Why Influencers Are More Powerful Than Celebrity Endorsements

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With the spike in influencer marketing, more and more brands are realizing how powerful influencers are.

Yet, there are still those who believe that celebrities have the greatest impact on an audience. You know, with the big name, the following, and the fans who love them.

What if we told you influencers have all that too?

Well, many do… and most of the time, they know how to use their platform better.

If you find yourself disagreeing or wondering why this is the case, be sure to read on to learn what makes influencers more powerful.

1. They connect with their audience

Influencers do a wonderful job of growing their following.

They have discovered a way to be personable, genuine, and authentic, even through a computer screen.

Meanwhile, celebrities have such large platforms that they have a harder time connecting with each person and seeming genuine. Someone so popular can only respond to so many people at one time.

To carefully maintain their online presence, influencers thoroughly plan out everything they do.

Some of the actions they take to connect with their audience include:

Since influencers rely on the engagement of their followers, they spend more time than celebrities on growing and maintaining their following.

2. They seem trustworthy

Gaining the trust of anyone can be a difficult and complex process, even before throwing the internet into the mix.

Since they foster such a strong connection with their audience, their followers rely on what they say.

Their followers come to see them as a reliable source of information that they go to when they need information, advice, or suggestions.

People are more likely to trust someone that they feel like they have a connection to and influencers do a much better job at building that than celebrities.

Studies have shown this to be one of the leading factors of why influencers are more effective.

3. Their lives appear more attainable 

Once we leave our adolescent years, most people no longer dream of growing up and becoming famous.

A sense of reality sets in that, while it is possible for some, it is unlikely to grow to the scale of celebrities who started young.

Influencers seem to offer the perfect balance between celebrities and everyone else. Their lives seem more attainable to the average viewer than a celebrity’s.

This causes their followers to want to buy the products or brands they advertise because they see it working for the influencer and want to be more like them.

While this is good for the brand and the influencer, it can be harmful to their audience. The life influencers illustrate may not always portray the ups and downs of life.

4. They are more approachable 

Most influencers dedicate their time to contacting brands that they like and want to do brand deals with.

Or if they may not directly reach out to brands, they still grow their following to allow more opportunities to come their way.

Let’s be real, the only brands that could possibly approach celebrities are huge, well-established ones. With the celebrity name and large following, comes big bucks that most small businesses cannot realistically afford.

And that’s okay! The impact influencers can have for a brand is just as useful, if not better, than a celebrity’s.

Since influencers often specialize in a particular niche, their expertise allows them to portray a brand or product in a way that entices their audience that a celebrity cannot.

Additionally, influencers can have more creativity in the way they present the product.

They tailor the presentation to be the most successful with their audience so that their followers are intrigued and want to learn more or purchase it.

This allows influencers to have a more powerful impact on their audience, and in turn, make the brand succeed more.

Not only does this capture the audience better but it also allows the brand to have more control in how their product gets shown to the public.

 5. They turned influencing into their full-time career

Unlike celebrities, influencers turned their social media into a career.

Meanwhile, most celebrities already have a platform from whatever they do that makes them famous and only post to maintain it. Their profiles become highlights of their life without much interaction with their followers.

Influencers, though, dedicate huge amounts of time each day or week to content creation to ensure they are producing high-quality content.

Because of the time and effort they put into cultivating their own brand and audience, they work hard to keep up a good reputation.

They carefully pick what brands to work with to fit in with the work they do. Most influencers only allow partnerships with companies they like or with products that they have liked themselves.

Therefore, it is clear to see why influencers are more powerful than celebrities because of the connection, trustworthiness, and time they put into building their careers.

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