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How To Become A Divorce Coach

How To Become A Divorce Coach

With 50% of first marriages ending in divorce, the demand for a divorce coach is growing; more so with 74% of third marriages in the US following the same heartbreaking path.

In the United States, Nevada has the highest divorce rates at 14.2%, followed closely by Maine (13.6%), Oklahoma (12.9%), Oregon (12.8%), and Vermont (12.6%).

Statistics show that you’re likely to get a divorce if you’ve done it once, and it’s likely to take the same devastating path the more times you’re married.

What’s the likelihood of this happening?

  • 41% if you divorced your first spouse
  • 60% if you divorced your second spouse
  • 73% if you divorced your third spouse

For many, it is better to break hearts than suffer in a toxic marriage. But even the worst cases of failed marriages still leave involved parties hurt, depressed, and going through an emotional roller coaster.

This is where a divorce coach comes in.

They help a spouse/divorcee get over their divorce fast and get back what they lost when they got married and eventually split with their spouse.

How To Become A Divorce Coach

Why would you need a divorce coach?

  • When you’re experiencing painful emotions during and after a divorce combined with a loss of direction – whether it’s one or the other, a divorce coach can provide support through this tough time.
  • When you need help to establish effective communication and cooperative strategy with your ex-partner.
  • When you need to get your bearings to boost your independence and eventual happiness.

What can a divorce coach do for their clients?

  • Increase a client’s self-confidence
  • Help tear the barriers that prevent clients from moving forward
  • Help move past and recover from the pain of divorce
  • Assist a client in transitioning from a married to a single life
  • Realize that being single has its share of benefits
  • Keep emotions in check when legal issues are being addressed

Suffice it to say that a divorce coach helps a client rise from the painful challenge of divorce, making it one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world.

So, do want to switch careers to something more rewarding?

What Do You Need To Do To Become A Divorce Coach?


  • Establish the right foundation

As part of the mental health or social work industry, a divorce coach must have a counseling background to be effective in helping spouses who are about to separate. They can have a psychology background or multicultural counseling competencies. The idea is to learn different ways of practicing counseling or psychotherapy.

  • Get an advanced degree

The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals said that divorce coaches must be licensed mental health counselors or marriage therapists. Get a degree in marriage and family therapy or other similar courses. They can take it up a notch by having a doctoral degree.

  • Get certified

A license or certification attached to your name will make you a more credible and trusted divorce coach. There are many training and certification programs that you can enroll in online or in a classroom setting.

  • Get training on special divorce coaching

Sixty hours of training is the minimum requirement for a divorce coach. But you can choose to train for 96 hours or so, depending on the training program you enroll in. Different training programs have different prerequisites. For example, you may be required to complete a Professional Certificate in Divorce Coaching – Level 3 to enroll in a specific training course.

Some of the training you need to become a successful divorce coach include:

  • Best practices in specific divorce coaching – Learn professional standards and Code of Ethics.
  • Program framework – Acquire tools you need to create a personalized roadmap or program for clients going through the divorce process.
  • Divorce coaching strategies – Know what to do for your client based on real-life scenarios played out during training.
  • Business building – Acquire skills and knowledge on how to build your practice as a divorce coach. Learn specific marketing strategies and scripts for coaching sessions.

At the end of your training, you will learn how to handle the most challenging of clients, help them overcome negative emotions and move forward, and grow your business with little to no mistakes.

Consider Everything Carefully

Do you have what it takes to become a divorce coach?

Not everyone is fit to become a break-up and divorce coach, no matter how passionate they are about helping others. You need the right attitude and character to survive watching other people struggle through the ups and downs of separation without getting emotionally involved yourself.

Apart from the desire to help others, a divorce coach should also:

  • Strongly desire a career that will help make a positive difference
  • Have a strong interest in becoming a coach
  • Have experienced a personal break up that will enable them to better help others
  • Want to work in a fast-growing niche in the coaching industry
  • Want to widen their scope and add new techniques and strategies into their toolkit
  • Have a strong focus on an existing practice in coaching
  • Enjoy the challenge of marketing their coaching business

If you possess all these characteristics, then divorce coaching is right for you. Be a part of this competitive and fast-growing niche and help divorcing couples live a new life after their separation.


Anyone can become a divorce coach, but not everyone can succeed at it. You need the counseling background and training to become successful. And, like any business, you need to work hard to grow your practice and arm yourself with essential business tools.

How To Become A Divorce Coach How To Become A Divorce Coach


Lilly Parks is a Divorce Angel and part of the dynamic Naked Divorce team. She is committed to helping her clients find the path towards healing and has been providing assistance to those who are going through the difficult trauma of divorce for more than 5 years.

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