5 Steps To Creating An Epic Brand

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When coming up with new product launches, and trying to keep up with the trends, do you ever feel like you have lost sight of your brands purpose? It can get easy to do if you are always looking out to see what your competition is doing.

The Discover Phase is the process where you came up with your brand and the meaning behind it. Sometimes looking at everything around you can cause you to lose sight of what is important for your brand to continuously help it prosper and grow.

Here are 5 tips to get and keep your business on track for success!

5 Steps To Creating An Epic Brand

1. Ask yourself what does your brand stand for.

Does your brand stay true to its core values?

If so, are the core values something your target audience will be able to easily identify?

If they were stopped randomly on the street and asked about your brand would they be able to easily state the characteristics that you have assigned to your brand?

These days, it’s not just good enough for your brand to be affordable, the best, or whatever you pride yourself on but you also have to stand for something.

Consumers are paying attention to these things, and if you are missing this element you are missing an opportunity to connect with your audience.

2. Ask yourself why.

  • Why did you choose the mission statement you picked?
  • Why did you come up with the tagline for your business?
  • Why did these words captivate you?
  • Why did you believe these words would draw an audience to your brand?

You were the one to choose all of these important components that help build a strong and recognizable brand. Keep all of this in mind when you are stumped in what direction you are headed to next, it will act as a compass and guide you to where you need to be, and what direction you should be headed to in the future.

Doing things like this will encourage your audience to believe you are a dependable brand they can trust.

3. Ask yourself what was your inspiration?

Who or what got you inspired to get the business started in the first place?

Use this as an opportunity to tell your audience a story. Storytelling is a great way to engage with your audience and help them feel more connected with the brand.

As the creator of the brand, sharing something like this would also help provide a face and personality to the company that they may not always get the chance to see if that is something your brand does not concentrate on promoting.

Giving them all the more reason to keep tabs on what your company is doing!

4. Ask yourself periodically, does this match the brand?

With pressure from other businesses and even other consumers to be constantly producing content to be seen, it is tempting to hop on a bandwagon or trend because you see it working for them.

But just because it is working for them does not mean it is something you should participate in it as well, if it does not match with the brand you have built already.

Only participate in tactics that go with the company you have already built and things your target audience will be able to connect with.

5. Check in with your audience often

Every now and then, reach out to your target audience and see what it is they are looking for. This can easily be done through social media platforms with tools like Twitter polls or voting tools on your Instagram story.

This will aid in giving you a general idea of what your audience is looking for next, and help them feel more invested in the brand that they love!

In all, keep your brand’s core values as a guide to your business ventures, remember everything you came up with during your Discover Phase, and the voice of your audience in mind. You will see how that benefits your company in a positive way.