How To Use StreamYard To Grow Your Business


Are you wanting to take your brand’s streaming to the next level? But are you worried you do not have the expertise to execute your vision the way you want to? StreamYard is here to help!

StreamYard is a live-streaming studio used by millions of brands, companies, and influencers. It is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use. It does not require extensive experience or complicated software-just a browser extension.

StreamYard knows that not everyone is a video and social media expert. So they provide a number of features to make the process as easy and intuitive as possible while helping you grow your business.

Streaming capabilities

StreamYard is not loved by millions for having basic streaming capabilities. The additional features it includes are multi-streaming and guest interviewers.

The multi-streaming feature allows you to stream to at least 8 different platforms all at once. This will help you reach as much of your audience as possible with ease. Now, you do not have to choose which platform is best-you have access to all of them.

StreamYard also allows you to stream with up to 10 guest interviewers, or co-hosts. This will allow you to have other businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers come onto your streams and have conversations. This will also help combine your audiences to increase engagement.

Easy engagement

Another great way to increase your engagement is to interact with your viewers during the stream. StreamYard makes it super easy to share your screen and read the comments as they roll in.

Engaging with your audience is an easy way for them to get to know you and fall in love with your brand. Once they are invested in your brand, they will be incentivized to keep coming back-and to share your brand with their friends.

Additionally, the more engagement you have, and the more people you have tune into your streams, the more the algorithm will share your pages with others. Your page is a worthwhile follow because you have such an interactive viewership and engaging streams.

Customization features

One of the ways StreamYard diversifies itself from other streaming platforms is through the customizable features. You are able to customize:

  • Banners
  • Company colors
  • Backgrounds
  • Overlays
  • Themes

These features are customizable on the viewing screen so you can have a consistent and professional layout for your viewers to see. You can also upload your logo and add that to the brand theme.

If you are a bit stuck on how you want your stream to look, have no fear! StreamYard has 7 templates you can choose from to get you started.

Video features

StreamYard also has some features in regards to the video itself, not just how it looks. With StreamYard, you are able to record and download your streams-even if you do not actually go live.

But maybe audio is more your thing. When you have multiple people on your livestream to interview or simply as a co-host, you are able to separate the audio tracks to have more control over the experience.

While there are multiple ways to stream your brand to your audience, StreamYard is highly customizable and incredibly user-friendly. It will only help grow your brand and audience. Download and start streaming today!

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Grace Lopykinski is a blogging intern at LadyBossBlogger. She currently attends the University of Tennessee and is studying Business Administration and English.

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