240 Badass Female Bloggers Of 2019

Now that it’s 2019, it seems everyone is looking for a little bit of inspiration to achieve their goals.

What better way to find it than on a blog?

We’ve rounded up our favorite blogs based on the following niches – according to LadyBossBlogger’s 12 Most Profitable Niches.

  1. Fitness
  2. Health
  3. Dating/relationships
  4. Pets
  5. Self-improvement
  6. Making money online
  7. Beauty
  8. Technology
  9. Parenting
  10. Fashion
  11. Travel
  12. Lifestyle

Here are some blogging resources for you:

240 Badass Female Bloggers Of 2019


1. Natalie Jill

Natalie is a fitness blogger who kills FAT for a living, and not just the kind on your body. Her self-proclaimed term “F.A.T” stands for “False Assumed Truths” about yourself. On her blog, she inspires readers to love their bodies and live a fit lifestyle.

2. Suzanne Bowen

16 years of hard work helped Suzanne Bowen create Suzanne Bowen Fitness, a compilation of all the training she received, and given, over the years. On her blog, “Her mission is to help you build a foundation from which you can become not perfect, but your best, every day.”

3. Katie Dunlop

Katie is a Certified Personal Trainer (NCCPT), group fitness instructor and entrepreneur. Her blog inspires readers to find their healthy, happy and hot body. She offers daily workouts, recipes, and fitness tips on her blog.

4. Jennipher Walters and Kristen Seymour

Jenn and Kristen are certified fitness professionals as well as proud everyday women. They include their own fitness experiences on their blog and are huge supporters of the body-positive movement.

5. Cassey Ho

Cassey is an award-winning fitness instructor, entrepreneur, and personality. She offers workout ideas and tips on her blog. She also has a YouTube Channel with over 4 million subscribers!

6. Faya Nilsson

Faya, a certified personal trainer founded her blog in 2013 to share healthy & unusual recipes with her clients, to offer nutritional tips, to communicate informative workout ideas, and to curate ‘fitness fashion’ looks. Now, FitnessonToast has grown significantly due to all of her hard work!

7. Janae

Janae started running when she was 12 years old and has been in love with it ever since. She shares her running experiences, family adventures, and love for food on her blog.

8. Monica

Monica is a holistic health coach and certified running coach who loves to run and loves to eat. She shares marathon and half marathon training, recipes, big life events, major fails (and falls) and more on her blog.

9. Kristen Stryker

Kristen is the founder of the 12-minute workout, a program which proves you don’t need to work out for hours at a time to stay fit.

10. Lindsay Livingston

Lindsay believes in being balanced, simple, and real. She’s a Registered Dietitian who loves sharing her passion for nutrition and healthy living with her readers

11. Amanda Russell

Amanda is one of the most sought after celebrity trainers in the world. She’s been featured in several popular publications and shares fitness tips on her blog.

12. Kayla Kleinman

Kayla is an NYC-based yoga instructor who started her blog to inspire millennial women to blend wellness and hustle. When she’s not busy teaching and writing for her blog, you can find her taking a fitness class or at a Broadway show.

13. Christina Russell

Christina made a drastic lifestyle change after suffering a miscarriage at 20 weeks pregnant. Since then, she became certified in nutrition and wellness, personal training, pre/post natal fitness and became a Celebrity Trainer.

14. Angela

Angela is a self-proclaimed health and fitness junkie which lead her to a degree in Exercise Science and certification as a Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CEP). On her blog, she shares her workouts, recipes, and running coach services.

15. Kasey Brown

Kasey’s blog is her way of sharing her “mission to help empower the youth & help women love their bodies while finding inspiration through fitness and food.”

16. Amanda Brooks

Amanda encourages her readers to enjoy fitness, and not see it as something they have to do without loving it. She shares her favorite workouts, food, and fitness gear on her blog.

17. Nicole

Nicole is a “NASM CPT, runner, and overall fitness fanatic on a mission to lead a healthy lifestyle, step outside my box and keep up with the hustle and bustle of life”. She encourages her readers to follow her along on her journey on her blog.

18. Jill

Jill is a health and fitness blogger, registered dietician, and runner. She shares recipes, running tips, and her love of photography on her blog.

19. Rachael Devaux

Rachel has a passion of nutrition, wellness, and fitness. Her goal is to show people that eating healthy can be enjoyable and most definitely, doable.

20. Monica May

Monica is a personal trainer, nutritionist, meal planner, cook, and writer. Her blog is driven to inspire readers to get fit and healthy.



1. Anjali

Anjali is a board certified health coach, author, mom, and food lover. She shares healthy, easy and fun recipes on her blog. She’s been featured in several high-profile publications, such as The Huffington Post.

2. Kathy Patalsky

Kathy is a published author of two cookbooks. On her blog, her mission “is to inspire everyday people to eat more plants, embrace their natural compassion towards animals, and show love to their own souls + bodies — all while changing the world one vegan meal at a time.”

3. Julie Fagan

Julie started PB Fingers in 2009 as a way to share exercise tips, recipes, and other musings with her friends and family. Since then, it’s grown drastically into a blog that she updates regularly.

4. Alexandra Caspero

Based in St, Louis, Alex is a registered dietician, yoga instructor, and avocado lover. Her blog is a lovely mix of whole-food and vegetarian recipes, and nutrition tips.

5. Toby Amidor

Toby is certainly a qualified health blogger – she’d been in the business of food and nutrition for 13 years. She is the author of four books and shares healthy recipes on her blog.

