How To Join The TikTok Creator Fund

You’ve probably asked yourself: “What is the TikTok creator fund?”

You know how to make TikToks, and you might even regularly post them to build your brand – but did you know you could get paid for posting TikToks?

The creator fund is TikTok’s way of building a community for popular creators and rewarding them for making content.

According to some of TikTok’s most popular influencers, the creator fund pays 2-4 cents per 1,000 video views. This can add up, especially if you’re already collaborating with other brands on TikTok.

If you meet the requirements of the program, you can apply in the app by selecting “creator account” followed by “creator fund.” The app lets up to 1 billion people join.

Below are the requirements you must meet before applying to join the creator fund.

1. Must Be 18+

This one seems like a given, but as many child creators are on TikTok, it’s an important requirement. There are ways around this, such as the parents being the holder of an account while the child is sometimes featured.

TikTok requires all users to be at least 13 years old when signing up for the app.

2. Residency

As of March 2021, the creator fund is only available to those based in:

  • The United States
  • The United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Italy

TikTok is hoping to eventually add more countries to this list.

3. Have 10,000 Followers

Not only do you need to have 10,000 followers; they also must be authentic. Therefore, if any of the accounts following you seem to be bots, you most likely will not be accepted.

Bots tend to be following a lot of people, have strange usernames, and leave comments that don’t make much sense. You can filter these bot accounts out by going through your follower list and blocking them.

4. Have 100,000 Views

Just like with followers, your views must be authentic. These 100,000 views also have to have been within the last 30 days.

This is possible and quite easy once you start gaining popularity on the app!

To gain video views:

  • Use hashtags
  • Use popular sounds
  • Leave comments on other videos
  • Follow your favorite creators

All of these tips will help build your community!

5. Post Original Videos

The creator fund has guidelines that require a creator’s videos to follow the TikTok guidelines. The most common guideline that often gets lost in the mix is that videos must be original.

This means no reposting of another creator’s content, as this will get your approval for the creator fund denied.

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