How To Provide Boss Service

Building a brand for your business is important and starts with you. You represent your business so it seems natural that your business will take on your brand. When building your business, referrals go a long way. That’s why you want to make sure that you are providing Boss Service – service that stands out against others in your industry.

In order to obtain success, you want to make sure that you and everyone else who represents your business is providing your clients with Boss Service. From being attentive to your clients to doing something extra – everything you do will either help build or harm your brand. Below are five tips for providing Boss Service that will help you build an effective brand for your business.

Entrepreneur resources and tips by female entrepreneurs written by Christina Alva How To Provide Boss Service

Boss Tip #1 Be Attentive to Client Needs

Anticipating client needs can go a long way.

When providing a service or product, be sure to listen to your client’s needs. Understanding your client’s needs and/or wants will help you find the right solution for them. You can achieve this by actively listening to your client and building rapport with them. This means listening to understand and connecting with your client. Don’t just be all about business.

People like to do business with people they like and people they trust.

Boss Tip #2 Be Prepared

Show up to all client meetings prepared.

This means reviewing any notes you have for the client or making sure you have product and or service pricing and contracts ready to refer to back to. Anticipate client needs and be ready to answer any questions. If you have a phone meeting, make sure you are in place, on time, and ready to make your call.

You should also check that your devices are fully charged and working properly. Be prepared to actively listen and provide solutions to your client.

Even though you may have several clients, each client should feel like they are your only one.

Boss Tip #3 Time Management

Managing your time effectively is important.

As your business grows, so do your commitments. Learning to juggle multiple tasks can be challenging. Being organized will help with this. Having a designated space where you keep business materials will help you find what you need quickly. This is true for physical and virtual materials.

Create a system for storing electronic files and emails that will allow you to quickly find them. Be sure to meet scheduled deliverables. Not doing so will lead to a frustrated client. Make sure your client is aware of items you need from them, as well as items you owe them, and remind them of upcoming meetings, deliverables, and action items. Weekly planning can help you have a successful week. It will also help you stay on top of your delivery schedule.

Consistent planning and the discipline to stick to your plan will help you manage your business.

Also, be mindful of your workload. Taking on too many clients and overcommitting yourself can lead to a lower quality of service and can hinder your relationship with the client. You want to make sure you give every client the time and attention they need. 

Boss Tip #4 Keep a Positive Attitude

Attitude is key.

Have you ever gone into one of your favorite restaurants and gotten a server with a horrible attitude? Or perhaps you called customer service and had to talk to an unfriendly representative who had an attitude that screamed “I hate my job”? How did that make you feel? Did you end the call thinking, I can’t wait to call them back again?

Keeping a positive attitude will help your clients feel welcomed and can keep them coming back. Positivity is attractive. Even if you have to refund someone, do it with a positive attitude. This could mean the difference between a one-time versus a repeat client. 

Boss Tip #5 Go Above and Beyond

Going above and beyond means doing more than what is expected.

You want to exceed your client’s expectation. You can achieve this by providing something extra on top of what they are paying for. You could offer something for free to get them to come back or offer a referral bonus for referring friends.

The referral bonus could be cash, a discounted service or product, or gift. Feel free to put your spin on the ‘something extra’. A little something extra to say I appreciate your business could motivate the client to come back for additional services or products and provide them with a reason to recommend you to their friends.

Going above and beyond will leave a lasting impression on your client and help you stand out. When you go to the hair salon, hopefully the end result you get is equal to or greater than the amount you paid, right? How much more likely are you to return if the salon gave you a 20% off discount for your next visit? 


Being attentive, prepared, managing your time, keeping a positive attitude, and going above and beyond are tips that will help you provide Boss Service to your clients and stand out in your industry. Consistently implementing these things will help create your business brand. Now you are ready to implement these tips and watch your business grow.

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Entrepreneur resources and tips by female entrepreneurs written by Christina Alva How To Provide Boss Service

Entrepreneur resources and tips by female entrepreneurs written by Christina Alva How To Provide Boss ServiceChristina Alva is a programmer, author and career coach. Christina is the co-author of Beyond the Job Description: How to Succeed in the Workplace and contributes to career events and media outlets as an expert on workplace issues and professionalism. She helps professionals position themselves for success in and out of the workplace. Read her interview on LadyBossBlogger here.