How To Market Your Business Using Twitch

Market business Twitch

Large social media platforms can be extremely useful for marketing your business. One platform you might be overlooking is Twitch. With 15 million daily users, it’s the largest online video game streaming platform. Marketing your business on Twitch before it becomes saturated with other advertisements can be great for your brand so start now. Here are some tips on how to market your business using Twitch.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is owned by Amazon and is a live streaming service. The platform is mainly video game streaming but has an increasing level of eSports competitions, DIY, lifestyle, and creative streams.

Valuable promotion on the app can be achieved through influencer marketing on the app. This is similar to influencer marketing on other apps such as Instagram.

Other common promotions on Twitch include shout-outs, giveaways, and product unboxings.

On the platform, 73% of users are between the ages of 16 and 34. The less traditional marketing techniques mentioned above are more successful with the younger generations that are on Twitch.

After learning the basics about Twitch, here are some tips to market your business using Twitch.

1. Set goals

To best market your business on platforms, it’s important to set goals to mark your progress. Similarly, you should have your future strategy planned out to make sure you hit your mile marks.

It’s important to keep these goals measurable to have a numerical value to measure your progress. Aim for a specific number of clicks to your site or a specific amount of followers on your social media from your ads.

You should also set a timeline. This will allow you a set period to allow your marketing strategy to operate before evaluating its effectiveness.

2. Know your audience

When considering your marketing strategy, it’s important to consider your target audience. Knowing the demographic you are trying to appeal to can help you to properly align your promotions.

Twitch has a mainly younger audience as previously stated, with 73% of users are between the ages of 16 and 34. Also, the app skews more male with 65% of users identifying as male and 35% identifying as female.

Similarly, consider the users’ locations when marketing on platforms. 23% of accounts on Twitch are in the United States, followed by Germany with 7%, and South Korea with 6%.

By understanding who is on the site, you can determine if marketing your brand will be worth it and how to properly promote it.

3. Be entertaining

The younger generations on Twitch tend not to like the traditional forms of advertising. While Twitch offers banners, takeovers, and midroll, these might not be the most appealing options for the audience. Of course, these methods can also be used, but you may want to also explore other ways to market your brand.

People tend to value entertainment above all else, so try to incorporate this into your marketing methods. This will encourage the audience to stay engaged rather than mindlessly tuning your promotion out.

Users on Twitch are often close followers of the streamers they watch. This would make influencer marketing a useful method, as the audience trusts the streamer’s advice and taste.

Also, consider appealing to users on the platform to help gain a following for your brand on the platform. Create an account and try to make entertaining content.

Live streaming also allows for direct and engaging content that allows your audience to connect directly with your brand. Also, consider doing giveaways and contests on your account to keep users excited and interested.

4. Find an influencer

If you decide to use influencer marketing, it’s important to find influencers that best fit your brand. By picking an influencer you are also picking their audience, so pick wisely.

Try to find influencers that share a similar target audience as your brand.

It’s important to consider a variety of factors about influencers and their audience, including:

  • Genre
  • Audience numbers
  • Consistency
  • Location of audience
  • Language

These factors can show you how effective this influencer can be for promoting your brand. If the streamer’s audience is primarily in a country your brand’s product does not ship to, maybe that influencer isn’t a great fit. Similarly, the other factors show the reach a streamer might have for advertising your business.

Get started now

Twitch is a growing social media platform that your brand can use to expand its business. Through using traditional and nontraditional methods of advertising, you can reach a large number of people. Keeping your content and promotions entertaining appeals to the young audience on the platform. Get an edge on competitors and start to market your business on Twitch before it becomes saturated with other brands. What are you waiting for? Get started now with the help of this guide.

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Market business Twitch

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