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How to influence on ladybossblogger

It can be difficult to keep up with fashion trends. With so many different sources of input, a person starts to feel overwhelmed! Scrolling through Instagram and finding a top you like can be a long, frustrating process. If you’re looking for an easy way to shop for the newest styles, is for you!

What is is an awesome app originally created as a shoppable Instagram feed. If there is a particular person you enjoy following, the app allows you to find things related to their fashion! The platform is incredibly user-friendly.

How can I influence on the site?

Whenever posting a cute pic on your professional Instagram, make sure to include an affiliate link. An affiliate link is a way to track referrals. When someone gives you credit for a purchase, you earn money!

It’s an awesome way to promote your sense of fashion and interact with your followers. By allowing them to see the things you like and purchase, a follower can feel like they’re interacting with a close friend as opposed to a distant influencer.

Navigating The Site

Part of what makes the site so popular is its user-friendly design. Right as you enter the site, you will see a drop-down menu labeled ‘Categories.’ Once you click, you will be taken to this page you see below:

How To Influence On

The site has a multitude of categories from baby, home, style tips, and more!

In a section like Beauty, one will find multiple posts extracted from Instagram and placed on the page before you. You can easily surf and look through the site, and perhaps find some new people you would like to follow!

It can even be helpful for gift shopping for your significant other’ the site has a helpful Men’s section. It takes you through various posts from different male influencers, and lets you know what’s hot!

Why should I use

Social media can act as rose-tinted glasses. It can turn any pretty, well-dressed person into an unattainable icon. Although that has managed to work for some celebrities, it won’t be helpful when trying to get your brand off the ground. puts you in close contact with your followers, and allows them to feel like they’re part of your community while they help to support you! will keep not only you, but your followers in the know about all the new trends when it comes to home decor, fashion, and more. Check out the site today!

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How To Influence On LadyBossBlogger

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