How To Use Facebook Groups To Connect With Your Followers

Facebook groups may seem like old news, but they’re still great for connecting! One use for Facebook groups that many people don’t realize is that influencers can use Facebook groups to engage with their top fans.

Here are 4 ways to use Facebook groups to connect with your followers.

1. Create Exclusive Group

Creating an exclusive group for your truest followers is a great way to connect with them. The group could be posted as private, and you can accept requests from followers who are your number one fans.

This makes the group more exclusive and makes your audience want to interact more on your posts so they can be accepted into the group.

2. Post Daily Questions

Posting daily questions to start conversations between your followers is a great way to build community and engagement within your fanbase. These questions could be as simple as “Where are you from?” or “What is your dream vacation?”

This is a great way to get fans to respond to each other and you can even throw in a few comments here and there as well.

3. Post Polls

Letting your audience feel that they are helping make exclusive decisions about your content is a great way to interact. You can post polls in Facebook groups to connect by asking what you should post next.

Your audience is more likely to really engage as well once you post this content knowing they had direct involvement in what you posted.

4. Be Engaged

Be super responsive in your group! Your audience will love it, and they will feel connected with you on a much deeper level.

Plus, the fact that you’re responding will really amp up people’s want to join the group! They love lots of interaction!

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