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3 Ways To Keep Your Customers Engaged

3 Ways To Keep Your Customers Engaged

In the modern world, there is more communication than ever before.

While this is truly a good thing and offers so many more opportunities for people to connect all around the world, it also means that consumers are inundated with more content than has ever been possible.

It can be difficult for businesses to cut through the noise and truly learn about engaging with customers. Often, collecting this kind of data is the only way for a business to grow.

Without having knowledge of metrics and being able to understand how to target different demographics, growth often slows and companies can grow stagnant.

Thankfully, with SAP software and tools like Illumiti, there are also more ways to understand customers than ever before. Take a look at these customer engagement tips.

3 Ways To Keep Your Customers Engaged

1. Social Media

For a long time, many companies disregarded social media as a legitimate part of a business. The myth was perpetuated that running social media accounts was a task relegated to an intern.

In reality, the digital media landscape is extremely important, and it requires someone that is educated and forward-thinking. Social media is a great way to engage with customers because it decreases the idea that companies and customers are completely distant from one another.

It is becoming increasingly trendy and popular for corporate accounts to develop voices and brands of their own and engage with people almost as if they were another social media user.

Additionally, this kind of work helps create more brand recognition and can help make a company more known to the general public than it was before.

Social media falls under that same category of tools that allow people to be connected all across the world, so it is a tool very much worth investing in.

Recommended tools:

  • SmarterQueue – social media scheduler that recycles your content
  • SocialBee – social media scheduler that recycles your content
  • Tailwind – best Pinterest scheduler
  • Planoly – best Instagram scheduler
  • SimpleSocial – automatically publish Facebook Live videos to your WordPress site

2. Chat Bots

While this may vary from business to business, many companies still invest in live chat options to elevate a customer service experience.

Often, if people are reaching out to a company, it is with a problem or struggle that they need assistance in overcoming. A great way to alleviate this frustration is to make a human easy to access.

If live chats are not something a smaller business is able to invest in, committing to timely communication and feedback is also a great starting point.

Recommended tools:

  • ManyChat – chat bot connected to Facebook

3. Email Marketing

Another great way to engage with customers is still through email marketing. Similar to social media, this is a great way to keep that brand voice consistent.

For users who also don’t have social media, it’s a good way to inform people of promotions and to simply stay in touch. With these tools and more in place, great customer engagement is within reach.

Recommended tools:

3 Ways To Keep Your Customers Engaged

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