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Pink Zebra Scents v.s. Yankee Candles

Pink Zebra Scents v.s. Yankee Candles review on ladybossblogger written by Elaine Rau

I love low maintenance, good smelling stuff. Candles stress me out because what if I accidentally forget to blow it out? What if it’s too close to some wooden thing in my house and it burns my house down? As you can see, I’m not a fan of fire! So I was super excited when Pink Zebra sent me their meltable candle wax and spray on scents.

What makes it special

  • Mix and match and create your own scents
  • A new scent is released every single month!
  • No fire, no worries
  • They are paired with a good cause and provide free daycare through their HEROS program
  • They even have a scent-able jewelry and home accessories line

Pink Zebra Scents v.s. Yankee Candles review on ladybossblogger written by Elaine RauElaine Rau's experience review on ladybossblogger

The Packaging

Their branding is super fun and everything comes in pink zebra print! Even the box they shipped it in had their signature print, which is super smart because wherever the box travels – their brand is represented! Plus it’s really hard to miss something that is both pink AND zebra! They did a really good job on packaging their products.

The Product

It took me a while to figure out how everything worked because there are actually two parts to these products. There is the fragrance part and the container part, which is how the scents are distributed.


  1. “Sprinkles” are little scented wax pellets
  2. “Soaks” are the liquid fragrances that you can either pour or spray on things


  1. Turquoise scent heater (comes in different colors and styles)
  2. Glass reed holder (huge variety of items you can soak and they change seasonally)

You need at least one fragrance and one container for everything to work.

I poured my Sweat Pea & Lily Sprinkles (which I didn’t even need to mix because those are MY FAVORITE TWO SCENTS MIXED IN ONE BOTTLE) into my turquoise scent heater and let the heater do the work. It’s now a staple in my office – I have it on right beside me as I’m typing this, it’s wonderful!

The only downside is that unlike a candle, you can’t move the scent heater around and it has to be close enough to a plug in order to be heated. The body isn’t attached to the top and it gets too hot to hold… I know because I tried, bad idea! Just find a good spot for it, don’t move it and it will be fine.

I poured my Lavender Vanilla Soak into the glass reed holder then placed the reeds back in, secured the plastic top and shook it to soak the top of the reeds. The package also came with a spray top so that you can either spray the fragrance or pour it which is nice!

I took pictures of the process below.

Pink Zebra Scents v.s. Yankee Candles review on ladybossblogger written by Elaine Rau

The Results

The Lavender Vanilla Soak scent was a bit strong for me, but I found a great use for it… the bathroom. I put it to the test before my husband went in there HAHA! Normally when I walk by the bathroom I know when he’s dropped a fresh one, but the reeds soaked it all up hahaha sorry if that’s gross! It’s a miracle worker – I love these things!

Pink Zebra Scents v.s. Yankee Candles review on ladybossblogger written by Elaine Rau

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  1. Thank you for this review! Simple, honest, and to the point… I appreciate it. Played a huge factor in a decision I had to make recently. Anyhow, thank you!

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