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As an influencer or a business, you always want to grow your following. This applies to Instagram, as it can be a powerful platform for your brand. Hosting an Instagram giveaway is one of the best ways to get more followers for your account. It can increase the size of your audience, while also causing your existing followers to remain engaged. Feel lost about where to get started? Here are some tips on how to host an awesome Instagram giveaway for your account.

1. Determine your goals

When trying to plan a successful Instagram giveaway, it’s important to first determine your end goals of the giveaway. Do you want to gain followers, promote a product, increase engagement or achieve another goal?

By determining what you want to achieve from the giveaway, you’ll be able to plan out the strategy more easily to receive the desired outcome. Additionally, it also makes the success of your giveaway more measurable, as you can compare the outcome to your original goal. You can then adjust your strategy if needed in the future.

2. Pick a prize

What’s one of the most exciting parts of hosting a giveaway? Allowing lucky winners to get a prize!

The prize of a giveaway is pretty important, as it is what grabs people’s attention. If people don’t like the prize, they are less likely to participate, decreasing the effectiveness of the project.

Pick a prize that is relevant to your brand and audience. It can be a service, product, or an experience but make sure it’s something people would want to participate for.

You may also want to partner with another brand. This can allow your audience to get a prize from brands they love, so make sure it’s one that would fit your audience.

If you have a few different ideas, you can always reach out to your community for help. You can ask a few followers if this is a giveaway they like and would participate in.

3. Outline the rules

After picking out the exciting prize, it’s important to figure out the criteria for your giveaway. This includes who can enter your giveaway, along with how they can do so.

The requirements of the giveaway might vary depending on your goals. For example, if you want more followers you should have following your page as a requirement for those entering the giveaway. Additionally, if you want to promote a new product from your brand, have them also tag 5 friends in the comments or post the giveaway on their Insta Story.

Similarly, there is more important information you should outline to your audience before they enter, to ensure they fully understand the giveaway. This includes the:

  • Age requirements of the giveaway
  • Duration of time it takes place include time and timezones
  • Geographic locations the giveaway is open to
  • Number of winners

4. Promote your giveaway

Now that you’ve figured out the details of your Instagram giveaway, it’s time to launch it! This is a super exciting time, but it can be nerve-racking after all the planning you’ve done.

Make sure you promote your giveaway in a variety of content forms on Instagram, including a

You may also want to repost about the giveaway occasionally on your story to make sure users haven’t forgotten about the giveaway.

Additionally, you can post about your Instagram giveaway across multiple platforms, such as on your blog and Twitter. Add in a link to your Instagram post about the giveaway to encourage people to participate and increase your reach.

5. Pick a winner

After all the hard work you’ve put into this Instagram giveaway, it’s time to pick a winner. Make sure you are a s fair and objective as possible when picking who will get the prize.

When picking a winner you can do it manually if you prefer, by adding all the entries into a spreadsheet and using the random function to select a winner.

However, this may be more difficult than some of the automated systems available. Some options you may want to explore include:

Either manually picking or using an automated system works well for your giveaway, as long as you make sure you pick a winner fairly.

Get started

Instagram giveaways are a fun and effective way to promote your account. Not only can they bring you new followers, but they also allow you to further engage with your existing audience. Giveaways are exciting for users, and they allow you to give back to the community that supports you. Get started with an Instagram giveaway today to reward your followers while also growing your own brand.

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