How To Use Snapchat And Instagram Stories To Promote Your Brand

How To Use Snapchat And Instagram To Promote Your

Snapchat and Instagram stories are brief posts that are only up for a limited time. On the surface, it seems like they would not be the ideal place to promote your brand.

While the posts only last a short time, those few moments can make a huge impact. Here’s how to effectively use Snapchat and Instagram Stories for your brand. 

1. An incentive to learn more

The first thing you want your stories to do is to be enticing.

The story is only there for a limited time, so you want to get followers to a place they can interact long term. 

Posting a sequence of three to four short videos and photos that show off the highlights of your products is a good place to start. At the end of that sequence include a swipe up link to your website where they can learn more. 

Here is an example from @ElaineRau, the founder of @LadyBossBlogger.

Swipe Up

2. Inform your followers

Though a limited-time ad may seem counter-intuitive, stories are an excellent place to inform followers of your products or services.

Followers tend to check stories several times a day when they have breaks from work for example, so the more you post throughout the day, the more likely someone will be to see your posts.

Also, with the stories lasting only 24 hours, you can repost similar content the next day without running the risk of annoying followers with too many reminders. 

3. Give a behind the scenes look

Stories also propose a unique opportunity to show your audience behind the scenes footage, followers LOVE to feel like they are part of the creative process. Behind the scenes can be as intimate as you want it to be. 

Or it can be a sneak peek.

4. Tease new content

Stories are the perfect place to be a bit of a tease with your content.

Showing just the silhouette of new products creates so much intrigue. It also keeps followers checking back every day to see if there will be more information. 

The brief peek relates well with the incentive to learn more points made previously. Points of interest make followers want to learn more and interact with your social media pages more. 

And the more engagement you receive, the more likely you will be to get more followers.  

5. Brief interaction

Finally, stories create an opportunity for bite-sized interaction with followers.

Q and A’s and Polls are fun and easy ways to get followers interacting with your pages. Again, followers enjoy feeling a connection to the brands they love.

Instagram Story

Connections create loyalty. Loyalty creates longevity for the brand.

These interactive posts also offer variety to your content which keeps your pages engaging.

Once you start seeing the potential of social media stories such as Snapchat and Instagram, the possibilities of promoting your brand are limitless. 

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