6. Davida Lederle

Davida’s blog offers a variety of recipes for her readers, along will wellness tips. She aims to help people live healthyFULLY rather than live for their health.

7. Samantha

Samantha, a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and fitness chef, started her blog to encourage readers to live their best lives and become the best versions of themselves. On her blog, readers can find recipes, wellness advice, and workouts.

8. Sonia

Sonia used to have a lot of bad habits, but now she’s changed her lifestyle and is channeling it into her blog. She refers to her blog as her culinary diary, where she shares recipe ideas regularly.

9. Brittany

Brittany shares healthy, vegetarian recipes on her blog. She’s a holistic nutritionist who also offers tricks and tips for living a healthy lifestyle.

10. Jeannette

Jeanette started her blog in 2010, after spending 17 years at a fortune 500 company. She now features health-focused recipes that are still full of flavor on her blog. She also includes allergy-friendly recipes.

11. Kath

Kath, a registered dietician, mom, and healthy eater, believes in balance. You can find recipes made with healthy ingredients, along with a dose of sweet treats.

12. Brittany Dixon

There are three main sections on Brittany’s blog – Food, Family, and Travel. She’s also an ACE (American Council on Exercise) certified Fitness Instructor, an ACE certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant and health coach.

13. Danica

Danica believes in the Weight Watcher’s mantra of “everything in moderation”. Besides sharing her daily eats and nutritious recipes, Danica engages others seeking a healthier lifestyle on her blog.

14. Tara Stiles

Tara created Strala, which “combines the movement wisdom of tai chi with the forms of yoga, tai chi, qigong, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, as a way to help people release stress, heal, and move more easily through all kinds of challenge.” On her site, she features videos and guides for Strala.

15. Liz

Liz started her blog 8 years ago, where she’s shared her struggles with food and weight loss. She also shares running tips, crossfit advice, and travel information.

16. Darya Rose

Darya has an impressive list of credentials, including a neuroscience Ph.D, She’s also an author, former dieter and proud foodist. In order to keep life awesome, Darya shows readers how to lose weight and get healthy without having to diet.

17. Robin Konie

Robin is a believer in change and happy endings. Her blog features posts about natural living, body connectivity, the power of essential oils, and real food.

18. Emily Bartlett

Emily has her own clinical practice, where she uses acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, and lots of listening. On her blog, her readers can find Fitness and health tips, remedies, and nutrition tips and recipes, and childcare advice.

19. Nia Shanks

Nia’s mantra is “Be More, Not Less”. Her blog is the self-proclaimed source for women who demand health and fitness information that doesn’t suck. She features simple, effective training programs on her blog.

20. Ariana Mullins

Ariana is a food lover, idealist, and introvert. Her blog is her way to share her passion for food through recipes and reviews, her travel experiences, and health tips.



1. Saron Yitbarek

Saron is a developer, podcaster, and founder of Code Newbie. It is a blog dedicated to supporting an international community of people learning to code.

2. Lillian Pierson

Data Mania was created by Lillian, a data scientist. She made the site to offer “data strategy consulting services for organizations that want to stay competitive by using their data more effectively”.

3. Veni Kunche

Veni was inspired to share her experience as a software developer with other women after watching a documentary. She now offers mentoring for women getting started in tech on her blog.

4. Katrin Suess

Katrin wanted to create a community to empower young girls in tech. We love her message and the supportive environment surrounding By Geek Girl.

5. Laura Medalia

Laura’s blog is a combination of her two favorite things, computers, and fashion.

6. Lenora Porter

Lenora has always been fascinated by art and technology. On her blog, she offers a variety of posts about technology and career advice.

7. Marie-Philippe

Girl Knows Tech is written by Mari-Philippe, who is a French blogger who writes in English to practice her skills. She writes blogging tutorials and articles about social media and women in tech.

8. Masha

Coding blonde is all about breaking stereotypes. Masha refers to herself as “an entrepreneur, content creator, educator, ex-googler, stereotype challenger and a girl with big dreams and ambitions”

9. Idil

Idil is the blogger behind Coding Woman and is currently studying computer science. She often blogs about women in tech.

10. Julia Evans

Julia is a software developer living in Montreal. She blogs about all things programming. She loves connecting with her readers and often answers their questions on her blog!

11. Pauline Narvas

Pauline, the founder of Pawlean, is a tech lover who works in DevOps. Her blog is where she documents, shares and reflects on her interests, experiences, and life in the UK.

12. Ali

Ali is a self-taught software engineer who currently lives in Washington, D.C. She started her blog because she felt different from other people in the field – she had other interests. Zen of Programming is a combination of blogs Ali loves, tech advice, and cultural critiques.

13. Corvida Raven

Corvida’s goal on her blog is to help people understand technology but talking about it in plain English. She Geeks is a platform to empower people in the world of technology.

14. Robyn Foyster

Robyn’s blog is geared toward women with busy lifestyles. They cover the best apps, new websites, and more. They are designed to make technology easy and accessible.

15. Poornima Vijayashanker

Poornima started Femgineer in 2007 as a way to showcase engineers with awesome projects and write creatively. Now she helps techies start up their careers on her website.

16. Kimberly Bryant

Kimberly has memories of feeling culturally isolated when she first started out in the tech world. She created her blog to provide  young and pre-teen girls of color opportunities to learn in-demand skills in technology and computer programming at a time when they are making decisions on future careers.

