-depth description of your product.

Additionally, your description is a great place to optimize your SEO. Put keywords in it to make your product and Etsy shop more searchable.

Also don’t forget to give your product a title, price and specify shipping costs. These are all important pieces of information for shoppers. When you’re done adding in all the details, publish your listing.

5. Choose payment preference

Now that you’ve listed some items, you’ll want to choose your accepted payment preference.

Etsy has the following choices:

  • Etsy payment
  • PayPal
  • Check
  • Money order
  • Other

Etsy payment is the primary way shops get their payments, as it allows users to pay with debit and credit cards, store credit, and Etsy gift cards. Etsy requires that any Etsy shop that is eligible to offer Etsy payment to do so.

You’ll need to set up your Etsy payment, by connecting your bank account and address. This allows you to receive your payments directly from Etsy.

6. Set up billing

Setting up billing is one of the last steps in creating you Etsy shop. This will vary per your country.

In some areas, Etsy may require you to provide a credit card for selling fees or identity authorization. Additionally, if you’re in the U.S., you’ll have to sign up for auto-billing. This allows Etsy to automatically charge your card on file for any selling fees so you don’t have to worry about filling out any monthly statements.

7. Get selling

Now that you’ve finished setting up your own Etsy shop, it’s time to open up your shop. Simply press “Open up your shop” to do so. Start spreading the news about your shop and watch as your Etsy products sell.

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