10 Most Common SEO Mistakes Entrepreneurs Generally Make

Common SEO Mistakes

As a beginner blogger or content writer, one may be deceived to believe that all you need is choose your niche or a sector you enjoy reading most and write things about the same. They forget that you are required to go the extra mile for you to go up the ladder of search engines.

The same can only happen only if you implement SEO strategies on your website. For more information on SEO, check serp ranking for professional help.

Nevertheless, people tend to make common mistakes regarding SEO, and they end up declining in their rankings. Here are the top 10 mistakes done by most entrepreneurs.

10 Most Common SEO Mistakes Entrepreneurs Generally Make

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1. Creating content that is different from your keywords

The problem is that most people fix keywords in their work with the aim of ranking higher. Unfortunately, they forget to align their content with the keywords thus making their content sound a bit off. Remember that most search engines like Google will always choose material over things like keywords since answering their customers’ questions is the sole purpose of the engine.

2. Publishing some else’s content

In the past, people embraced the art of skilfully plagiarising and copycatting people’s work. Today, this is an illegal act that leads to penalties from search engines. One is therefore encouraged to produce original work every time they post content to remain consistent on quality and higher rankings.

3. Lack of quality links

People have mastered the art of linking their articles with external websites. This is especially important to readers who want extra information on their topic of choice. Nevertheless, the links ought to be relevant and educative for one to have a solid reputation from the visitors. Not every link ought to be placed in your content- choose quality!

4. Not having a mobile friendly website

Some few years ago, most people used their desktops to search for different things over the internet. However, things have changed as more people prefer using their mobile phones due to the flexibility and ease of use. This may turn out to be difficult for a website that was only designed for desktops. Failure to make them mobile-friendly may lower one’s ranking in SEO.

5. Failure to use influencers

When it comes to optimization, you have to make sure that your content gets to as many people as possible. Besides posting the link to your site on your social media account, you ought to take advantage of social media influencers to do the marketing for you. These people will give you a massive following and also influence the public to look at your products in case it is a business.

6. Ignoring broken links

Have you ever clicked on a link only for it to direct you to a 404 error page? Well, this can be very annoying to all the users. These issues happen especially when one fails to recheck that all the links in their websites are working correctly. SEO will always penalize for such links leading to a decline in the ranking.

7. Having a slow loading website

As long as one has a reliable internet connection, we expect a fast-loading website. The moment a user clicks on websites and take more than 8 seconds to load, they are more likely to give up and try a different site. One should, therefore, work on their pages’ speed to avoid such situations.

8. Being inactive on social media

When one goes for days without posting or commenting on posts in accounts, most pages usually stop appearing on the walls of users since they are termed as dormant. The more you become active, there is a higher likelihood that people will come in contact with your posts more often.

9. Not optimizing on local search

If you are an entrepreneur who does local business, you should maximize your locally available customers and therefore create content that they can relate with. Besides having specific keywords, you can include your address and phone number in the address.

10. Focusing on On-site SEO only

Most people tend to focus on optimizing their website but forget off-site strategies such as creating relevant content bashed up with quality keywords and links.

In SEO ranking, an entrepreneur ought to familiarise themselves with specific do’s and don’ts that could either improve or fail their websites’ rankings. Since there are no set rules or promises when it comes to optimization, one can only do one thing; avoid the mistakes that others have done in the past.

SEO Mistakes