17. Adda Birnir

Skillcrush is a coding resource website that teaches people how to code. They help people figure out if coding is right for them and teach tech newbies all about coding.

18. Anna Morris

Anna is a hacker that comes in peace. She blogs about internet privacy, software, hardware, and the internet.

19. Beth Blecherman

Tech Mama is a tech blog made for families. They offer several family plans with a variety of categories including: Tech, Business, Career, and Lifestyle.

20. Justine Ezarik

Justine of iJustine is one of the most famous women in the tech world. She has her own book, a wildly successful blog, and a YouTube channel with over 5.6M subscribers.



1. Ammo

Ammo is a Dachshund living an extraordinary life. He launched his blog after his Facebook Fan Page blew up in popularity. His owners document his adventures, DIY projects, and photos on his blog.

2. Layla Morgan Wilde

Layla’s #1 passion is cats. Her first book was published in 2017 and she continues to shares her love of felines on her blog.

3. Kate Benjamin

HausPanther mission statement is, “Making the world a better place for cats and the people who love them, one scratching post at a time.” Kate is a cat style expert who created HausPanther in 2013, so she could share her cat designs with the world.

4. Tamar

Tamar is a 30-something single woman looking for love, who owns cats. On her blog, she writes about the ins-and-outs of living with cats

5.  Django

Django is an adorable long-haired Dachshund. His owners post about his travels and his goofy nature on his blog. His most recent blog posts include an ultimate gift guide for dogs and dog-lovers.

6. Jonathan and Ashton Rose

Aurora Pets is a brand founded by Jonathan and Ashton Rose, owners of 2 dogs, Yianni and Yoko. They offer dog styling tips and raw feeding tips on their blogs.

7. Caren Gittleman

Caren and her daughter post anything that catches their fancy on their blog, as long as it pertains to dogs. Their dog, Dakota is the star of the blog.

8. Carol Bryant

Fidose of reality is run by Carol Bryant. She posts about all things health/wellness/lifestyle for cocker spaniels and their canine companions.

9. Shelby Gottschalk

Shelby is the “Momma Bear” of For the Love of Paws. She has a certificate in holistic pet care, Pet First Aid/CPR, and is Certified Raw Nutritionist (DNM). She posts a lot about pet diet and exercise on her blog.

10. Belinda

Belinda is the owner of Bodie, and the two are on a journey to the Dogged Pursuit of Happiness. They’ve written several books and offer many dog tips on their blog.

11. Roxanne Hawn

Champion of my Heart is a blog written by Roxanne Hawn. It’s an award winning blog launched in 2007 and there’s plenty of resources for dog lovers on the blog.

12. Trina

Wag the Dog offers a Dog Wagging view of the world. The writer, Trina, offered several tips on the blog to keep dogs healthy and happy.

13. Robin Olson

Robin is the proud owner of Covered in Cat Hair and Spencer, the mascot of the blog. Robin shares mostly-true stories of her life with cats with the readers.

14. Erika Lindquist

Erika is the owner of Sebastian and the owner of Sew DoggyStyle. She posts about Handmade fashions and crafts for the pets she loves.

15. Jaime Derringer

Jaime is the owner of Dog Milk. She posts about DIY crafts, collars, beds, and dining all for our furry friends. Her blog also includes toys and reviews for dogs.

16. Crusoe

Crusoe is a “celebrity” know for his cuteness and being a “Weiner dog Extraordinaire”. He makes youtube videos and Facebook watch videos that he shares on his blog. He also documents his paw-some adventures in writing.

17. Aimee

Aimee, from 4 The Love of Animals, regularly celebrates the bond between humans their their furry friends on her blog. She reviews dog products, posts animal DIYs and talks about dog tech on the blog.

18. Kelsie McKenzie

Kelsie from It’s Dog or Nothing is the owner of 3 adorable dogs. She blogs about her life with her dogs and also offers breed information on her website.

19. Zazie Todd

Zazie has a PhD and discusses companion animals on her blog. She offers two super helpful sections on her blog, all about dogs and all about cats. She also has her own animal book club!

20. Ingrid King

Amber is the owner of two conscious cats, Allegra and Ruby. On her blog, The Conscious Cat, she posts about conscious living, health and happiness for cats and their owners alike.



1. Maria Popova

Maria is a reader and a writer, and on Brain Pickings, she writes about what she reads.

She often shares some of her favorite quotes from books, which are very inspiring to readers.

2. Lori Deschene

Tiny Buddha offers simple wisdom for complex lives. Author Lori encourages readers to compete with their struggles and everyday responsibilities to find peace and happiness.

3. Darcie Connell

Darcie’s goal is simple: to inspire her readers. She shares quotes, articles about growth, health tips, and advice on how to be productive and successful.

4. Celestine Chua

Celes, writer for Personal Excellence, grew up with the notion that to be successful she had to get good grades in school, get a good job, and earn a lot of money. However, she realized that her consciousness as a person was the true key to success and therefore, happiness. Now she blogs about things like self-image, purpose and meaning, and conscious living.

5. Marelisa Fabrega

Marelisa is not only the author of her blog, but a lawyer and entrepreneur as well. She writes blog posts and offers courses to encourage readers to live the length and width of their lives fully.

6. Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen is known for her ability to observe happiness and human nature. On her website, she shares articles about happiness, mindfulness, and self-knowledge.

