5 Female Creators Who Promote Mental Health

5 Female Creators Who Promote Mental Health ladybossblogger

The internet has allowed more connections across humankind than we could have ever hoped for before. However, it has also offered an increase in mental health issues. Watching others live a life you dream of can be disheartening, and compound on an already existing problem. However, there are some bright spots within the platform! Read on for a list of female creators who promote mental health!

1. Anna Sitar @annaxsitar

Anna is just a ray of sunshine when it comes to the Tiktok platform!

Although she appears to be the type of girl who has everything- a good body, pretty face, very smart- she is also unafraid to share when she is feeling poorly about herself. She enjoys making fun transition videos as well as some comedy skits.

However, through all of this, Anna is completely upfront about times of sadness, doubt, and various life obstacles. Many see her as an older sister, who is always there to offer support and love for those who don’t fit traditional beauty standards

2. Mary Skinner @marycjskinner

Next on our list of female creators is Mary! Mary is another Tiktok influencer who often seems to have it all. She’s gorgeous, has an amazing sense of style, and has a hunky boyfriend!

However, she is unafraid to speak about one of her biggest problems- her diagnosed bipolar disorder.

Although she originally reached popularity due to her GRWM videos surrounded by her fashion sense, she has since opened up about her mental health issues. Mary often shares her struggles with misdiagnoses, medication trial and errors, along with side effects like lack of libido.

She also refuses to shy away from her past eating disorders, as well as her acceptance of being mid-size (although whether she is truly mid-size at size 8 is debatable). 

3. Drew Afualo @drewafualo

Say hello to Drew! She is possibly one of my favorite creators on Tiktok and Instagram. Although she doesn’t focus specifically on mental health, she definitely offers up some serotonin!

Drew focuses mostly on feminism, and how misogyny and the patriarchy have caused issues in the world. She has made it her goal to make the “girls, gays, and theys” feel comfortable existing in their own skin.

With her amazing smackdown of haters and somewhat manic laugh guaranteed to make you giggle, Drew has a very unique way of making you feel good about yourself.

She touches on topics about beauty standards and internalized misogyny without fear, all while telling her audience to never allow someone to make you feel bad about yourself. Follow Drew today!

4. Brene Brown @brenebrown

Now to shift our look at female creators onto Instagram. Brene is a 55-year-old author and mother of two who has spent years of her life studying the intersection of courage and vulnerability.

She has written 5 bestsellers focused on mental health:

She also offers soft, encouraging videos on her Instagram guaranteed to make your day better. Check her out today!

5. Nedra glover Tawwab @nedratawwab

Nedra is a therapist and content creator determined to makeover your love life!

In today’s young adult environment, it has never been more difficult to find relationships that won’t leave your heart in pieces. Nedra offers plenty of sage advice if one is willing to listen!

As a therapist, she has perfected the act of teaching without condescending. She offers hard truths along with warnings signs of toxic love affairs, all while coming across as a kind soul.

If you’re struggling in not only the romantic department but familial one as well, check out her page today!

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5 Female Creators Who Promote Mental Health ladybossblogger

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