10 Traits Successful Bloggers Have

10 Traits Successful Bloggers Have LadyBossBlogger.com

People measure success differently.

Most people think that having a six-figure business is what defines success, while others may view simply being able to blog full-time to be a success.

Regardless of your definition, it’s less about your ultimate goal and more about the PROCESS and the BABY STEPS that you need to take to get to where you want to be.

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10 Traits Successful Bloggers Have

1. They are PROCESS DRIVEN not goal driven

Stop thinking about your destination(s) and fall in love with the journey. Yes, it’s important to set goals and you will always have more goals to hit, but 99% of the time you’ll be in “process mode” which is a constant state of learning, improving and growing. If you’re goal driven, you’ll run out of steam because it’s exhausting to start back up again.

2. They have a clear vision on WHY they want to blog

My why has changed a lot since I began, my initial desire was to create an educational platform for myself to learn how to become an entrepreneur, and it quickly (and unintentionally) became a resource for other people as well. Allow the process to change you into becoming who you want to be.

3. They believe in themselves

It may seem silly, but confidence goes a long way. You must first be your own cheerleader before others will be willing to rally behind you. Now, you’re not going to be confident on day one, EXPERIENCE BREEDS CONFIDENCE. Therefore, try out as many things as you can in the shortest amount of time to gain the most amount of experience possible to see what works for you!

4. They are consistent action takers

They implement what they learn, preferably ASAP. An idea stays an idea until it’s acted upon. The land of success is filled ONLY with doers. Keep on trying new things to see what works and what doesn’t. Keep doing the things that work and drop the things that don’t – that is how you will continue to improve.

5. They establish (and stick to) routines

Setting routines helps you develop consistent habits which in turn helps you stay on track when you’re feeling unmotivated and uninspired. Once it becomes second nature for you to wake up and know exactly what you need to accomplish for the day within certain time frames, you’re going to be 5X more productive.

6. They are self-disciplined

You must be disciplined if you want to be your own boss. No one is going to tell you what to do, you must be the boss of yourself and be disciplined with your time before anyone else will work for you (or with you)! Do you like dependable and reliable people? Yeah – we all do, become that person.

7. They put their readers first

Without readers, your blog will die, therefore it’s of the utmost priority to prioritize them! Even if you have one subscriber, get to know them really well – ask them why they subscribed, what they want to learn and get to know them personally. Building a relationship with your following is what blogging is all about and is what will sustain your business in the long run.

8. They are authentic and relatable

Your voice is the most powerful weapon you can wield. When you become a blogger, you have the ability to influence a ton of people and you do that by writing in a way that is relatable. Words can form emotional connections. Use that to build your influence.

9. They are persistent

You’re going to get into sticky technical situations, you’re going to get rejected by brands that you want to work with, you’re going to struggle! The ONLY difference between those that succeed and those that don’t is simply… THEY DIDN’T GIVE UP.

10. They are smart marketers

Blogging boils down to how well you market your blog through branding, content creation, and content distribution. Don’t expect to be brilliant at this immediately, this skill takes the longest time to master.

Now, don’t freak out because you believe you only possess 1/3 or less of what’s on that list. Remember, IT’S ABOUT THE PROCESS… and you’re not there yet but YOU WILL GET THERE.

You’re at step one right now, so accept yourself at step one, and let’s get you to step two!

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Successful Blogger Traits LadyBossBlogger.com

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