7 Ways To Gain More Instagram Followers This Week

7 Ways To Gain More Instagram Followers This Week ladybossblogger.com

Sometimes with Instagram, your follower count can come to a standstill. This can be frustrating because you’re working so hard to gain followers and it seems like it isn’t paying off.

But don’t fret, because these are 7 ways to gain more followers THIS WEEK.

1. Post With a Trending or Popular Tag

This is a minimal effort way to gain followers, make a post with a trending tag! 

Trending hashtags are commonly searched, so your post is likely to show up to new people. This kind of post also shows that you can stay relevant. 

2. Post With a Brand New Product

Posting with a brand new product (and tagging the brand) is another way to reach out to new viewers. Especially if the product has a lot of differing opinions.

Followers are ALWAYS interested in what’s new and potentially purchasing something new. 

BONUS: this type of post, depending on the results, could lead to sponsorship from the brand as well.

3. Post your Instagram Handle on Your Other Social Media Sites

If you have other social media sites, post your Instagram handle on them. Even if they are your personal accounts, not related to influencing, post them. 

You can post the handle in your bios and at the end of posts.

4. Step Outside Your Comfort Posts

Sometimes a lag in follower count may mean it is time to change up what you are posting. If you are following a formula, change one or two aspects to your posts.

Spice it up! Post renovation can lead to new creative opportunities and inspiration.  

5. Tag Your Location

One of the easiest ways to get your posts seen by new viewers is to tag your location. This way users who are looking in that location are more likely to find your posts. 

6. Take A Risk

Appropriately, this one can be… well, risky. But sharing an opinion on a current hot topic (and using the appropriate tags!) can lead to more followers. 

This type of post doesn’t have to be about the absolute most controversial issues out there. Instead aim for something like trends going on in Instagram, or reality tv. 

Topics like these are less risky, but still enticing to potential followers. Bonus points for asking followers to share their thoughts in the comments section. 

7. Increase Posting

Finally, simply increase your post output. Posting more and regularly with different tags casts the widest net to catch new followers. 

If your follower count is stagnant, give one or two of these methods a go and you’ll be sure to increase your count THIS WEEK.

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7 Ways To Gain More Instagram Followers This Week ladybossblogger.com

Amanda Korz is a blogging intern at LadyBossBlogger. When she is not working, she enjoys writing poetry, reading, and playing video games.

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