How Social Media Caused A Rise In Cosmetic Surgery Popularity

It’s no secret to most that social media has played a huge part in how millions of people across the globe see themselves today. With Facebook causing a rush of pressure on young people to be the perfect versions of themselves in front of their friends, to Instagram models putting unreachable ideals right in front of our eyes, the sheer power of social media for the cosmetic surgery industry is unrivaled.

As more and more of us start searching for the best liposuction Turkey has to offer or find ourselves browsing through reviews of the local Botox clinic, there’s simply no denying that social media is a powerful force. So, how exactly has it influenced the cosmetic surgery industry?

How Social Media Caused A Rise In Cosmetic Surgery Popularity

1. Pressures Of Popularity

The pressure to be popular is hardly a new concept, but we’re definitely seeing more and more young people falling prey to the stress of staying on top and as social media becomes the new ‘media outlet’ of choice, it’s not something that we can ignore.

2. Unrealistic Expectations

Every day, we are met with celebrities and influencers posting perfect and unrealistic pictures online and self-awareness is growing. As a result, thousands of people, both young and older, are turning to plastic surgery in an attempt to improve their overall appearance.

This, of course, is translating into more and more people going under the knife – or needle – to gain a more youthful look. Breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, tummy tucks, and eyelid surgery have proven to be the most popular invasive procedure in the US in 2018, with Botox, soft-tissue fillers, chemical peels, laser hair removal and microdermabrasion taking the lead for non-invasive procedures.

3. Increase Of Accessibility + Demand

Surgeons have seen a 30% increase in patients as a result of social media and its influence, but the pressures of popularity aren’t the only causes for this rise.

4. Social Media’s Influence

Social media has made cosmetic surgery and its procedures much more accessible to individuals across the globe. Whether it’s a promotion on Facebook or an advert on Instagram, the ability to scroll your feed and find out everything about a procedure without leaving the platform, has made cosmetic surgery incredibly accessible.

Social media platforms offer the perfect place for clinics and companies to advertise their services and not just in their place of origin. Businesses no longer have to shell out millions to globalize their marketing campaigns – they just have to set up a Facebook ad.

For this reason, young people, in particular, are gaining access to clinics abroad that offer a number of procedures at much more affordable costs, making everything from a hair transplant to a ‘boob job’ all the more accessible.

5. More Demand, Lower Costs

Social media has become a driving force in today’s society and understandably so. From the normalization of cosmetic surgery simply through publicity, to the growing accessibility and the pressure to be ‘perfect’, men and women of all ages are starting to opt for cosmetic procedures as a solution to ‘problem areas’ on their bodies.

With lower costs, increased popularity and accessible information, people are starting to opt for a number of invasive and non-invasive procedures, as a result, showing yet again just how powerful social media can be for businesses in today’s society.

What are your thoughts on the rise of Cosmetic Surgery Popularity?

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