How To Use Insta Stories + IGTV To Market Your Brand

How To Use Insta Stories + IGTV To Market Your Brand

It can be argued that the most popular form of social media currently is Instagram.  And, it’s no secret that brands are using Insta stories and IGTV to connect to their followers.

Because Instagram is fulfilling its customers’ needs, more people are engaging with the app than ever before. 

Essentially, IGTV (Instagram Television) is an extension to the app that allows for longer videos compared to those posted directly onto someone’s feed on the app.

According to Jasmine Star (social media expert), “IGTV offers a different way to reach people in the place where they’re already spending most of their time. Building a library of videos formatted specifically for IGTV opens a wide door to get more viewership, go deeper with an audience, and provide more value.” 

Now that you know the basics of what IGTV is, I bet you are wondering how to use IGTV for marketing your brand.

Using IGTV effectively means your brand will stand out, so here are some tips we have for you to use not only IGTV but also your stories to market your brand.

1. Focus on planning and quality

There are three main aspects of stories and IGTV that you need to know before creating specific content, and they are to keep your videos engaging, planning what you will post ahead of time, and keeping your audience in mind.

As for creating interesting content, Taquanyia Stallworth of Tint says that “Just because IGTV allows for hour-long videos, doesn’t mean you should create them. Consider the attention span of your audience,” perhaps a story series with worthwhile content is better than an hour-long IGTV video.

In addition to making your videos engaging, you should also be scheduling when your stories and IGTV episodes will be posted.

Posting your videos consistently will keep your followers on schedule, which makes them more likely to tune in.

One tool that Elaine Rau of LadyBossBlogger uses for scheduling her stories is Planoly. This free platform allows you to schedule up to 30 stories per month, but if you want more access, you can upgrade!

Finally, to ensure the success of your videos, make sure that it is content your following actually wants to watch.

Don’t simply post videos you think they will like, you have to know they will like them. So, ask your followers what they want to see. Perhaps do it during a live Instagram Story! 

2. Go behind-the-scenes

What a better way for your company to promote themselves on Instagram than by showing your customers what your business is and does on a daily basis.

The way to do this would be to have an employee take over the Instagram stories of your brand for a day.

Doing this allows your employees to directly communicate with your brand’s target market.

If your first round of employee’s going behind-the-scenes is successful, then consider doing a series of different employees in different departments on IGTV!

3. Create a tutorial or product/service highlight video for your stories

A simple way to make sure you combine your product or service with Instagram stories is by creating tutorials and highlight reels.

Educational videos are always a good idea when it comes to introducing your brand to new and potential clients. Even better yet, teach your followers about your brand while going live!

This a more personal and authentic way for your audience to engage with your stories because they can ask questions directly to your account in real-time.

No matter what you are offering from makeup tutorials to cooking classes, make sure you are being educational and not trying too hard to sell. Keep your customer in mind!

4. Use stories to promote your IGTV

This is a win-win in our books! Instagram Stories are perfect for making a sneak peek “trailer” for your IGTV videos.

Though stories are only 15 seconds long, you can upload a continuous video broken into 15-second segments– similar to the way stories are posted on Snapchat.

When you upload a story, however, you cannot market your IGTV video without a link. Make sure your viewers are able to swipe up to see your IGTV content.

An example of how to use a story to market IGTV is given to us by the Social Media Examiner: you can “Use stories to create a highlight reel of your ‘best of’ IGTV videos and show people the benefit of going to your channel.”

This is especially useful if you have new followers who aren’t familiar with your brand yet.

As you use IGTV and Instagram stories to curate new videos for your business profile, you’ll be able to use the tips above to not only help attract new followers to your page but also help grow your brand. 

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How To Use Insta Stories + IGTV To Market Your Brand

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