How To Stay Connected To Followers As Your Influence Grows

How To Stay Connected To Your Followers As Your Influence Grows

Making sure you stay connected to your followers on your social media platforms is essential for continuous growth.

When operating the LadyBossBlogger Instagram, it’s common for us to reach out to other businesses and female entrepreneurs to make the LadyBossBlogger community grow.

In many cases, however, we won’t receive a response back. This can be because the person we are reaching out to is busy, may have read our message and forgot to respond, or simply does not care.

But that’s okay! There are plenty of other ways for LadyBossBlogger, and even yourself, to stay connected to your followers on any social platform!

Here are the 5 ways to stay connected to your followers as your influence grows. 

1. Ask questions on your stories- Instagram

It seems as though the most obvious option to engage with your followers on Instagram would be through answering comments on posts, but if you have a large enough following, this way is inefficient.

Why? Too many comments to answer, plus if you answer enough in the same way, it can make your audience perceive you as impersonal. 

That is why we recommend connecting through questions on Instagram stories. It’s a fun way to dive deeper into the minds of your audience and create a two-way conversation with your followers.

Even more so, it is a great way to get to know your followers and receive feedback on your account. 

Instagram Story

2. Share their tweets – Twitter

Twitter engagement can help pave the way for long-lasting connections with your followers.

Shayla Price said it best when it comes to why sharing your audiences’ tweets is important: “It’s human nature to want to be validated, so retweet your followers to show you recognize the value of their content. Let them know that what they’re saying or posting online matters.”

However, you don’t want to share tweets willy-nilly– especially if those tweets don’t align with your brand image.

If you want to go a step further, however, then comment on those same retweets to keep the conversation going!


3. Create a resource board – Pinterest

Pinterest can be a great way to drive traffic and get new followers.

Even if you’re not offering “services” as part of your business model, consider creating a Resource board for people to find whatever information they may need from FAQs about your business to daily life hacks.


If you can, pin relevant posts to your followers, and make sure to mention their handle in the pin description.

If you get a good response from people whose content you’ve pinned, you could then invite those people to contribute to the board, which will allow your following to grow further while connecting more with your current audience.  

4. Thank your followers – Facebook

Now that you have your audience engaged with your other social media platforms and creating a conversation with you and your other followers, the next step is to show them you appreciate their feedback.

The best way to do this is through Facebook.

One example of how to show your appreciation is by posting a thank you as a status update.


Showing your audience you appreciate them individually will allow them to connect to your brand emotionally–creating brand loyalty

5. Post a video – LinkedIn

Once you connect with someone officially on LinkedIn, that might be the end of your conversation.

We don’t want that to happen, so one way to effectively engage with your network is by sharing a video from YouTube.

Video gets great engagement, but when you do post a video, make sure you leverage it in every way you can!


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How To Stay Connected To Followers As Your Influence Grows

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