Why You Should Not Keep Your Professional Instagram Profile On Private

Why you should not keep your professional instagram profile on private LadyBossBlogger

Social media has become essential when it comes to the networking business. Whether it’s Snapchat, Instagram, or even Facebook, it is essential to be available on all platforms. Putting yourself out there can also be very intimidating. Read on for why you should keep your Instagram on public!

What is public vs. private?

On Instagram, you have the option to have your account be private or public. If your account is private, only the people you have allowed to follow you can see your posts. Sometimes, especially for young posters, this can be a safety net when it comes to internet weirdos.

The private setting allows strangers to see your profile picture, your number of following and followers, and your bio.

Having your account on public means that anyone, even those just visiting your page for a moment, can get a glimpse at your account. While this can seem intimidating, there are many benefits!

Why should my account be public?

As mentioned previously, the idea of a private account is much more comforting. However, if you are looking to promote your business through your Instagram, it can be essential to be public.

Sometimes, when one is searching quickly through someone’s credentials just to get a vague idea of the person, a private account can be disheartening. It takes extra time to be accepted. Once you have allowed a prospective buyer to follow, they may have lost interest or completely forgotten about it.

Some may not even bother trying to follow! If other brands are more easily accessible, they may be quick to move on from your account.

A public account also instills the idea of complete transparency. There is nothing to hide! Feel free to look at all the hard work I’ve put into this thing that I love.

If you’re just starting out, a public Instagram can be essential to gaining traction and a good reputation!

What are some of the dangers?

As I mentioned above, there are downsides to a public account. There is no vetting process, so any creep could come on your account and troll you fairly easily. However, Instagram makes it incredibly easy to block and report people, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem!

However, there is another and perhaps more damaging issue. As we are all humans, we are prone to errors and mistakes. It is possible to post something unbecoming or perhaps something you didn’t mean to. Anyone surfing your page casually can see it and make snap judgments about something you didn’t mean.

Having a public account is important for your image but also possibly damaging.

What you should do:

While there are pros and cons, the positives of a public account certainly outweigh the negatives. Here’s a tip for making sure your Instagram account is spick and span!

  1. Have a second pair of eyes. Sometimes when you look at a picture too long, it’s easy to look over simple mistakes. Don’t be afraid to reach out a friend or even hire someone to check your work.
  2. Keep two accounts. If you’re focusing on a business and not making your ownself the product, I highly recommend having two accounts. You can keep your personal one private, but have a link to your business insta in your bio that anyone can access. Once it takes them there, they will see a fun public account boasting all your wonderful ideas!

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Put your Instagram on public today!

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Why You Should Not Keep Your Professional Instagram Profile On Private Ladybossblogger

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