Why It’s Important To Be On Multiple Social Media Sites As An Influencer

Why It's Important To Be On Multiple Social Media Sites As An Influencer ladybossblogger.com

As an influencer, you may have a primary social media platform that you use. While there is nothing inherently wrong with that, you may want to consider having multiple social media platforms. 

Here’s why:

1. Expand To New Audiences

The first reason you might want to expand your social media horizons is that you’ll be able to reach new audiences. 

Different people are on various sites at any given time, so being on multiple platforms works to your advantage.

For example, maybe followers during the work week can’t watch a full YouTube video, but they can read tweets or view Instagram posts.

2. Not Everyone Uses Every Site

This point goes in hand with the last, but not everyone uses every website or social media. For example, perhaps potential followers have an aversion to Facebook, the same posts can also easily be modified to fit Twitter or Instagram.

Since not every user uses every social media site, you may have more luck reaching more people if you expand your horizons.

3. People Have Favorite Platforms

Another reason to consider is that, even though most people are on more than one social media site, they may not check all of them every single day. Or even multiple times a day.

So if you just post to one platform multiple times a day, only the followers viewing that site that particular day will see your content. 

Even if the posts on your secondary sites are just reminders that followers should check your primary page is good. This at least makes followers aware of your new content.

4. People Check Multiple Platforms A Day

Some followers do use several platforms. However, depending on how many people they are following, your content may get buried in their feed.

Posting on multiple platforms, multiple times a day gives you a higher chance your content will be seen by the most people. Expanding your platforms means expanding your brand and business. 

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Why It's Important To Be On Multiple Social Media Sites As An Influencer ladybossblogger.com (1)

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