How Google Adwords Can Make Or Break Your Business

How Google Adwords Can Make Or Break Your Business Elaine Rau

In the business world, it’s impossible not to know about a little thing called Google Ads.

This is now one of the most used marketing tools in the world. Millions of businesses reach their target audiences when they get this right. That should come as no surprise in a world where customers search on Google before anything else.

We already know, thanks to SEO, that higher search rankings impact conversions. With Google Ads, though, you bid on top ranking spots using specific keywords and earn the backing of Google as a result.

That can then lead to a great deal more interest and trust for your business on the whole. You could even go as far as to say that landing your bids in the right place could be the thing which makes your business.

But, the world of Adwords isn’t always a happy one – because getting this right can make your business, but getting it wrong can break it. That’s because Google is giving you a platform on which to advertise to the largest audience imaginable.

If you make a mistake, every customer who uses Google is going to see it. If the issue is severe enough, you can bet that’ll see your reputation down the drain before you even know it’s happened.

If you fear that’s happening to you, it’s important to note that it’s never too late to turn things around. If you’re paying more than you’re earning from your Google Ads, you merely need to consider why before it’s too late.

If you have no idea, you could always turn to companies like who can take care of this issue for you. Or, you could ask yourself whether you’re making the following rookie mistakes.

How Google Adwords Can Make Or Break Your Business

1. Your content is too keyword heavy

Making content too keyword heavy is the most common error here. The more keywords you use, after all, the higher your chances of winning bids.

The trouble is that even top rankings can’t help if your content is about keywords and nothing else. Instead of thinking solely about those bids, then, you also need to work on quality content with help from articles like this one at

Those hard-won customers are soon going to click off if you’ve focused everything around winning top search spots. As such, you would quickly end up paying for an advertising option which doesn’t lead to any returns. That’s a mistake for obvious reasons.

Make sure it doesn’t happen by thinking this through. Instead of packing content with keywords, think about ways to include them naturally.

This shouldn’t be difficult if you’re writing decent stuff along the right vein, and it could make all the difference to your efforts here.

2. You’ve got your eyes too firmly on the prize

It may also be that you’re too competitive when it comes to bidding. We’re hard-wired to believe that first is always best, but that’s not always the case with Google Ads.

In reality, few people click on the very first listing they see. They’re more liable to opt for the third or fourth options on the page. Still, you can’t get to ‘first’ without outbidding all your competitors.

Before you know it, you’ll be paying top dollar for a spot which doesn’t even see you finding success. Instead of blindly going for gold, then, take note of your analytics.

Experiment with different positions and see which brings the most return. Then, you may find that you can pay less and still get more profit as a result.

3. You’re using your homepage every time

When you use Google Ads, you need to link to something called a ‘landing page.’ This is literally the page which your customers will land on when they click on that link. It’s the all-important first impression, and it can mean the difference between a sale or not.

As a standard, many companies get into the habit of simply using their home page for this. It’s the page they want customers to see first, after all. Besides, does it hurt if people have to look around a little to find what they’re after? In this instance, yes. That’s because customers coming to you from this outlet have no reason for loyalty.

They’re looking for a service, and you seemed as good a bet as any to provide it. If they have to mess around finding the right section of your site, they’ll soon click off and find someone better. Instead of using your homepage every time, then, try to match relevant pages to every ad you put out.

If customers end up exactly where they need to be, they’ll have far less reason not to buy with you.

4. Your words lack precision

In a marketing method which relies on keywords, precision matters. If your words are open to interpretation, there’s less chance of your ads hitting the spot. Still, you’ll have to pay for them because the mistake is yours.

Before bidding on anything, then, make sure that the meaning of your words is as clear as it can be. Avoid ambiguous words which could come up in searches which have no relevance to you.

Windows is an excellent example of this. If you’re advertising windows for computers, there’s every chance your search will appear to people who are looking for windows for their homes. The same rules apply to many other words with multiple meanings.

Far from helping your business to grow, these will hold you back and lead to wasted expense. They’re also sure to annoy customers who aren’t after the services you offer. Luckily, this is easy enough to avoid by keeping keywords clear and concise.

If you’re in doubt, try searching a keyword in Google yourself and see what comes up. If the services on offer are way off the mark, do what you can to find a better word which works better.

In no time, you should start to see that those ads actually attract the clients that you’re hoping for.

How Google Adwords Can Make Or Break Your Business