7. Penelope Trunk

Penelope gives her readers advice at the intersection of work and life. On her blog, she shares the twists and turns of her career path and how she remains balanced.

8. Mary Jaksch

Mary is a writer who empowers writers to become even better writers. On her website, she offers articles on all different types of writing as well as writing tips.

9. Chelsea Dinsmore

Live your Legend is a blog dedicated to helping readers become their best selves and live their best lives. They offer a variety of resources to help, such as courses and meet-ups.

10. Luminita D. Saviuc

Helping readers find their purpose is the main goal of Purpose Fairy. Readers can find articles on topics like personal development, mind, body and soul, and meditations.

11. Andrea Vega

FinerMinds was created in 2007, and was designed to be a hub of personal wellness information and enlightened ideas. They still follow this goal, and they offer a wide selection of articles on self-improvement.

12. Harleena Singh

Aha!now wants their readers to discover happiness. They offer tons of different categories on their site, some of our favorites being the happiness, and health and wellness sections.

13. Tina Su

Think Simple Now offers readers a moment of clarity. Our favorite part of the blog is the inspirational quotes segment!

14. Tia Sparkles

Tia’s bubbly, confident, and outgoing personality is contagious. She is all about saying YES! And encourages readers to do the same.

15. Many Kloppers

Mandy is a huge mental health advocate and features articles on mental illness on her blog, something not many people talk about. She also offers counseling for her readers.

16. Melody Fletcher

Melody says that the law of attraction is part of the mechanism that helps people create their own reality. She uses the law of attraction on her blog to help people better themselves.

17. Irene

Irene is serious about helping her readers find the tools they need to reach their self-improvement goals. A wide variety of tips are included on her blog, such as, meditation and journaling tips.

18. Danielle LaPorte

Danielle offers readers of her blog a chance, and some support, to find some clarity on their spiritual path. She’s a published writer and not your typical holistic expert.

19. Jenny Blake

Jenny’s blog is perfect for the recent college graduate looking to find themselves. Her motto is “Wake up. Live big! Love the journey”.

20. Nisha Moodley

Nisha found her inspiration in the Dalai Lama. Now, she writes a blog and has “devoted her life to supporting other ambitious women in finding true freedom in their lives, so they can rise to the next level of leadership”. She offers life coaching and retreats as well.



1. Amy Lynn Andrews

Amy Lynn Andrews website is the one she wishes she had when she first started blogging 14 years ago. She teaches people how to make money online in a clear way.

2. Lauren and Alex

Lauren and Alex quit their full-time jobs and made over $100,000 in their first year of blogging about health and fitness. Now, they teach people how to blog and how to make money online on Create and Go.

3. Laura Yates

Blogging.com’s goal is to help bloggers create and grow meaningful blogs. They rebranded in 2017 but their core goal remained the same.

4. Michelle

Making Sense of Cents is Michelle’s personal lifestyle and finance blog. She offers tips and tricks to readers that she gained along the path of learning to manage her finances. She also has an amazing course on affiliate marketing detailing how she became a 6 figure blogger.

5. Ana Hoffman

Ana knows that building an online business is tricky. She teaches her readers that through determination and the use of the right tools, they can create a successful online business!

6. Amy Porterfield

Amy’s websites goal is to “teach business owners, educators, and entrepreneurs the profitable action steps for building a highly engaged email list, creating online training courses, and using online marketing strategies to sell with ease”. Our favorite segments of her site include her free cheat sheets to help readers accelerate their profit!

7. Mari Smith

Mari wants the readers of her blog to achieve social media mastery. She’s a Premier Facebook Marketing Expert and social media thought leader, who has also been coined as “the Queen of Facebook”. She offers tons of tools on her site to help readers grow their online business.

8. Marie Forleo

Marie has done the nearly impossible. She has created a socially conscious digital empire that expands around the globe. She’s an entrepreneur who is constantly reminding readers to dream big on her website.

9. Lisa Irby

Lisa’s website is the one-stop-shop to creating a WordPress website in 3 simple steps. On her blog, she writes about marketing and ways to make money online.

10. Jane Sheeba

Jane wants to help people succeed in their blogging business, which is exactly why she created her blog. She offers courses and technical help for bloggers.

11. Ileane Smith

Ileane’s blog is exactly what it sounds like. Basic blogging tips. We love that she offers a which variety of super-helpful and informative blogging information from social media to how to gain more traffic on your blog!

12. Sue Anne Dunlevie

Many people want to work at home, be their own boss, and do what they love. Sue Anne’s goal is to help readers of her blog do just that! She has free training and many other resources to achieve a successful blog.

13. Kristi Hines

We love Kikolani and the wide variety of topics they write about. From marketing, strategy, business, social, and blogging, you can’t go wrong with a visit to their website!

14. Heidi Cohen

Heidi is known for her actionable marketing guide. On her website, readers can find information about nearly any type of marketing they can think of.

15. Ali Luke

Ali is a writer and she loves what she does. That’s why she shares tips on how to become a successful writer (and make money) on her blog.

16. Kim Roach

Kim works as a full-time internet marketer who wants to help readers reach their internet marketing goals. On her blog she offers TONS of tips on how to succeed in online marketing.

17. Amy D Marie

Amy has been helping online businesses grow since 2008. She started working online because she didn’t want to leave her daughter at home while she was working, and now she continues to run her super successful site!

