5 Must-Read Books To Grow As A Female Entrepreneur

When books transform your life or way of thinking, they have done their job. Wouldn’t you agree?

When we invest in books, we believe that by obtaining the knowledge the author has, it will change our world.

I love books because they’re compilations of everything the author has learned on a certain topic throughout the majority of their career… which is why books are so great!

5 Must Read Books To Grow As A Female Entrepreneur written by Elaine Rau

Here are some books that have helped me along my entrepreneurial journey. I have pulled out some of the best quotes in each book to share with you and elaborate on!

5 Day Weekend

Every line in this book by Garrett Gunderson and Nik Halik is gold! I have picked out some golden nuggets of information to share with you that resonated with me.

“In the security mindset you have neither freedom nor security.”

I have experienced this feeling firsthand, as I am sure most of you have as well.

When I held the title as the National Wedding Sales Manager, I was bound to my phone 24/7. When my fiancé called me from overseas and told me his brother had just been murdered, I immediately asked my boss if I could go to the funeral… and he said NO, because it was booking season and it would affect sales.

All my hard work of moving up the corporate ladder was gone in an instant when I decided to quit and move overseas to be with my fiancé and his family.

I had to reinvent myself and find a new career now that I lived in a third world country where I didn’t speak the local language. So I turned to my laptop to find remote work, and in short, that is how LadyBossBlogger was created!

“Don’t be a passive ‘librarian’ of the mind where you can acquire knowledge without acting on it.”

This is a huge reminder, especially if you’re a bookworm. Make sure to put into practice what you read.

It’s great to acquire knowledge, but transformation begins when you put it to use.

“It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, it’s the one more responsive to change.”

The world is changing faster than ever right now. Loads of small businesses are popping up and tons of giant businesses that have been around for forever, like Toys ‘R’ Us, are going out of business!

If you aren’t jumping online and joining the digital media age, you’re going to get left behind.

Looking back, I am so grateful that I was put in a situation where I had to jump on the digital train.

“If you don’t find a way to make money in your sleep, you will work until you die.”

This will be the case for anyone working a corporate job right now.

I have found that learning how to make affiliate income has been the way to go for people who are just starting out and wanting to make money “while they sleep.”

Loads of digital nomads have attributed affiliate marketing to their success because it has helped them stop exchanging their hours for dollars.

If you’re interested in options for you, learn how you can work from home in this post.

Elaine Rau and 5 Day Weekend

The Millionaire Morning

It’s so crazy how people’s lives can change once they master their mindset, habits and routines, as this book by Lewis Howes demonstrates.

“Research HOW to achieve your dream. Learn from the best. Then take the leap.”

I love how he adds in the two CRUCIAL steps you must do to take the leap in a smart and logical way. People like to talk about “the leap,” but rarely do they mention what you must do BEFORE you “take the leap”.

Lewis Howes outlines the 10 Biggest Challenges To Making Money and lists out the Rich Mindset Response to each.

  1. Education/Training
  2. No Time
  3. Focus/Direction
  4. Knowing What To Do
  5. No Resources/Team
  6. Fear Of The Unknown
  7. Self Worth/Belief
  8. Money Is Bad
  9. Self Sabotage
  10. Connections

“You can’t attract more money into your life if you’re scared of it.”

If you look at money like it’s the enemy, then it will only show up that way in your life and you’ll always resist it. It seems counterintuitive, but you must change your mindset about money before you’ll ever make any.

Here are some millionaire habits. If you don’t have these right now, don’t worry. Habits can be built!

  1. They read consistently
  2. They work out
  3. They spend time with other successful people
  4. They have goals and pursue them
  5. They get up early
  6. They have multiple sources of income
  7. They find and check in with mentors
  8. They are positive
  9. They don’t follow the herd
  10. They are polite and use good etiquette
  11. They help others succeed
  12. They dedicate 15-30 minutes a day to thinking/dreaming
  13. They seek feedback
  14. They write to do lists and follow processes
  15. They avoid time wasters

“If you want to get rich, learn to hack systems in the market. If you want your money and work to mean something, learn to add value, and convert that value into wealth.”

It’s not that hard when you actually think about it. You just have to put in the research, then the work to make it happen.

Elaine Rau Millionaire Morning

Reinvent Me

This book by Camilla Dallerup is full of formidable quotes.

“You will attract more of what you focus on.”

  • Meditation – helps you become less reactive when a considered response is more helpful.
  • Visualization – is more of an active meditation and helps you make your goal if you can visualize it.

“When we see something clearly in our minds that helps it become more tangible and it is what motivates us to keep believing we can achieve it.”

Affirmations – help you speak your dreams into reality.

“Most people get things done when they have a deadline.”

Ego – when we believe in our own hype, success is often short lived or camouflages unhappiness and insecurity. That is when success becomes the detriment to our own long-term contentment.

