How To Overcome The Fear Of Sharing Your Personal Life On Social Media

How To Overcome The fear Of Sharing Your Personal Life On Social Media

Nothing is more intimidating than starting to open up about your personal life on social media. There is always the risk of someone leaving cruel comments and totally crushing your spirit, so to overcome the fear of sharing can be difficult.

On the other hand, sharing can lead to positive interacts with followers.

For every new influencer, there is the troubling question:

How do I begin sharing aspects of my personal life online?

1. Know There Will Always Be Trolls

The first thing you have to know is that, on the internet, there will ALWAYS be trolls. There will always be rude comments that want to tear you down and make you want to quit.

The risk of nasty comments will always be there no matter how many or how few followers you have. 

2. Fortunately Most People Are Nice

Once you make peace with the risk of trolling, you can also see the HUGE benefits of being a little more vulnerable. Sharing creates conversations and conversations create bonds. 

And bonds create trust. And trust gains influence, which grows your business. 

See? The benefits just keep building on top of each other!

3. Make Lists

The last bit of prep before you start sharing is to make a list of topics you are willing to share, you’d maybe share (with more confidence and time), and what you’d definitely want to keep private. 

It is absolutely ESSENTIAL to think this through because once you share something on social media, it is there FOREVER. Even if you delete the post, viewers can take screenshots.

This prep step acts as a set of boundaries so you can keep your personal life respected.

4. Start Slow

As part of your listing process, you may wish to order your “yes” category by the safest to more vulnerable.

Okay, so now you’re ready to start sharing. Return to your “yes” list and remember to START SLOWLY. There is NO RUSH to share everything all at once, that would be overwhelming for everybody involved.

So test the waters, and slowly enter the virtual pool of sharing.

5. Own Your Identity

Once you get comfortable and share more of yourself online, remember one thing, don’t be afraid to own your identity. 

Sometimes new influencers feel pressure to conform to the status quo. Some layers of identity are can feel more vulnerable to share than others such as sexual orientation. 

The world is becoming more accepting and as more influencers own the various layers and intersections of their identities, the easier it becomes for others to do the same. 

Aside from improving the world and your self-esteem, from a business perspective, you are your brand. If you don’t own yourself and your presence, it is much harder to be confident and sell your brand. 

6. Avoid Sharing Polarizing Opinions

This may seem somewhat obvious, but avoiding controversial topics is generally wise, especially at first. Sharing opinions is all about timing, relevance, and delivery. 

Randomly sharing an uncalled for opinion is a risky move that can turn a lot of new followers and potential followers away. Thus, impacting the growth and stability of your influence.

However, if there are stances you feel like sharing because it feels disingenuous not to, then be mindful of your presentation of your views. Language choice and volume are two main turn-offs for viewers. 

There is no doubt that to overcome the fear of sharing online is scary. It is a process and can lead to rude comments. 

Being vulnerable to your online audience builds a sense of community and that, perhaps, is the greatest reward. 

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How To Overcome The Fear Of Sharing Your Personal Life On Social Media

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