7 Traits Of Successful Instagram Influencers

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Ever wonder why some influencers are more successful than others? Here are 7 traits successful influencers have that help their following. 

1. Persistence

Perhaps one of the most essential traits that successful Instagram influencers have is persistence. In order to reach a huge following, you have to keep posting!

Social media can have a learning curve and figuring out how to best provide for your audience and stay authentic are just some of the many challenges you can face on Instagram.

However, make sure to keep posting and experimenting. You will soon find your unique and effective voice.

2. Adaptiveness

When things aren’t going exactly as they planned, successful Instagrammers have to adapt. They have to change the direction or method of their posts on the fly when they see something is not working.

They are also adaptive to Instagram’s constant app updates and changes.

3. Self-discipline

Successful Instagrammers post regularly, generally every day. They have to stick to a schedule so that the algorithm works in their favor.

A regular schedule ensures a steady flow of views and the possibility for new viewers to see their work. 

4. Responsiveness

When something doesn’t work out right, influencers have to respond. If a post comes off offensive, they have to be quick to address the situation or the issue will escalate. 

But responsiveness isn’t just about the negatives, successful Instagrammers also respond daily to comments on their posts. Active engagement is key.

5. Ambition

Another valuable trait is ambition. Influencers know their brand and how they want it to grow. They know what they want and will work hard for it. 

While it is impossible to know exactly what opportunities will come their way, they decide which ones they will take and which don’t fit their brand.

Accepting any offer that comes, may seem tempting, but if it doesn’t fit the influencer’s brand, those partnerships can seem inauthentic.

 6. Authenticity

This brings us to perhaps the second most important trait, authenticity. People won’t take an influencer seriously if they don’t trust them. 

Staying honest and transparent is the key to success. The moment followers feel doubt or deception, they unfollow and don’t go back. 

7. Motivation

Last but not least, successful influencers are motivated. They LOVE what they do and don’t want to do anything else.

At the end of the day, influencers stay authentic, adapt to changing situations, and post consistently because influencing is what they love.

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traits successful influencers ladybossblogger.com

Amanda Korz is a blogging intern at LadyBossBlogger. When she is not working, she enjoys writing poetry, reading, and playing video games.

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