How can we prevent this? Let go of who you think you are and should be and accept who you are IN THIS MOMENT.

Ask yourself: is there a mismatch between what feeds your ego and the true you?

So many people are paralyzed with fear and indecision, but shouldn’t you be more scared of living a mediocre life?

“Think about what you can control in this moment instead of worrying about a future you can’t predict.”

Be mindful of your thoughts because they have the power to become your reality.

Elaine Rau Reinvent Me

Good To Great

This book by by James Collins mapped out in detail the common denominators of what made companies go from good-to-great and distinguished them from comparison companies that fell behind because they didn’t follow certain tactics.

“Greatness is not a function of circumstance, it’s largely a matter of conscious choice.”

One trait that all great company owners possessed was simply CURIOSITY.

Additionally, they focused not principally on what to DO to become great, but paid equal attention to what NOT TO DO.

“Greatness usually comes during pivotal years.”

Meaning, the ones who adapted most quickly to change and dug harder during crises were the ones who rose from the flames. Pretty easy to say, but really hard to do.

When we go through tough times, we naturally want that period to be over already and like to envision the light at the end of the tunnel.

While it’s good to have a positive outlook, we often like to assign deadlines in our minds for when we want the struggle to be over. This is erroneous because you’ll keep getting your heart broken over and over again.

Don’t be an optimist with a goal. Be someone who focuses on the systems in life. Believe that the light is there, but don’t give it a deadline. This is the only way to survive.

“The genius with a thousand helpers’ model is an unsustainable way to build a company!”

Companies that realize early on that the only way to build a company is by investing in its people and developing them, win.

They also lead with questions, not answers.

“The intersection of what you’re deeply passionate about, what you can be best in the world at, and what drives your economic engine is what makes a company GREAT.”

Stick to what you understand, and let your abilities (not your ego) determine what you attempt.

Understand what you CAN be the best at, not only what you WANT to be the best at.

You can’t manufacture passion or motivate people to feel passion, you can only discover what ignited your passion and the passion of those around you. 

Confidence Creator

I talked to Heather on the phone a few months after she was fired from her job. We wanted to learn my Instagram tips and tricks and I wanted to learn how to become a public speaker like her. So we swapped information. It was a wonderful conversation and I can’t wait to meet her in person one day!

“In the end there is no blueprint for success. Every journey is different, but the tools and techniques we all need to get to our individual destinations are very similar.”

If you talk to anyone who has been in business you will probably hear “you don’t have the reinvent the wheel” from everyone, because it’s true. Nothing is new under the sun, therefore what you should do is dig out the PRINCIPLES around what you want to achieve and teach them to others.

“We all need people who pick us up when we’re down, but sometimes it’s a job that we can do ourselves. Playing a role in our own rescue is the ultimate key. Sometimes it’s as simple as having access to reminders.”

I always ask my husband to compliment me whenever I feel down, but Heather is so right, sometimes he can’t come up with a compliment on the spot and it makes me feel worse. Ironically, the more we believe in ourselves, the easier it is for people to compliment us.

“You either have talent or you don’t. Skills are different. Skills are like a muscle that can be developed over time. Confidence is a skill that can be learned at any age and in any socioeconomic situation.”

When I started LadyBossBlogger, I had zero confidence in myself and no money. People think I have been blogging for ages because of all the content I have out there when in fact it’s been less than two years.

I didn’t fail to post a new blog post to my blog every single day for the past two years and because of my consistency and persistence, both my blogging skills and confidence have grown tremendously!

“Things are never as bad as they seem. Fear is a liar, and that is a fact.”

This is so true. If you live in America, you honestly have nothing to complain about… seriously! The only thing you should be afriad of is not living your best life!

“We are responsible for our own path. Our decisions either help us build confidence or chip away at it.”

Take the power of your life back under your own control. Never make excuses for yourself and you’ll find life will start to get easier!

“We can change how people treat us by changing how we treat ourselves.”

When I worked in Corporate America I let people walk ALL OVER ME, which is probably how I “wound up” being a verbally abusive work environment. Of course you can’t control other people’s actions, but you can always defend yourself.

“Success and happiness is a moving target. You have to keep adjusting and reevaluating so life doesn’t pass you by.”

I love this quote so much! As you evolve and mature, let your goals do the same!

Elaine Rau with Confidence Creator written by Heather Monahan


BadAss Babe Workbook

This isn’t a book that you read, it’s a workbook that you fill out! It’s filled with amazing exercises to help you exercise your brain, keep you focused, motivated and most of all, inspired!

Elaine Rau Badass Babes Workbook

Permission To Screw Up

This is a story about a millennial girl who started her own business in college! It’s incredibly inspiring and a great read for wanna-be entrepreneurs!


Dare Mighty Things

Another good read for millennials who are seeking to be entrepreneurs.

Elaine Rau Dare Mighty Things

What book would you add to this collection?

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