18. Jill Cruickshank

Women Who Startup is an online community for female entrepreneurs. On their blog, they feature tons of awesome female entrepreneurs who are absolutely killing it as professionals.

19. Susan Getgood

Susan teaches her readers all about marketing that drives revenue. On her blog she talks about any topic related to marketing- specifically social and digital media marketing.

20. Lynn Terry

ClickNewz is a platform for readers to get internet marketing ideas, tips, and reviews to help them succeed in their online business. And Lynn really knows what she’s doing – she’s been working online for over 19 years.



1. Soon2BeCatLady

Under the moniker of Soon 2 Be Cat Lady, the author of the blog shares her adventures trying to find love on the internet. Readers can submit their own cringe-worthy dating stories and she often shares them on the blog as well.

2. Natalie

Natalie of baggage reclaim prides herself on preparing people to take on relationships by ridding themselves of their emotional baggage. She uses her wisdom to help people better themselves in order to take on a new relationship.

3. Dr. Diana Kirschner

Dr. Kirschner is a bestselling author, relationship advice and dating expert, and a master love mentor. She shares her expertise and dating strategies on her blog and also offers relationship coaching.

4.  Lisa McKay

Lisa McKay took a long-distance relationship and turned it into a chance to learn to communicate and trust – and now she’s married to that same man! She has taken everything she’s learned through the years and now offers great relationship advice on her blog.

5. Charlotte

My Pixie Blog is all about love, life, and lessons learned. With a wide variety of categories on her blog, the dating section is our favorite of what Charlotte writes about.

6. Katarina Phang

Katarina is a dating/relationship coach on Feminine Magnetism who has helped thousands of women around the world navigate their love lives. She refers to herself as the “last resort when everything else has failed.”

7. Rachel Sarah

Rachel is the founder of Single Mom Seeking. She and her husband split when her daughter was 7 months old, and when her daughter was 10, she found love again. She uses her blog as an outlet to talk about love, parenting, family, and dating.

8. Lisa Kift

Lisa Kift, MFT, of Love and Life Toolbox uses her blog as not only an outlet to offer relationship advice, but one to discuss emotional health, something that is often disregarded in the world of dating.

9. Meg Keene

A Practical Wedding prides itself in being a pioneer in the wedding industry. Meg Keene, founded the site with hopes to make the world of wedding planning more feminist and diverse. On the website, readers can find wedding style, local vendors, and even etiquette advice.

10. Meygan Caston

Marriage 365 was founded on the ideal that children should grow up in a society where healthy, connected couples are the norm. The blog offers posts on how to maintain and grow relationships that are healthy.

11. Jennifer Peepas

Advice columns and good screenplays have one thing in common, according to Jennifer, aka “Captain Awkward”, they are both full of conflict. Jennifer is a screenwriter and director, and on her blog she offers honest answers to reader submissions.

12. Charlene Maugeri

Charlene of Enduring All Things is constantly encouraging readers to build a marriage that will endure anything. She offers marriage tips and dating advice on her blog, along with posts about married life.

13. Fawn

Fawn loves being a wife, and it shows on her website! She’s even written a book about being a wife, called Happy Wives Club. Our favorite part about her site is the positive marriage quotes she shares.

14. Brita

Belle Brita is a Christian feminist lifestyle blog. Brita shares tips about Christianity, dating, and feminism on her blog.

15. Mara and Danny

Mara and Danny, the ADORABLE couple and writers for Danny and Mara, teach readers to align with love and thrive in an imperfect life.

16. Tina Tessina

Tina, AKA “Dr. Romance”, offers advice on love, relationships and life in general on her website. She often answers reader’s question on love and romance, and her advice must be good considering she has a PhD!

17. Sabrina Alexis

Sabrina, along with the help of Eric Charles, founded A New Mode in 2009 and they quickly gained a massive following due to their unique relationship content. They offer love advice, quizzes and inspiration on their website.

18. Laurie Davis Edwards

Lauren Davis, founder of eFlirt, is an online dating guru. She offers tips on what to write on an online dating profile, along with dating tips, and how to connect with others romantically online!

19. Monika Hoyt

Monika is a licensed therapist and relationship coach with over 20 years of relationship counseling experience. She specializes in marriages and other long term committed relationships facing the possibility of separation or divorce.

20. Charly Lester

Charly is the London-based dating blogger that writes for 30 Dates Blog. Her aim is to go on 30 blind dates before the age of 30, and share the stories that come along with it in the meantime.



1. Anna

Anna is a UK based beauty blogger. She is super organized and knows A LOT about skincare.

2. Sabrina

Sabrina is the blogger behind The Beauty Look Book. She reviews mid-to-high end beauty products ranging from skincare, cosmetics, and fragrances.

3. Lara Eurdolian

Lara is a beauty marketing veteran who launched her blog in NYC over a decade ago. Now, it’s turned into a multi-platform brand. Our favorite section is the beauty section (duh).

4. Ann Colville Somma

Ann’s blog, Cult of Pretty prides itself in covering every beauty product you’ve never heard of. On the blog, they discuss just about every type of cosmetic known to (wo)man.

5. Kayleigh Johnson

Kayleigh is a journalism graduate with a passion for beauty and fashion. On her blog, readers can find beauty reviews and lifestyle posts.

6. Eleanor Pendleton

Gritty Pretty aims to educate and inspire. They give honest beauty reviews AND have their own team of experts that provide shoppable essentials on the blog.

