12 Things Successful Influencers Have In Common

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Are you interested in learning about what it takes to be an influencer? Have you ever wondered what makes some influencers so successful? Or questioned what influencers have in common?

If you’ve had similar thoughts to these, you can truly learn a lot by evaluating and observing popular influencers on your social media of choice.

While influencing is not as easy as it seems, there are actions that these influencers take to make them more successful than others.

So, what are some things these influencers do have in common?

1. They gained a following through one focus

Another word for this focus would be a niche. An area that the influencer knows a significant amount of information about or at least enough to produce content about it.

While it might seem like a good idea to produce a wide range of content to reach a larger audience, this can do more harm than good.

If you’re looking for a place to begin your journey to becoming an influencer, this is a crucial spot to start.

2. They stuck with that focus and made themselves a household name

Once an influencer finds the niche that is best suited for them, they stick with it. While it is necessary to have one focus, it is just as important to stay with it.

Additionally, it is much easier to become well-known for one thing. The more content you produce for it, the more your audience comes to trust you as a reliable source of insight on the topic.

3. They only have to use their name to promote products

Obviously, this is a result of time and effort on their part. Most popular influencers put in a significant amount of effort into their channels or pages.

You need a strong following that actively engages with you and your page before you can begin to successfully promote products.

Trust is crucial for an influencer to be successful. It doesn’t look good when they promote something that isn’t genuine and only to make a profit.

If viewers or followers develop a strong enough connection with influencers, they will want to help them do well.

4. They thank their subscribers/followers for supporting them

No one wants to follow or support an influencer who isn’t thankful for their time, money, or commitment.

While a viewer needs to recognize the amount of work that goes into producing new content, it’s also necessary for the influencer to recognize what their audience does for them.

Without subscribers or views, the influencers would not be where they are today. Many of the opportunities they receive are due to people liking what they put out and wanting to see more.

5. They gained a following through compelling content

This one should go without saying. If their content wasn’t interesting, they wouldn’t be as popular as they are.

They also plan out what they are going to post, sometimes even weeks in advance.

Many hard decisions occur behind the scenes for influencers with deciding what deals to accept or how often to post sponsored content or ads.

Regardless, a strong foundation is required before questions like these can even be considered.

And, you can’t build that foundation without strong and striking content.

You need to find a way to get viewers to keep coming back. The best way is to constantly produce fresh content that both your subscribers and you enjoy.

6. They are often not shy about stating their opinions

This aspect varies from influencer to influencer a little more than the others.

Some choose to stay out of controversial issues/topics because that is not a direction they want to take their channels or profiles.

While some of their followers may appreciate this, it can make others disappointed.

On the other hand, some influencers decide to be open about what they feel or believe in. This can grow their connection with their audience but also sever it with others.

This is a decision that influencers have to make early on. However, it is not unusual to see it change as their platform develops and expands.

7. Their content is either relatable or portrays an ideal lifestyle

People enjoy content that they can relate to. Usually, that’s why someone will subscribe or follow an influencer in the first place.

Then if they see a promoted product, they think it might be helpful in their own life.

While on the flip side, people can see an influencer’s lifestyle as admirable and something to strive towards.

Despite how relatable or personal their content can be, it is unlikely for the common person to live how influencers do.

While this is not a bad thing, sometimes it can be disheartening and harmful for people to see this “ideal” life that is portrayed (that’s not always true) and not be able to attain it.

This can lead to followers buying the promoted products and doing the things influencers do to be like them without considering the value of their own life and what it means to be unique.

8. They post often

This one speaks for itself and is something all successful influencers definitely have in common.

You cannot build a following if you don’t post consistently or often enough to draw in attention.

9. They use multiple social media platforms

A YouTuber might also have Twitter and Instagram accounts along with a blog. They likely start on one and grow it using others.

Everyone has their own favorite social media, so the more platforms influencers are on, the more people they can reach.

Also, if someone finds an influencer on one platform they will likely follow them on their others to stay up to date. Some influencers post different content based on what is typical for the platform.

By having various accounts, they can grow a following across them.

10. They give an inside look into their lives

People like to learn about other people’s experiences and lives. When our own lives seem boring or too hectic, it can be nice to get an inside look into someone else’s. Almost like an escape from our own reality.

It also provides an interesting topic for discussion with friends or other followers.

When influencers share details that feel personal or intimate, it makes their followers feel like a close friend that they are confiding in. This makes followers feel special.

11. They set trends or keep up with them

They know what’s in and use it to their advantage. Sometimes they are the reason why a product or action is popular.

That’s why we call them influencers. They influence people’s choices and actions, a lot of the time on a significant scale.

In our fast-paced society, you have to keep up with the times or you’ll go nowhere. That’s the hard truth whether we like it or not.

12. They have a sense of humor

People like to laugh. They enjoy watching videos or reading content that makes them laugh even if the video wasn’t intended to be funny.

That doesn’t mean that influencers can’t still succeed if they have a more serious approach with their content. This is especially true if it matches the content they are producing.

It’s just more common for successful influencers to have a strong sense of humor.

Many popular influencers joke and enjoy what they do. And when they do, it’s clear to the audience and adds to the charm of their page.

If you’re thinking about becoming an influencer, we hope this insight into what successful influencers have in common guides you in the right direction of what you should do.

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