How To Become A Beauty Influencer

If you’re the person in your friend group that always has the latest skincare advice and makeup tips, you may consider expanding your reach to a broader audience. The beauty influencer community is rapidly growing. It can be challenging to get your name out there, but these helpful tips will point you in the right direction to become a beauty influencer.

1. Find Your Niche

You’ve heard the timeless saying, “A Jack of all trades is a master of none.” The beauty world is vast and constantly evolving, so an excellent place to start is by selecting a niche that you find interesting and may already know quite a bit about. It will often benefit you and your followers by producing more quality content on one specific area of beauty. This could be hair, makeup, skincare, nail care, hair care, etc. Once you’ve established your corner on beauty, you can then hone in on a specific subcategory. For example, if you are into luxury beauty brand dupes, consider focusing your efforts on offering the best alternatives for higher-end makeup brands. Another unique subcategory is featuring vegan and cruelty-free products, or products specifically formulated for sensitive skin types or ages.

2. Connect and Collab with Similar Influencers

Surround yourself with like-minded people. Network, follow, and participate. The upsides are numerous. It’s an excellent way to learn more about your field and what others are bringing to the table. Those with similar interests provide an opportunity for collaboration. Cross-promotion and appearances on each other’s channels expose each of you to a larger audience. These relationships can mutually benefit each of you and expand your circle of contacts.

3. Focus on Social Platforms that Best Showcases Your Content

Social media platforms are among the best ways to disperse information and gain a following. You may have already established a presence on one or two platforms, but it is important to experiment with what other platforms have to offer as well. You don’t need to spread yourself too thin between several platforms; remember that quality is key, but you should give your audience a couple of options as to where they can reach your content. Consider what platforms work best with your content as well. If you make a lot of videos, then YouTube may be your primary platform followed by TikTok for shorter clips. But if you are primarily posting photographs and dabbling in reels or short videos, Instagram may be your key platform.

4. Embrace Authenticity

Many beauty influencer followers are looking for advice and information on your niche topic of knowledge, so you want to provide them with earnest and realistic content that they can achieve as well. Part of the gig is embracing the good, the bad, and the ugly, which will allow your followers to connect with you on a more realistic level. Ask your followers what they want to see more of and inquire about their experience with the product. Interacting with your followers is a great initiative that shows you really care about them and the products you’re discussing. And don’t forget to be yourself!

5. Collab with Beauty Brands You Believe In

Researching and reaching out to brands you’d like to collaborate with can be a major boost in your career. If there are brands whose products you already use, be sure to tag them in any posts featuring them, whether it be the product of focus or the highlighter you happen to be wearing while filming the video. Put together a media kit that serves as your digital portfolio that you can present to beauty brands. This is a great way to pitch yourself to brands and demonstrate what you can achieve for them with your influence. Many brands like SNS Nails will send kits for review to established beauty influencers.

6. Keep Up with the Trends

From new product releases to the newest trends, keeping up with the constantly evolving world of beauty can be a full-time job. Be sure to devote time to studying and keeping up with the latest trends so that you are providing current and accurate information. By studying emerging trends, you can gauge what might come next.

A key takeaway is to practice authenticity and transparency when posting content and interacting with your followers. Establishing trust and connection up front is crucial in retaining your audience and expanding your beauty network.


Breaking into the beauty influencer world certainly is not easy, but it is possible to succeed with hard work and perseverance. I hope these tips helped you find out more on how to become a beauty influencer.

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