7. Laura Chawke

MSc. Economics graduate Laura founded Makeup Scholar to combine her passions for makeup and academic research. In addition to reviews and beauty tips and tricks, Makeup Scholar publishes a lot on the academic research into makeup. All of her posts on makeup science and the history of beauty are well researched, with citations to top academic journals and beauty books!

8. Cara

Cara is the founder of Maskcara beauty, a company she created to share her love of beauty. When she’s not busy being a mom, she’s busy writing blog posts, working as a makeup artist, or running her own business.

9. Christine

Not only is Christine an awesome beauty blogger, she’s also a doctor and a mom! No wonder her blog is called 15 Minute Makeup – it’s perfect for anyone looking for tips on quick beauty!

10. Rae

Rae is a luxury cosmetic reviewer. Her blog features in-depth product reviews, photos, swatches, and video tutorials.

11. Amber

Amber has had a passion for beauty since she was a young girl. She first launched her blog in 2006, and rebranded in 2013, naming it Rouge18. She features beauty news and reviews, pop culture references and personal anecdotes on her blog.

12. Robin Black

Robin is known for her inventive approach to beauty. Her blog is her personal outlet and she has garnered hundreds of thousands of fans because of it.

13. Carli Bybel

Carli is a beauty Youtuber turned fashion designer. She blogs about beauty and fashion and other everyday things regularly.

14. Teni Panosian

Remarques is the beauty blog of Teni Panosian. She features beauty articles, style advice, home decor ideas, and much more.

15. Tereza

Terezas beauty section under her lifestyle blog is great! We love her hair product reviews.

16. Eileen

Eileen, the blogger behind Miss Whoever You Are, shares things she loves, products readers NEED to own, and what she’s been wearing on her blog.

17. Amy Nadine

The Beauty Department is reader’s daily dose of pretty. Tips and trends in hair, makeup, nails, and skin can all be found on the website.

18. Anamika

WiseShe started in 2010 as a beauty and makeup blog. Now, Anamika has turned it into India’s women’s websites. They provide great content regarding beauty, makeup, and fashion.

19. Juli

Juli, AKA BunBun is the author behind B for BunBun. She blogs to share her love for makeup, how to apply it, and what works or what doesn’t, all from an Asian perspective.

20. Jane Cunningham

Jane is a beauty writer for both online and mainstream media. Jane wanted to do honest beauty product reviews, and that’s why she started British Beauty Blogger. She also talks about fashion on her blog.



1. Melissa Giroux

Melissa, founder of A Broken Backpack, has been on the road since June 2014. On her blog, she features information about long-term travel and everything from cheap vacations to luxury travel.

2. Lili

In August 2017, Lili quit her job, sold a bunch of her belongings, and booked a one-way trip to Tanzania. She shares her favorite destinations, stories, and travel guides on her blog.

3. Gloria

Gloria made her blog to inspire other solo female travelers. She believes traveling broadens perspective and creates a better world.

4. Alyssa Ramos

Alyssa is a travel junkie who loves a good adventure. She shares stories of her solo travels on her blog.

5. Keirsten

Keirsten is a California native who used to work in corporate wealth management. She left that job to pursue a life of travel and now she documents it on her blog.

6. Steph Be

After graduating from UCLA, Steph took a gap year and never stopped. She has now visited 42 countries and encourages her readers to step outside of their comfort zones.

7. Kristin Addis

Kristin wants her readers to have amazing travel experiences. She is an award-winning expert on solo female travel and shares her advice on her blog.

8. Annette White

Annette is anexperiencede collector, blogger, author and restaurant owner living her bucket list. She shares all things travel on her blog.

9. Amanda Williams

Amanda used to be a journalist, but now she’s an award-winning travel blogger. She encourages her readers to incorporate more travel and adventure into their daily lives on her blog.

10. Emma Higgins

The name of Emma’s blog is very fitting. She dedicates an entire year to each place she travels and documents it on her site.

11. Aileen Adalid

Aileen quit her job and decided to travel the world all while building her own business. After a few months, she made it all happen! She hopes to inspire people to travel by sharing destinations, travel resources and much more on her blog.

12. Indiana Jo

Indiana Jo’s blog is a go-to for someone looking to begin their travel adventure. She offers a massive variety of resources for those looking for adventure.

13. Susan Portnoy

Susan’s blog is a combination of her world travels and her life in New York City. She wants her readers to embrace adventure and she offers many travel resources on her website.

14. Jessie Festa

Jessie is the founder of this offbeat and solo female travel blog. She offers travel resources and tips on her blog and encourages readers to travel off the beaten path.

15. Clelia Mattana

Clelia started her website in 2012 and turned it into a full-time job in 2014. Keep Calm and travel is now a well-recognized and highly trusted blog all over the world.

16. Shannon O’Donnell

Shannon’s world travels began in 2008. She encourages readers to create stories through travel. She shares stories on culture, community, and responsible travel on her blog.

17. Amanda Mouttaki

Amanda started Marocmama as a young mom wanting to share the challenges and triumphs of parenting in a cross-cultural relationship. She currently resides in Morocco and shares tons of resources for those wanting to travel there!

18. Laurel Robbins

Laurel’s blog started in 2011 as a way for her to encourage travellers to spend more of their vacation time outside, enjoying nature – while still enjoying creature comforts. Now, she helps people figure out what kind of traveller they are, and how to enjoy themselves on vacation on her blog.

