5 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Is Replacing Older Methods

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There’s nothing new about the fact that influencer marketing has been replacing more traditional methods of marketing. 

Normal advertisements can no longer keep up and they have to adjust to changes in society. 

Therefore, influencer marketing is the way to go, but if you’re questioning it, read this article to learn more about why it’s replacing older methods of marketing. 

1. Doesn’t seem like an ad

More and more people are tired of being bombarded by ad after ad when they watch tv or listen to the radio.

Nowadays, it’s so easy to close out an ad box or to just overlook it. 

Many apps even offer an option to pay to use the application without ads because of how much of a deterrent it can be.

That’s where influencer marketing comes in.

Having influencers recommend or suggest products makes it feel like a friend is recommending something they love because of the trust that forms.

Plus, the change in format creates a refreshing feeling that attracts more viewers. 

No more scripted ads that are almost painful to sit through. 

2. Brings products and services to life

As humans, we crave connections with other humans. Having influencers share their experience with a product helps bring it to life. 

Plus, people don’t follow influencers because they promote products. They follow them because they are interested in the influencer’s life and actions. 

Brands who collaborate with influencers tap into this interest. This allows brands to receive awareness while the promotion still feels genuine. 

A consumer wants to hear about a person’s experience with a product before they make the jump to purchase it themselves.

For instance, are you someone who likes to read reviews before making a purchase?

If yes, then getting a recommendation from an influencer works in the exact same way. However, it’s hearing it right from the source rather than just reading about it. 

The emotion and story behind the influencer’s experience make it more enticing. 

3. More affordable

A traditional marketing plan can be costly and time-consuming. It requires well-planned strategies to ensure the most success for a company.

For businesses operating on a smaller budget, this can pose to be a huge problem. You don’t want to give up other operations for marketing, but you also don’t want to miss out on it.

Therefore, influencer marketing proves to be more affordable than most traditional methods. Companies can choose to work with a few different levels of influencers who all come with various price tags.

The smaller you go, the less expensive it will be. This also allows brands to work with more than one influencer. 

And while you may question how useful it could be working with a micro-influencer, be assured they can be just as good or even better than working with a mega influencer.

4. Allows creativity and collaboration

The lower price tag and chance to collaborate with an individual outside of a company’s marketing team opens up endless opportunities.

The structure no longer has to follow a standard format and the marketing can be done in many ways. 

Some methods may include:

When brands choose to work with an influencer, the influencer usually does a large portion of the decision-making.

This makes sense since they know what works best for their page and following. 

For startups or small businesses, this fact can be especially beneficial. It requires less time on the company’s part so they can focus more attention on other aspects of their business.

5. Reaches a larger audience

Older methods of marketing often don’t appeal to younger generations.  This is a big no-no as they have a lot of monetary influence. 

The rise of social media like Instagram and the want for authenticity has made influencer marketing so successful with that age group. 

It’s a detriment to not reach them.

More targeted audience

Not only does influencer marketing allow a company to expand the audience it reaches, but it also provides access to a more specialized audience.

Influencers produce content in a particular area to an audience interested in the topic. 

This provides brands the perfect opportunity to reach out to influencers that would likely enjoy their product. Then they can promote it to their following who would also share an interest. 

If you’re lucky and the partnership is a success, it’ll boost your sales. 

Overall, influencer marketing is replacing more traditional marketing methods because it brings the product to life, allows for more creativity, and reaches a larger, more targeted audience. 

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