10 Up-And-Coming Beauty Influencers To Follow

Have you been looking for new inspiration in the beauty world? Look no further! We have generated a list of 10 up-and-coming beauty influencers to follow for all the inspo.

1. Alyczandra Jnsn – @alyczandra

Alyczandra is a young and fresh beauty influencer known for her incredible eye looks and makeup videos on Instagram.

She is also in the process of creating beauty content for her YouTube channel.

ALYCZANDRA JNSN 🐉 (@alyczandra) | Twitter

2. Aurora Lovestrand – @roralovestrand

Aurora is a Toronto-based influencer who centers on all things makeup and beauty.

Her most popular content on Instagram includes daily photos of her makeup looks, her self-tan routine, and hair tutorials.

3. Stefanie⁣⁣⁣⁣ Sinopoli – @beautyblogbystef

Stefanie is another Toronto-based beauty blogger known on Instagram for posting aesthetic photos and reviews of her favorite beauty products.

She also uses her YouTube channel to post makeup tutorials, reviews, and lifestyle content.

Stefanie Sinopoli 🦋 (@beautyblogbystef) • Milkshake Website Builder

4. Simone – @zerocrueltybeauty

Simone is a Instagram beauty blogger focusing on cruelty free beauty. Her goal is to create brand and product awareness.

She posts her favorite products and product reviews.

5. Mally Harrington – @mallyharringtonbeauty

Mally is a Nashville-based makeup artist and esthetician.

She uses her Instagram and blog to share her favorite products, how-to’s, and reviews.

6. Michelle – @michymakesup

Michelle is a based makeup artist from St. Louis who strives to show others how simple and easy makeup can be.

Popular content of Michelle’s includes reviews, tutorial videos, and photos of finished makeup looks. She has a YouTube channel where she shares beauty content as well.

🦄 @michymakesup - Michelle Sanchez - Tiktok profile

7. Jessica – @balancingproject

Jessica is a skincare and beauty blogger and Instagram influencer.

Her content ranges from skincare for specific skin types to reviews to informative posts.

8. Amanda – @amandascuteface

Amanda is an Instagram content creator who focuses on makeup and skincare.

She posts content about her skincare journey, her favorite products, and reviews.

overview for amandascuteface

9. Mary- @beautyandboujee

Mary is a beauty influencer creating stunning and glamorous looks.

On her Instagram she shares swatches, full face looks, and aesthetic photos of beauty products.

beautyandboujee Mary Ins账号- Imgkoa

10. Olabisi Are – @makeupbyolabisi

Olabisi is a licensed esthetician who posts her favorite looks and products on Instagram.

She also has a website where she goes more in-depth and gives makeup classes.

Makeup by Olabisi. Professional Makeup artist. Licensed Aesthetician –  MAKEUPBYOLABISI

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Lily Scott is a blogging intern at LadyBossBlogger. She currently attends LIM College in New York City and is studying the business of fashion and visuals for social media.

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