19. Ellie Cleary

Soul Travel teaches people how to travel and create a positive impact on the places they visit. The blog encourages readers to find the most amazing places to visit around the world.

20. Marie-Eve Valliéres

Marie-Eve is a full-time travel blogger, amateur photographer, translator and copywriter. She loves travelling the world, but Europe is her absolute favorite to visit.



1. Jacqui

Jacqui is the blogger behind Baby Boy Bakery. She started the blog in hopes to connect with other mom friends. Now, she blogs about family, food, travel and simple ways to make life exciting.

2. Amanda

Messy Motherhood is all about breaking the stereotype of being a ‘Super-Mom’ and encouraging mothers to embrace their imperfections. She has a degree in child development and shares her wisdom on her blog.

3. Alissa

BounceBack Parenting offers parents a refreshing outlook on parenting, because they know it can be tough. They encourage readers to view setbacks and struggles as opportunities for growth.

4. Kelly

Kelly is a mom of four, a “recovering perfectionist”, and the author of Happy You, Happy Family. She wants readers to know that there’s no such thing as the “perfect parent” and offers childcare tips on her blog.

5. Rachel

Rachel, writer of A Mother Far From Home, believes that just because someone has kids, doesn’t mean their life has to be chaos. On her blog, she talks about motherhood, discipline, emotions, and a variety of other things.

6. Becky Mansfield

Becky is the blogger behind Your Modern Family Blog and a mother of four. On her blog, she discusses raising kids, organizing the home and saving money.

7. Kristina

Toddler Approved is a resource for parents and teachers of young children to help teach them how to instill a love of learning into children at a young age. They offer tips and tricks to help ease the lives of parents of young toddlers.

8. Kate

Kate used to be a preschool teacher and now she has four kids of her own. She offers things like kid-friendly recipes and activities for kids on her blog.

9. Janet Lansbury

Parenting is the hardest, yet most rewarding job Janet has ever had. That’s why she created her blog to share her experiences and tips about parenting with her readers.

10. Kristen Welch

Kristen is the writer behind, We are That Family. On her blog, she shares lifestyle and parenting tips. She’s also the author of several books!

11. Beth Woolsey

Beth is a a “writer, a reader, and a laugh-out-louder. She’s a truth-teller, a swearer, and a kindness monger; She’s mouthy and broken and strong and brave, usually all at the same time”. She shares content about her life as a mother of five kids.

12. Isabel Kallman

Isabel’s blog is a great resource for parenting and pregnancy. Based in New-York, Isabel is the mother to a 13-year-old son.

13. Mariza Halliday

Mariza is the mother of two kids (with a third on the way!), and she is currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. She started her blog as a way to ramble about her pregnancy, and has turned it into a massive brand.

14. Jamie Finn

Jamie is a foster mom. On her blog she shares light-hearted musings of daily life and her family’s life.

15. Corinne McDermott

Corinne McDermott founded Have Baby Will Travel to inspire, motivate, and help families travel with children. They have advice about what to pack, where to go, travel gear, and much, much more.

16. Kristina Kuzmic

Kristina is a BOSS. She has an in-your-face take on parenting and it shows on her blog. Her “parenting comedy” has garnered her a massive audience.

17. Jennifer Taylor

Mom Tricks knows that pregnancy can be one of the scariest things a woman can go through. They offer any sort of pregnancy tip a woman may need on their website.

18. Chelsea Lee Smith

Moments a Day encourages families to grow together. Their content includes acts of kindness, activities for kids, and parenting inspiration.

19. Kumiko Ehrmantraut

Ahh, yes. Everyone loves managing their finances. Kumiko makes it easier for parents to get their finances together on her blog.

20. Alida Quittschreiber

The Realistic Mama wants to help mothers be less stressed AND wants to help them make money. Readers can join Alida’s tribe, or just enjoy all of the free mom tips on the blog.



1. Tala Samman

Tala is a graduate from the London College of Fashion and founder of this blog. She posts all about fashion trends and her favorite styles on her blog.

2. Aleali May

Aleali is a fashion consultant with many famous people within her repertoire (such as Lil Yachty). She posts photos of her luxurious, yet effortless streetwear style on her website.

3. Kyrzayda Rodriguez

Kyrzayda has a passion for fashion, fitness, and creating beautiful content for those who read her blog. She shares the latest trends, gorgeous photos, and inexpensive fashion on her blog.

4. Grasie Mercedes

Grasie is an actress, writer, and director currently living in LA. She shares outfit ideas for any day-to-day situation her readers may find themselves in, such as work, on her blog.

5. Charlotte Groeneveld-Van Haren

Charlotte is the blogger behind The Fashion Guitar. She used to work for several fashion blogs until she realized that she wanted to start her own. She now blogs about fashion, beauty, travel, and so much more.

6. Ashleigh Hutchinson

For a while, Ashleigh worked a 9-5 job and her blog was just her side hustle. She now blogs about fashion and even offers online webinars to teach women the “in’s and out’s” of fashion.

7. Taye Hansberry

Formerly known as Stuff She Likes, By Taye is a multiple award-winning fashion blog that has featured in the pages of Vanity Fair. Taye mainly blogs about her favorite outfits but sometimes ventures into the beauty and travel blogging world too.

8. Kimberly Smith

Penny Pincher Fashion is the ultimate blog for anyone aiming to look stylish on a budget. A mom of two, Kimberly keeps (almost) all of the pieces featured in her posts under $100 so that her outfits are accessible to everyone.

