How To Build Your Visibility As An Influencer

As an influencer, your visibility is a huge part of expanding and growing your platform. Visibility accounts for how many people see your online content. By increasing your online visibility, you are more likely to grow your following and increase your engagement. While this may seem like a dream, you can help build your visibility as an influencer by following these steps.

1. Find your target audience

While gaining followers is always great, to increase your visibility and engagement focusing on the quality of your followers is important. Random followers aren’t always helpful as they might not care about and interact with your content. This is why finding your target audience is important, as they are more likely to care about the topics highlighted on your social media account or blog and follow your page more closely.

Steps you can use to find your target audience include:

  • Using hashtags
  • Looking at your audience statistics and demographics
  • Reading your similar influencer’s follow list
  • Poll your audience

By finding and expanding your target audience, you are likely to get more interaction on your posts, helping to build your visibility as an influencer as your platform grows.

2. Engage with others

Engaging with others on your social media account or blog is another major thing you can do to drive up your visibility. As more people interact with your content the algorithm boosts your post on the timeline. Through interacting with your audience, it’s more likely for them to respond back and interact with your content in the future.

Here are some ways you can encourage engagement:

  • Ask your followers a question
  • Post polls
  • Invite your followers to ask you questions
  • Respond to dm or comments

3. Use hashtags

Hashtags can help you find your target audience and build your visibility overall as an Influencer. Using hashtags that are relevant to your content allows a variety of people also interested in this hashtag to see it. Users who are searching potential keywords they are interested in might come across your post and decide to follow your Instagram or Twitter account.

It also may be useful to search what hashtags are currently trending and incorporating these into your posts to expand your reach even farther, as those are the most talked about and viewed tags. Using these tags can be helpful, but make sure you add them into your posts naturally, and try to keep them on brand to avoid seeming inauthentic.

4. Post at the right time

There’s no set time for everybody to post, but being mindful of when you post your content can help it be seen by more people. You can do this through choosing to post during times of the day where the majority of your followers are online.

You can search online for studies found that have found the optimal times to post on various social media accounts. It may be more valuable though to look at your page’s statistics to see when your audience is mainly online. There are various tools you can use for this, such as Google Analytic for tracking blog post traffic. Through looking when people primarily visit your page, you know the optimal time to push out your new content!

5. Interact before and after posting

After picking the time you want to upload your content, it’s a good idea to hop on your socials before you post. Through being active on your account before and after posting, it’s more likely for people to press on your account and then see and interact with your new content. This is especially useful on Instagram, as the algorithm takes early interaction with a post into account.

You might find it valuable when posting on Instagram to get on your account about 30 minutes before and after posting and interact with your followers. There are various ways you can do this such as:

  • Post an Instagram story
  • Comment on other influencers posts
  • Like comments
  • Answer questions in comments and dms

Use your story

Posting on your Instagram story is an especially helpful way to interact on your account as it will be seen by the most amount of people and can be done in various ways. Here are some of the things you could post on your Instagram story right before or after you post a photo:

  • Poll in your Instagram story
  • “Ask me a question” sticker
  • Song you like
  • A product you’ve been enjoying
  • Song you enjoy
  • Outfit-of-the-day

Through posting fun things such as this to your story, it is more likely for users to press on your account right as you’re uploading that new post, increasing the probability of them interacting with it. This increase in early interaction will allow for your content to continue to be pushed to the top of timelines and shared, increasing your visibility.

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Alaine Meier is a blogging intern at LadyBossBlogger. She currently attends the College of the Holy Cross and is studying economics and environmental studies.

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