7 Productivity And Organizational Skills For Entrepreneurs

Productivity And Organizational Skills For Entrepreneurs ladybossblogger

Would you call entrepreneurs lucky or is there more to it than just luck?

In simple terms, entrepreneurs create businesses from almost nothing but their gumption and spark of an idea. They have the chutzpah and intense motivation to succeed where others have just dreams.

7 Productivity And Organizational Skills For Entrepreneurs

The pleasant reality is that behind that “lucky façade” is superb organizational and productivity skills, among a host of other skills, that entrepreneurs possess that drive them to give concrete shape to their ideas and make them work in real-life situations.

Now, what are these organizational and productivity skills? Here are 7 of the more important ones for you to acquire if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.

1. They are tech-savvy

Everything from mobile phones to automobiles is affected by technology. Most entrepreneurs are tech-savvy and keep abreast of the latest technologies and have more than a working knowledge of different technologies that affect their daily and professional lives. Being tech-savvy allows you to understand how new technology can help your business prosper.

Here are some top technologies that can help your business grow:

  • FreshBooks – best way to track your income and expenses all in one place – comes with an app to make it easy to keep track of your mileage, receipts, and invoices on the go.
  • HubSpot – marketing, sales and CRM (customer relations management) tool all in one.
  • Teachable – best online course platform.
  • Shopify – the best platform to start an online store.
  • ConvertKit – best email marketing platform.
  • Canva – best graphic design software.
  • Trello – a great way to stay organized as a team – you can create tasks and see the progress on different projects from everyone on your team.
  • SmarterQueue – best social media scheduler.
  • BlueHost – best hosting and domain name company to host your website.
  • Grammarly – free chrome plugin to check all your grammar and spelling mistakes.

2. They know how to delegate

You can’t do everything yourself. It’s best for the entrepreneur to focus on the big picture and delegate the daily tasks to employees or outside experts or freelancers.

3. They know how to manage time

Everyone has only 24 hours in a day. It is how you manage that 24 hours prudently that sets you apart from others. Good entrepreneurs know exactly how they spend their time. In fact, they plan well beforehand and account for every minute of the day.

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4. They are adept at problem-solving

Great entrepreneurs learn problem-solving techniques that help them to listen carefully to any problem at hand, quickly analyze the scenario, evaluate the effect of alternative solutions and decide the right solution and give your employees enough time to implement the solution.

5. They have great interpersonal skills

Entrepreneurship is not just about technology, ideas, hardware, software and machinery, and equipment but also the ability to manage people. Empathetic entrepreneurs have excellent interpersonal skills that help them to talk to every employee in a language understood by each. These skills bring out the best in the employees and the business stands to gain.

6. They make lists for the day, week and month

Most entrepreneurs create lists that they share with their employees so that everyone is on the same page. In today’s technology-driven world they can use tools such as Time Doctor, Google Drive, Sendtask and Slack. These coupled with other tools can meld all the people involved in specific tasks seamlessly and activities get completed as per plan.

Here are some apps that may be helpful:

  • Freedom – get back your time, and freedom, by blocking out all the distractions on your phone.
  • MileIQ – track your mileage automatically and store your receipts automatically.
  • Strides – goal and habit tracker to help you learn better, more productive habits and make SMART goals.

7. They use traditional productivity tools

While technology can help in many ways, traditional productivity tools such as office supplies, stationery, furniture, filing systems, labels, toners, ink cartridges, and office equipment will go a long way in making staff feel equipped at work.

For instance, officecrave.com offers the simple color-coded labels that serve as handy tool for a variety of purposes ranging from labels used to mark specific pages of a report, pricing, shipping address, filing, product package and messages.

These labels can help you to convey subliminal messages to your staff (red for unhappy, green for the go-ahead, yellow for rework and so on). Further, these labels when used as per your instructions will come in handy when some of your staff are on leave and you have to manage on your own. The use of labels can also bring about discipline in your staff.

These are just a few of the many of the productivity and organizational skills you need to acquire to become a successful entrepreneur. Of course, being the entrepreneur that you are you can also be an innovator and create some novel productivity and organizational skills that others may begin to emulate.

Productivity And Organizational Skills For Entrepreneurs ladybossblogger