5 Best Ways To Connect With Your Instagram Followers

 Instagram Followers

Instagram is all about connections.

From following, tagging, and sharing, there are all kinds of connections to be made.

But social media can feel distant to. Engaging with followers without having met most of them can feel like tricky territory to navigate a conversation.

So how do you, and your followers, get to know one another?

Here are five ways to IMMEDIATELY connect with your Instagram followers.

5 Best Ways to Connect With Your Instagram Followers

1. Respond To Comments

Perhaps the easiest way to start making connections with your followers is to respond to them when they comment. They have already reached out to you, just reach back!

Responding to comments can seem SUPER intimidating at first. You may feel apprehensive about what to say and how to say it.

Don’t worry about the response being super deep or lengthy. Incorporating emojis is a great way to respond without having to stress!

But if they make an effort to respond to your picture, make sure to acknowledge them.

Examples below from @elainerau.

how to connect with your instagram followers

2. Give Shout Outs

Giving shout outs or tagging your followers is an easy way to connect with your audience. It lets followers know they are heard and that their participation matters to you. 

Tagging connects your followers directly to your post and to you.

how to connect with your instagram followers

3. Write A Humorous Post (Or A Serious One)

Instagram is an awesome opportunity to let loose and be a little silly. Don’t be afraid to incorporate humor, jokes, and puns into your posts.

Humor not only keeps gives your followers a laugh, but they are more likely to share funny posts with friends.

Laughter brings people together, but if humor isn’t authentic for you in that moment, sharing something more serious can also form connections.

Followers connect with what is relatable. Staying authentic and sharing your personality and daily emotions is an excellent way to feel connected.

how to connect with your instagram followers

4. Create Interactive Posts + Polls

Nothing is more fun than being asked to give your opinion on something.

Incorporating questions in your captions and polls on your Instagram story is a great way to ask for engagement. 

how to connect with your instagram followers

5. Follow Your Followers

Connection is a two-way street, so make sure to follow back your followers! Following back shows a connection, a mutual desire to see each other’s content.

Following back lets you know who your audience is in a personal way. Forging these connections is so fun! You never know what kind of content you’ll see.

The more you follow, the greater an opportunity there is for you to gain followers as well, and keep creating new connections. This is an organic way to increase your influence.

With these tips, you will have the confidence you need to get to know your followers and form good online relationships.

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