6 Best Apps For Easy Organization and Task Management

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When running your own business, you and your team need to stay organized. Whether it is meetings, tasks, or projects, it is best to have all that information in one place. The best way to do that is through an app or website.

Depending on what you and your team are looking for-a synchronized calendar, task management, or more-these are the best apps and websites to use.

1. Google Calendar

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Google Calendar and the rest of Google Workplace is what most are familiar with, it is definitely the easiest to use. It is super intuitive as it is a basic calendar that you can share with your team. You are even able to color code certain events.

For example, all meetings could be in grey, and each social media platform-Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, your website-could be in a different color. So, at a glance, you are able to see when you have meetings and when you need to post on each of your platforms.

This is a free feature through Google Workplace; all you need is a gmail account.

2. Calendars

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Calendars is a free app available through the app store. You can use this app both on and offline.

This app syncs with your Google Calendar, your built-in iOS Calendar, and other calendars. But it is a step up from those due to its additional features. While you can also color code events in this app, you also have a section for tasks. Those are then separated by date:

  • Today
  • Upcoming
  • Completed
  • All

Calendars gives you the ability to create and join conference calls using various video-calling apps. You are also able to share your calendar with your team. All tasks and events are movable easily with the drag and drop feature.

Since Calendars is an app on your smartphone, you are able to set reminders for events and recurring meetings. You are also able to utilize widgets so all of your daily information is displayed on your home screen.

Additional features, Interesting Calendars and Calendars Pro, are available for purchase through the app.

3. MinimaList

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MinimaList is another free app available in the app store for Apple products that utilizes widgets. It has an intuitive design and strives to declutter your to do lists.

This task manager allows you to:

  • Create multiple lists in any color
  • Set Pomodoro timers with calming, ambient sounds
  • Set location reminders for events

The widget function is also particularly useful. You are able to put your to do lists on your home screen or wallpaper to easy access.

MinimalList also sync to all your devices via the Cloud. TouchID, FaceID, and Siri are all features that are included as well for ease and privacy.

4. Trello

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Trello is a Kanaban-style, free app available in the app store to help tackle to do lists and tasks. It works on and offline for your convenience. Trello has completely customizable:

  • Boards
  • Lists
  • Cards

Trello also has a drag and drop feature that makes the organization of your tasks super easy. You are also able to add these to your boards:

  • Checklists
  • Labels
  • Due dates

There is a Calendar and Map view in order to look at your projects in a whole new perspective. A main feature of the app is adding others to your projects-it is ideal for team tasks and events. Notifications allow you to know when tasks are:

  • Added
  • Updated
  • Completed

5. Anasa

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Anasa is another Kanban-style, free website and app for teams to manage their tasks. You are also able to view the tasks and projects in a list or calendar format. It provides easy usage with its drag and drop feature.

This site is made for teams and companies. It is easy to see who has done what on a project as well as leave updates and notes to other members of your team.

The features that you are able to manipulate to fit your team and project are what make its customizable format so amazing. You are able to:

  • Coordinate plans, projects, and tasks
  • Set due dates
  • Attach relevant files
  • Visually see if certain projects are on track, at risk, or off track-and why
  • Request updates from other members of your team
  • Set tasks to low, medium, or high priority
  • Mark certain tasks for approval
  • Set milestones
  • Set critical checkpoints
  • Receive notifications when tasks and projects are completed or overdue

The website and app are synced and offline working is available for even further ease.

6. Notion

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With Notion, the possibilities are practically endless. The website and app are completely customizable, with many templates to get you started. Now, this system is the most complicated, but that is because it is entirely customizable. Aside from the templates and blocks they start you off with, or ones you find online, it is a blank canvas.

You are able to view your projects and tasks as a calendar, list, table, or in whatever way works best for you. All of the information is drag and drop, so it’s easy to rearrange if your schedule or priorities change. You are able to insert:

  • Images
  • Files
  • Code snippets
  • Check boxes
  • Bookmarks
  • And more

While this is complicated and might be a bit overwhelming when you start, you can also use it for simple things-like a to do list, if that is all you need.

Overall, all of these sites and apps are fantastic, it just depends what additional features do you want. If all you need is a calendar to share with your team, Google Calendar and Calendars will work perfectly. And if you want more options when managing your tasks, there are other options available to you.

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