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How To Successfully Market Your Events Online

As an event planner or promoter, you juggle a lot of things… and eventually, a mistake is bound to happen. We are not referring to an error that is an easy fix, we are referring to a mistake that creates a financial consequence for your client. Before we dive into how to MARKET your event, …

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7 Tips For Planning A Successful Women’s Event

We live a more connected life than ever before – but are we really connecting? Despite sharing so much of our lives online, women are craving a more authentic interaction, and things like conferences, summits, workshops, and female workspaces are all gaining in popularity for this reason. A live in-person event can be a powerful …

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10 Ways To Use Social Media To Market Your Event

Most event planners are clueless about social media because we are in-person people! However, there is no escaping the world of social media, which is why I have come up with… “The 5 W’s of Social Media” (to ensure your foundation is set up right) “The 5 W’s of Event Planning” (according to the 5 …

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5 Resources For Planning A Kickass Women’s Conference

For the last five years, I’ve been producing The Bullish Conference, the summit for career-focused feminists. From a beachside event with just 25 people to a goal-getter gathering in D.C. this November with 100+ attendees, here are some tools I use to make it happen. ConferenceDirect The first few years I ran The Bullish Conference, …

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