How To Get An Original TV Series On Snapchat

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Snapchat has given creators a way to be more imaginative on their platform-TV series called Snap Originals. Snap Originals are a feature they unveiled a couple years ago and has taken off-with several hundred million active viewers. With a seemingly unlimited range of genres, it is a wonderful way to grow your audience!

What are Snap Originals?

Snap Originals are a relatively new feature for Snapchat. It gives creators a way to be more creative on their platform and be exposed to a wider audience. TV series are put on the Discover page-when you open the app, swipe left. There is also an additional page for just series with one more swipe to the left.

Snapchat series are interesting because of the unique format. All series are filmed in a vertical format, as you would film a regular snapchat video. They can be filmed casually in your living room or on a set you create. Snap Originals can be about anything, and they can either be scripted or unscripted.

Scripted options include but are not limited to:

  • Dramas
  • Comedies
  • Documentaries
  • Horror anthologies
  • Educational segments

Unscripted options include but are not limited to:

  • Behind the scenes of a business or influencer’s job
  • Reality shows
  • Cooking shows
  • True crime podcasts
  • Exploring viral hacks and trends

A TV series is a great way to market your business and bring in a new audience. They have to be made by verified sources, so you must first create a public profile-called a Creator Profile.

Create a creator profile

  • Select your profile-in the top left of the camera screen
  • Select the three dots next to ‘Spotlight and Snap Map’
Snap Originals Create Profile
  • Click ‘Create Public Profile’
  • Fill out your profile-this is not required but highly encouraged. Your profile is what the public will see when they click your username.
Snap Originals Profile

Now that you have a public profile, there are three different levels of a public profile.

  1. A basic public profile: this is where you start when you create your profile.
  2. Larger public profile: has a larger audience and you receive Insights about your viewing audience and permissions that you can share with other creators.
  3. Verified: profile receives a gold star by the username. Yhese accounts have more of a push on the Discovery page and you are able to put a shop on your profile to sell products.

Grow your audience

Even without the Snap Originals, this is an incredible marketing tool on the platform. Advertise your Snapchat on your other platforms in order to initially grow your audience. Once you’ve grown your audience to a few hundred subscribers, you will be able to get analytics about your viewers.

However, you will really need to grow your audience in order to reach out to Snapchat with your idea for your TV series. There is no set number of subscribers listed on Snapchat’s FAQ, but typically the creators hosting shows have at least several thousand subscribers.

Overall, this is a wonderful tool that you should be sure to add to your arsenal!

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