9. Catherine Summers 

A 40-something-year-old woman from Britain, Catherine founded Not Dressed As Lamb to show that you can look stylish at any age. She does not believe in the idea that you must dress “age appropriately” and focuses on ways to dress appropriately “for the occasion” instead!

10. Stephanie Yeboah

Steph is a 29-year-old plus-size style blogger & body confidence advocate from London. She shares style and inspiration on her blog.

11. Vanessa Hong

Vanessa is the founder of The Haute Pursuit, “which gained early accolades for its unique styling aesthetics and distinct minimal language”. She features sections about style and travel on her blog.

12. Kim Mitchell

Kim has loved fashion for as long as she can remember. Her blog was born in 2004 while she was pursuing a degree in graphic design. On her blog you can find Kim’s point of view on fashion, issues, and designers her readers need to know.

13. Audrey Leighton Rogers

Frassy started out as a blog to document the writers daily outfits. She now combines personal stories and the clothes she loves to create content on her blog.

14. Frédérique Harrel

It took Freddie awhile to realize what clothes made her feel beautiful. Now, she empowers women all over the world to express themselves through their style on her blog.

15. Karen Britchick

Karen, founder of Where Did U Get That, is asked where she got what she’s wearing all the time. She created her blog to showcase her outfits.

16. Julie Sariñana

Sincerely Jules was founded in 2009, and blogger, Julie, used it as a creative outlet. Over the years, Julie has built up the blog and has become an international style icon.

17. Catherine Brock

The Budget Fashionista empowers women to look their best for less. They share budgeting tips, style tips, trends, and a lot more on their site!

18. Mary Seng

Mary describes her style as unplanned and reflective of her mood. She shares her style, photography, and inspiration on her blog.

19. Celine Aagaard

Celine is the founder and creative director of Envelope. Her award-winning blog showcases fashion, streetstyle, and beauty for her readers.

20. Mireia Oller

Mireira of My Daily Style shares inspiring photos of street style and everyday outfits on her blog.



1. Amber Fillerup Clark

Amber uses her blog as her own personal diary. She features everything from lifestyle, beauty, hair, and travel on her blog.

2. Joanna Goddard

Cup of Jo was originally Joanna’s side blog, but it’s now her full-time job. Readers can find everything from beauty, travel, fashion, design, and motherhood on her site.

3. Emily Schuman

Cupcakes and Cashmere was started by Emily in 2008 as as place where she could document the things she loves. Now she has a whole team that blogs about all things lifestyle on Cupcakes and Cashmere.

4. Julia Engel

Gal Meets Glam is “a source of inspiration that covers everything from fashion and beauty to home and travel”. Readers can find articles on style, beauty, travel, and home on the blog.

5. Liz Stanley

Liz is a mother and the founder of the award-winning lifestyle blog, Say Yes. She features craft ideas, travel articles, beauty advice and much more on her blog.

6. Emma Norris

A Girl in Progress is a lifestyle blog for women who are working on improving themselves. On her blog, Emma celebrates being raw and imperfect.

7. Katie

Katie created her blog as a reminder to celebrate the little things. She loves to paint and take pictures. Here is one of our favorite blog posts of hers.

8. Alaina Kaczmarski And Danielle Moss

The Every Girl is a blog dedicated to every girl, all over the world. They offer something for everyone, such as career tips, beauty, wellness, living, and so much more.

9. Amelia Liana

While she was finishing university, Amelia founded her blog. She features all of her passions on her blog – beauty, fashion, food, and home decor.

10. Jamie Chung

Jamie is an actress by day and lifestyle blogger by night. She has tons of inspirational stuff on her blog, ranging from style, home, and beauty to karma and travel.

11. Camille Styles

Camille’s blog is for anyone who desires to lead a life well-lived. Our favorite section of hers is the entertainment section.

12. Paula

The LDN Diaries is an award-winning lifestyle blog. It’s a source of all things lifestyle for those living in London.

13. Emma

Emma is the mom to two girls and currently resides on an island on the west coast. She initially started her blog as a part of a new years resolution to write more – and we are certainly glad she did!

14. Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman

Founded by sisters, Elsie and Emma, A Beautiful Mess is a lifestyle company focused on creating happiness through a homemade lifestyle. They feature all things lifestyle-related on their blog.

15. Meghan McDonald

Conscious Lifestyle is a blog that gives readers powerful and practical tools to help them lead a more conscious lifestyle. They feature sections on Mind, Body, Spirit, and health.

16. Kat Griffin

Kat is the founder of Corporette, a fashion and lifestyle blog for business women. We love their Guide to Comfortable Heels!

17. Stacey Bewkes

Quintessence is all about living well with style and substance. It’s Stacy’s guide to people, places, and products.

18. Chiara Ferragni

The blonde Salad was founded as an outfit blog, and has now transformed into a magazine where readers can find content about travel and fashion.

19. Gwyneth Paltrow

Founded by Gwyneth, Goop believes that “the little things count, that good food is the foundation of love and wellness, that the mind/body/spirit is inextricably linked, and we have more control over how we express our health than we currently understand”. They feature content about beauty, fashion, food, and travel.

20. Jessica Ann Kirby

Jess created her blog to celebrate creativity and empower women. She shares life advice, fashion articles, and travel tips.


Kendall Kamholz is a PR Intern at LadyBossBlogger. She is passionate about writing, Public Relations, working out, spending time with friends and family, fashion, and beauty. 


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