5 Female Influencers Who Have Reduced Their Content Output And Why

5 Female Influencers Who Have Reduced Their Content Output And Why LadyBossBlogger

The age of the internet has seen many different influencers come and go. There are multiple reasons for someone to decide to step back from the limelight. Whether it be for mental health or past mistakes, many have decided to reduce their content. Here is a list of five female influencers who have reduced their content output and the reason behind it.

1. Jenna Marbles

Perhaps one of the most legendary YouTubers, Jenna Marbles recently decided to take a step back from stardom. She usually made content of her dogs, poorly executed crafts, and general shenanigans with her partner Julien. This all made her beloved to her audience.

2020 saw an upheaval when it comes to influencers. Many were called out for various past mistakes, including racism or general political incorrectness. Jenna was one such person. Some of her past content included hurtful language or blackface, leading to a backlash.

She made a video apologizing for past actions, and decided to step away from the internet. There is no promise of her return, which makes many very sad.

All the best to Jenna and her mental health!

2. Michelle Phan

This is another fairly popular name on our list. Michelle Phan was considered by many to be one of the first makeup influencers on Youtube. She was essentially the beginning of the beauty community.

However, her stream of content steadily began to decrease. Abruptly in 2015, she went on a three-year hiatus. She claimed it had to do with mental health and lack of interest in creating content.

However, she soon came back. She revealed that she had left her job at Ipsy, as well as bought EM Cosmetics. She revealed that the absence also had to do with legal issues and that she was excited to come back.

Her content is not quite as constant or popular as it once was, but I believe I speak for many when I say I’m glad to have her back!

3. Zoe Sugg

One era of youtube that many forget is when a multitude of British Youtubers was incredibly popular. Including Joe Sugg, Alphie Deyes, and Marcus Butler, the absolute powerhouse of this unit was Zoe Sugg.

A beautiful beauty enthusiast with an adorable personality, Zoe was the Youtube it girl of the 2010s. Perhaps the happiest day of that time was when she revealed that she was in fact dating Alphie Deyes, a fellow Youtuber with who she was often ‘shipped’.

Since then, many of the previous names have fallen out of vogue, especially as the likes of David Dobrik and Jake Paul became popular. Youtube seems to have left behind the somewhat wholesome era of British buddies playing ‘who knows me better.’

However, Zoe still has some popularity, and her videos still achieve a fair amount of views. More recently, however, it was announced she was having a baby with Alphie Deyes! Her content, already somewhat waning, has fallen to a couple videos a month. The reason behind it is so sweet.

Best of luck to Zoe and Alphie!

4. Miranda Sings

Our next female influencer has actually done a collab with the lovely Zoe before! Miranda Sings was a very fun character that was popular in the early to mid-2010s. Miranda, played by the real-life Colleen Ballinger, was a ridiculous woman adorned in too much red lipstick who was convinced she could sing.

After many talk shows and tv shows, Colleen’s character seems to have been at the height of popularity. However, while things may have been great in Miranda’s life, things weren’t as steady in Colleen’s.

Colleen, previously married to another Youtuber named JoshuaDTV, soon went through a messy and public divorce. On top of this, various inappropriate fan interactions from the past had come to light. This included a time she gave a young fan her underwear. Overall, Miranda became less and less popular.

Funnily enough, Colleen has since seen some new popularity. Having been remarried and mother to several children, many on other apps like Tiktok were happy to see her life on track. While she still posts as Miranda sometimes, it appears she is much happier being herself and a female influencer.

5. Gabbie Hanna

Last, but certainly not least, we have Gabbie Hanna. Once very popular on Vine, she successfully transitioned to Youtube as well as Tiktok and Instagram as a female influencer.

Gabbie has always been seen as a little problematic and even annoying. She has a tendency to over dramatize things and blame most of it on her Bipolar disorder. While mental health is no joke, some have begun to see it as over used excuse to act inappropriately.

Her content already had been somewhat reduced due to her following her music career. She has recently come under even more fire for an incedent that occurred back in the vine days. Once her best friend, another female influencer, JessiSmiles accused her boyfriend Curtis Leopore of assaulting her. Later, it was said that Gabbie continued to be friends with the abuser.

After multiple videos trying to disprove the drama, and multiple public postings from others concerned for her health, Gabbie has gone back to inconsistent posting. No one is quite sure what to expect from her in the future.

And there you have it! Here is a full list of female influencers who have reduced their content output. Let us know if there is anyone else we should consider adding to the list.

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5 Female Influencers Who Have Reduced Their Content Output And Why LadyBossBlogger

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