5 Beauty Influencers Who Are Changing The Industry

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The beauty industry is no doubt incredibly powerful and profitable. As the love for beauty products and styles continues to rise, influencers have taken to social media to share their love for beauty too.

However, influencer marketing has made it increasingly difficult for viewers to tell which influencers are authentic and which are just advertising.

Here are 5 beauty influencers for you to follow who are changing the industry!

1. Deepica Mutyala – @deepica

Deepica Mutyala is “on a mission to change beauty standards” as the founder and CEO of Live Tinted, a multicultural community about beauty and culture.

She shares beauty and makeup related tutorials in addition to fashion advice vlogs. Mutyala has gained more than 322K Instagram followers and 288K YouTube subscribers.

2. Nyma Tang – @nymatang

Nyma Tang gives perspective as a person of color to the beauty community. She calls attention to the industry’s weaknesses. Tang is known as one of few beauty influencers who speak out and criticize the negligence of the field when it comes to women of color.

3. Huda Kattan – @hudabeauty

Huda Kattan quit her job in finance after realizing how unhappy it was making her. She launched her blog in 2010 and founded Huda Beauty with her two sisters a few years later. Kattan is also the founder of Wishful Skin, a beauty company that sells and promotes skincare products.

Huda Beauty sells more than 140 products from eyeshadow pallets to lip gloss in stores like Sephora and is loved by A-list celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

Kattan is an influencer who insists to have never spent money on advertising and has amassed nearly 48M followers on Instagram.

4. Rocio Cervantes – @rocioceja_

Makeup addict Rocio Cervantes is famous for her unique styles, techniques, and acne positivity. She’s known as the “queen of blending” according to her followers.

Cervantes is a game changer in the YouTube makeup community, and her beauty videos are amusing to watch. She features promo codes, makeup and skincare products, and beauty hacks on her Instagram.

5. Em Ford – @mypaleskinblog

Em Ford is an influencer based in London who faced a wave of disrespectful and insulting comments when she first started blogging. This prompted her to put out her YouTube video, “You Look Disgusting,” which spread across the Internet like a wildfire.

Advocating for skin positivity and self-acceptance by regularly posting makeup-free pictures and videos on social media has brought her much praise since then.

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beauty influencers ladybossblogger.com

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