Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of online advertising.

Targeting tactics are used to segment audiences using data so that advertisers only pay for ads delivered to the right people at the right time.

Top 4 Programmatic Advertising Tools To Promote Your Brand

1. Programmatic Ads

Programmatic ads account for about 75% of the total digital ad spending, which is why people purchase programmatic ad placements.

According to digital agencies, 60% of mobile transactions, start with a product search before placing an order.

Programmatic ads automate the process of buying and selling ad inventory by automatically connecting advertisers to publishers so that you are free to run your business while your marketing to obtain sales is taken care of by professionals.

2. Context Advertising

Contextual advertising, also known as Geo Context advertising, is based on displaying messages at a specific time and place. The main task of the tool is not just informing the user of a product or service but asks for user involvement.

For example, in Europe, some brands install interactive panels for games at bus stops and in advertising posters close to the outlets, NFC tags are sewn up to get a discount or a gift.

There are certain problems with the technical implementation of geo-context advertising. For example, if NFC tags are used, the phone must have a special chip.

While advertisers prefer to invest in advertising in geolocation services (for example, Google Maps), this option is less advantageous in terms of user engagement, although it is the most accessible.

3. Mobile Video

Mobile video is the most promising tool, as it can provide a 25-35% CTR (click through rate).

This segment is developing at an incredible pace: the coverage of mobile video advertising will grow by 28% annually and there will be 2 billion users by 2022.

4. Facebook Slideshow

Using Facebook slideshow is a less expensive way to try out in terms of time and money.

If you do not have the resources to make a video, Facebook gives you the opportunity to run a slideshow up to 7 images.

The main advantage is that the CTR of a carousel ad is almost 10x higher than that of regular ads and the rate for advertising a slide show is lower than for video.

Another plus of this format is that images consume less data so the “carousel” of images will work even at low Internet speeds.

Try these 4 tools and find what works for your audience, every business has its own ideal solution.

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