Sometimes, in the pursuit of building ourselves up, we might be tempted to tear down someone else next to us.


You can be the best version of you possible without throwing other women under the bus. I challenge you to spend some time brainstorming how you can positively encourage the women around you.

I started this challenge by brainstorming 15 things I wanted to start saying to the women in my life.

Here are some things I want to start implementing into my daily conversations with my female friends as well as start telling myself:

15 Empowering Statements You Need To Read Right Now

1. “Your worth does not come from the approval of others around you.”

The worth that you are seeking does not come from your peers, bosses, or family members. Don’t let other people’s opinions determine what value you have.

2. “You are worthy of life and life abundant.”

Please don’t think that you are too far from grace to not be worthy of having good things in your life. We all make mistakes. Yours don’t make you less worthy than someone else around you.

3. “No one else has the ability to do what you do the way you do.”

Yes someone else could do the work that you are doing, but no one can do it the way you can. You are uniquely you and your work is uniquely yours.

4. “Makeup on or makeup off, you’re still a stunning beauty.”

Boys don’t need to wear makeup to look attractive. Neither do girls. Wear makeup to accentuate your already present beauty. But don’t feel like you have to.

5. “You are beautiful but you are so much more than your looks.”

Just like I said above, you are beautiful. However, outside beauty does not solely define you. Don’t settle for just being pretty. You’re so much more.

6. “Your worth doesn’t hinge on your relationship status.”

You don’t need a significant other to have worth. Your single self is already more than enough.

7. “I don’t see you as my competition, I see you as my friend.”

There is rarely a place in life where you are my competition that I have to out do to make it to the top. There should be enough seats at the table for the both of us. And if not… then let’s work to change that.

8. “I want you to succeed.”

I’m rooting for only good things for you. I want you to reach your full potential.

9. “I’m happy when you succeed.”

I want to celebrate your victories alongside you with as much excitement as I would my own. I’m so so happy that you are happy.

10. “My compliments to you are genuine. I’m not being two-faced.”

I don’t want you to ever have to worry that I’m not being real to you.

11. “I’m sorry if something I have said in the past has torn you down.”

I am not perfect in the slightest. I’m so sorry if I have hurt you in the past or made you feel like less than who you are. I don’t want to be a girl that tears other girls down.

12. “Your worth is not in comparison with a man’s worth.”

You are not less than a man. Don’t settle with being merely “equal” with the guys around you. A girl’s worth is not dependent on how she compares to a man.

13. “Your emotions are valid.”

Don’t be afraid to show your emotions!

14. “Never apologize for the way you are.”

Rock the way you are, don’t shrink in fear. There is a reason that you are who you are. Never minimize the importance of being you.

15. “Change for the better, but not because some else wants you too.”

If you change your plans, dreams, or goals make sure it’s for the better. Don’t change to fit inside another person’s plans for your life.

Use this article as a guide to empower the women around you and keep finding new ways to let your fellow females shine.

Empowered women empower women.

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15 Empowering Statements You Need To Read Right Now

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